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Kim Davis, a clerk in Kentucky, made major news when she refused to issue marriage license to same-sex couples based on her core beliefs about marriage. Was that the appropriate act for a Christian in that role? She isn’t the only believer to have been put in a difficult situation by the recent sweeping changes and state-imposed redefinition of marriage. Some Christians may simply issue the licenses under personal, private protest. Others have resigned (we haven’t heard much about them). Some have probably been persuaded for whatever reason that same-sex marriage is compatible with Christian views. But Kim Davis took a different path.

Is Kim Davis Combining Church and State?

In this special episode of Apologetics Unplugged dedicated to the issues surrounding this story, Clint, Carrie and Ted talk about the Christian’s role as a citizen, especially in an official government capacity.

Questions Coming Out of the Kim Davis Situation

  • Is there a difference between right/good laws and wrong/bad laws?
  • By what standard should governments establish laws?
  • Are we obligated to obey laws we deem to be morally wrong?
  • Can our society, or any other for that matter, function without assuming some kind of “natural law” that supersedes and informs the civil laws that we enact? Can there be an ultimate good behind the law on the basis of sheer secularism?
  • Is insistence upon the traditional understanding of marriage tantamount to bringing your religion into the secular sphere? Is there a difference between what we see as basic morality, generally revealed and applicable to all people, and specific Christian doctrine?
  • Is the jailing of the Kentucky clerk analogous to Roman persecution of Christians in the early centuries, as some Christians have claimed?
  • Should Christians even be involved in government?
  • What does The Dukes of Hazzard have to do with Kim Davis?

Clint Roberts
Clint Roberts

Clint Roberts has taught Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Apologetics, and a few less interesting subjects over the last decade or so. He likes the Credo House because he once launched a similar non-profit establishment in a different state. His Masters is from a fine theological institution and his doctorate focused on famed arguments by Clive Staples Lewis. He and Wanda lived in Texas a little while, then Idaho very briefly, then Salt Lake City for several years prior to coming to the prairie lands of Oklahoma. They had four kids along the way, and later adopted two more humans, a few goats and chickens, and a pony.

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    • Lyn Peters

      Is it possible to fast-forward this podcast (Kim Davis discussion) ? I was not able to listen to the whole thing the first time and would like to start where I left off. I tried the Alt plus right arrow option but did not succeed.

      • Admin

        Hi Lyn,

        Great question! Just click inside the player and it will fast-forward to that part of the episode. The farther right you click (without hitting the play/pause button of course) the further you’ll fast-forward.

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