I found Mr. Bean played the part quite well.

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

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    4 replies to "The Devil Sorts Out Evil Doers"

    • JoanieD

      Oh dear, he has something to insult everyone with, doesn’t he! I find his shows very funny. And he has such an expressive, “rubbery” face.

    • JoanieD

      OK, I am going to bring a serious element in to what Michael started as a funny posting, but I don’t think I can start a topic on my own on this blog. (I do have my own blog but haven’t updated it for a LONG time.)

      Anyway…about evil people. I think most people would agree that Hitler was evil. I don’t know how many people would also say he was insane, but let’s just stick with him being evil. Jesus told us to love our enemies and if someone hits one side of your face, offer the other side of your face. I also read something just the other day in the Old Testament where God is kind even to the wicked. (I bet I won’t be able to find that passage again!) So, what would loving your enemies mean in the case of Hilter? What would that love look like? People talk about “tough love” when they need to discipline their children in a way that the kids may not like, but in a way that the parents think is going to guide and teach their children to behave in a more appropriate manner in the future. What would tough love be for someone like Hitler? Is capital punishment ever correct for mass murderers? Would that be loving? I think most of us would be hard-pressed to say we could ever FEEL love for Hitler. Maybe we can feel some pity for him, because surely there had to be such darkness in him to behave the way he did. Anyway, I really don’t know what my response would be if I was alive and for some strange reason Hilter was turned over to me to decide his fate instead of his having killed himself. What would you do?

    • kolabok21

      Well, I guess no really believes the Devil is an evil sadistic moron with a sense of humor and red panties and cape to boot. But, then again how we roll over for a good laugh without seeing the truth sometimes. Humor does not have to be dry and lame from a Christian perspective, but it depends on the quality or better said the content of message it transmits (visual stimulation is marvelous).
      We could funnily teach something that has truth at its core, (the punch line) and deliver it to the crowd with amazing results and yet the same fallacy could lure a crowd into the gates of hell without a clue. Who

    • tnahas


      I hated the Mr Deity series and of course as the #1 fundy of the bunch, I thought it was bad taste to even give that series any air time. But this is good with Mr. Bean. As much as the humor is not funny if any of us hear the words uttered by our Lord “I never knew you” . Still as Satan has lessened his blow by this kind of humor then we must take it as a call to arms to take the gospel to all the ends of the earth and especially to the lawyers. I love lawyer jokes.

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