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C. Michael Patton (Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary, 2001) started the Credo House (formally, Reclaiming the Mind Ministries) in 2006.

The ministry began in a seminary classroom as Michael dreamed of ways to introduce lay-people to the same type education that he was receiving while at seminary. A great desire grew make theology accessible to everyone.

Credo House is a ministry that was built around six courses of systematic theology  

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he created while a pastor at Stonebriar Community Church called The Theology Program. He started the Parchment and Pen Blog along with the Theology Unplugged Podcast in order to create avenues where people could get exposed to The Theology Program.

Due to personal reasons, Michael had to move back to his hometown, Oklahoma City where he created a headquarters for the ministry called the Credo House. It became a popular coffee shop and event center where theological material was abundantly produced. 

In 2013 Michael began Credo Courses as the primary production and distribution avenue for theological material. The mission of Credo Courses is to produce the best courses using the best teachers in the world. With courses produced by scholars such as Gary Habermas, Doug Groothuis, Daniel Wallace, and Darrel Bock, Credo Courses has distributed millions of course downloads for people all over the world.

Though the coffee shop had to close, Credo House Ministries continues to be a leader in making theology accessible to millions who would never be able to engage in this level of education.

Credo House is a 501c3 that exists because of the generous donations of those who believe in what we are doing.

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Our Mission

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Our Values

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Making Theology Accessible

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  • Christ Centered
  • Irenic Theology
  • Balanced Scholarship
  • Academic Training
  • Broadly Evangelical 

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