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Hope in Lamenting: When Life Has No Easy Answers

Sometimes, there’s no easy answer—or an answer at all!—for life’s hardest questions, especially for a Christian.  I doubt no one really wants to know the reason behind “why did you beg God for death at 2a.m this morning?” because talking about suicide makes people uncomfortable and as a Christian, aren’t I supposed to be full […]

If You Were a REAL Christian, You Wouldn’t Doubt (Part 2): Is There A Reason to Doubt God, Ever?

On a Facebook thread I’m currently following concerning the need for good apologetics, as nonexistent apologetics and intellectual doubts are contributing to many leaving the Christian faith, someone made this comment: No one leaves the faith for intellectual reasons. Those who left were never of us 1 John 2:19. I am upset, but more so […]

No, God Isn’t Going to Heal You on Demand Every Time You Ask

I know that may come as a shock to most Word by Faith communities and Pentecostals, but just stay with me a while. I recently read a post in a Christian apologetics group on Facebook where someone posed this question: “I have recently heard several pastors in sermons say that believers who have any sort […]

The Night I Discovered the Bible Isn’t THAT Important

I know I might accumulate a lot of hate for this post; or perhaps, no one will even notice my words on this page, but for those who choose to see this to the end, just stay with me. I promise this is going somewhere. I Have a Secret to Share… Lean in close… Here […]