The Mark of the Beast

Dr. Mark Hitchcock (of Faith Bible Church) recently stopped by the Credo House to teach a course on the book of Revelation. Because Dr. Hitchcock’s class was a 27-part seminary-level course he talked a lot about every facet of Revelation, including defining some crucial terms for us.

This is the third in a series of videos where Dr Hitchcock helps us get a basic understanding of some of the special terminology associated with Revelation. In his previous two videos Mark addressed: What is Eschatology, What is Armageddon.

Video Transcript

Well the Mark of the Beast, probably people who don’t know anything about Bible prophecy, that’s probably the one thing they’ve heard of before.

It’s associated with the number 666.

It’s mentioned in Revelation chapter 13 verses 16-18, the Mark of the Beast.

And the Mark there it says is the number of a man’s name.

So, there’s a lot of different views that have been taken on that.

It’s 666, some believe that the 666 is one short of perfection which is 777.

Dr Hitchcock's Bible Open to RevelationIn other words it’s the number of a man. It’s man’s number.

This antichrist, this final world ruler will profess that he’s God, but he isn’t going to be God he’s just going to be 666, the number of a man.

Some people hold that view.

The view I hold, though, is that in ancient Greek and Hebrew and many languages there’s a numerical value associated with the letters in the alphabet.

So I think, it says in the passage there, it’s the number of his name.

So I think the number of this final world ruler’s name will equal 666.

People have to take that number on the right hand or their forehead.

I don’t think it’s going to be, you know, some chip underneath the skin. It’s going to be upon the skin.

It’s the number of his name.

And really ultimately the Mark of the Beast is a mark of alligience.

People will be pledging their allegiance to this person, this antichrist, this world ruler in the end times.

They’re going to have to take that as a passport for commerce.

It’s going to be kind of the trademark, if you will, for trade and commerce in the end times.

It’s something literally that’s going to happen in the future.

And the globalism that we see today in our world, kind of a global economy, and moves towards a global government, and all of those things… well they aren’t the fulfillment of that, I think we can see today how the world is moving in the direction that the Bible tells us is going to ultimately dominate the world.

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    5 replies to "The Mark of the Beast – What Does the Bible Say?"

    • StuartB

      …No, probably not.

      I’ve spend nearly 30 years under this type of teaching. Only now being exposed to alternative viewpoints. And when I look back at all this…it just seems so silly.

      There is no anti-christ coming. There is no mark on the hand. None of that will be happening. Check with me in 5 years, 10 years, 20, 50 if we’re still around. We’ll still be waiting for this to come.

      Can we just reset the church to what it was pre-Darby?

      • Mike Beidler

        ^^^ True, dat. Preach it, StuartB!

      • Dave

        Agree. Here’s RC Sproul laying it out perfectly:

      • josef

        I can agree or disagree
        I don’t have argument
        The hand of support is the mark
        The numbers are how you are parts of the beast

    • Keith B

      Is there any information regarding how the mark is similar to the Sh’ma from Deuteronomy 6:4-9, specifically verse 8, where it is said to bind God’s words as a sign on your hand and as frontals on your forehead.

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