Homosexuality in the Church?

On this episode of Theology Unplugged, Michael, Tim, Sam, and JJ launch a new series, “Homosexuality in the Church”.

Homosexuality is one of the most volatile issues in Christianity today. But why? Why has sexuality taken center stage?


Common Questions About Sexuality and the Church

The hosts address some critical questions in this series. Is your question included in the list below? If not, let us know in the comments.

  • Can a Christian be homosexual? Can a homosexual be a Christian?
  • How should the church respond to homosexual members?
  • Does the church pick on homosexuals?
  • Should scripture have the last word? Should cultural influences be included?
  • Are there legal issues to consider?
  • Is there a moral standard that binds all people? Does it have anything to say about sexuality?
  • Does the Bible have much to say about this issue or is it largely silent?
  • Is the church using scripture to justify its treatment of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual, and transgendered people the way it did African Americans?
  • Does the Bible condemn homosexuals to a celibate lifestyle?

Further Reading: Can Homosexuals be Saved.

This controversy shows no signs of dying down. Christian churches everywhere will have to deal with questions about sexuality. The Bible isn’t silent on this issue. Starting in Genesis, human sexuality and marriage are in focus. From the Old to the New Testament the Bible is full of relationship instruction.

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ITUNES As always, Theology Unplugged centers around what scripture says. However, in this episode, the actions of the church also take center stage.

Sam Storms traces the development of this issue from the 50’s to today. He tries to pinpoint why this issue has come to the forefront of evangelicalism.

Has your church had to deal with this issue? Did they do well? Do you think the church should accept openly homosexual members?

    11 replies to "Homosexuality in the Church (Part 1) – Theology Unplugged"

    • Todd Mccauley

      Homosexuality the biggest issue the church has faced? Hardly! Have we forgotten Slavery?

    • Alden

      Another question: is homosexuality a “worse” sin than gluttony, adultery, divorce remarriage, gossip, greed, etc.? All are more of less accepted in the church today, and in some cases even celebrated.

    • the Old Adam

      There are ALL kinds of sinners in the pews. Our church has some gays.

      But they’ve never (those that are members now) asked us to affirm their sin or make an issue of it.
      We don’t skip over any passages that refer to homosexuality as sinful.

    • William

      Who is Ted Paul???
      Never heard of him and he isn’t on staff but he is posting stuff.

    • Ted Paul

      Hi William,

      I’m Ted Paul and I started working at Credo in late April of 2014.

      The “team” page hasn’t been updated with my bio but rest assured Michael and Tim put me through the ringer before my wife and I moved to OKC from Ohio.

      Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.


    • Todd Mccauley

      “Homosexuality the biggest issue the church Has and will face”. Again, I hardly think so. The biggest issue facing the church NOW and in days to come is an incessant attack on the “authority of Scripture”. Is the Bible the FINAL say when it comes to OUR faith and practice. Homosexuality has been with us always. The problem now is that its gotten a serious foothold in the Church. Why? Because the so-called gatekeepers (i.e. pastors and teachers) have forsaken the authority of Gods word, “…did God really say….”. Why in the world are we discussing Homosexuality? Isn’t the Bible clear?
      Oh, I forgot, our Academic Elites have convinced us that our Bibles are no longer sufficient nor authoritative in light of continuing theological research from guys with PHD’s in ancient paprika. No, Homosexuality is not the issue of the day, rather is the Bible reliable, sufficient and authoritative.

      Lord help us

    • Missy M

      Slavery is debatable, homosexuality isn’t. The point is likely not merely the sin itself but the entirety of humanistic doctrine and deformation of theology/ecclesiology and morality which accompanies this issue as it is argued for in the church.

      • Todd Mccauley

        I’m sorry Missy, I’m missing your point.

    • Missy M


      Ask away then. About what are you unclear?

      • Todd Mccauley

        The entire post. What do you mean slavery is debatable vs. Homosexuality?

    • Texas

      The last question in the post, “Does the Bible condemn homosexuals to a celibate lifestyle?”, shows the bias that I think is at the root of the entire homosexuality question. Our society and the church especially (for ages) has lost sight of the fact that celibacy isn’t a horror. Our society and the church especially, has a bias which at its heart states that a persons worth stems directly from a persons ability to sexually attract someone. If you can’t do this you are weird or broken. However, this files in the face of Biblical truth – 1 Corinthians chapter 7. My personal theory on homosexuality is that these folks were born to be celibate with a deep fraternal love for their own gender, but our society’s deep prejudice against the celibate has caused them to subconsciously twist this to a sexual desire.

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