The other day I was asked by someone if I would try to raise a cat from the dead. After being asked, the look on my face told the story of my faith. If I could translate my face into words, it would be, “What in the heck? Are you serious?” My faith does not include such acts. I have experienced a lot of death in my life. Too much death. Too many dead bodies of friends and family have I looked upon in the last few years. But I have never once tried to raise someone from the dead. Is this evidence of a weak faith? Should I? Should I be attempting such things? Should I express my faith with this kind of assurance?

In a moment of intense transparency, a young missionary friend of Tim Kimberley (executive director of the Credo House) told Tim a story just a few days ago. The story was about the death of an neighbor’s infant child. I am going to post this story and change the names. Please read it carefully. We pick up after they heard about the death.

My wife went over to the neighbor’s house to pay her respects.  She came back weeping.  Just seeing the baby lying there dead, seeing the mother sitting there alive yet devoid of any real life, any real hope, that is enough to make anyone weep, especially those of us who have the life of another and the hope of heaven. Next it was my turn.  I went over to the house and saw the people gathered.  It’s very reminiscent of what I’ve thought it would have looked like in Jesus’ day.  Some people were surrounding the baby and others were attending to the physical needs of those gathered by cooking food.  I shook hands with the men and then went in to see the dead baby and her mother.  My heart broke.  No, it shattered.  Then, I prayed.  In fact, I started praying once I heard the baby had died and kept praying up to that point.

My prayer asked God a simple question, “Should I?”  Should I pray that this baby would be raised from the dead?  After all, Jesus told us we would do greater things than He did.  Miracles would be done according to our faith.  So, my “should I?” was really a question about my faith.  Do I have faith enough even to stick my neck out there and ask this woman if I could pray for her dead child to be raised to life???  We’re not talking about a pray-in-your-head thing here.  I knew that wouldn’t do.  So, should I?  While standing there with tears in my eyes, I felt the Spirit say go ahead (or what I thought was the Spirit).  So, after a moment’s hesitation, I spoke to the mother.  I told her I believe there is a God that can raise the dead.  I told her there is power in the name of Jesus.  I asked her if she believed too and if I could pray for her baby.  She said yes.  So, with everyone looking on, I knelt before this beautiful, lifeless child and begged God to raise her from the dead in the name of Jesus.  You know what happened?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I was left with only being able to say that no one understands the mind of God or His will…truly empty words in my mouth and heart (not to mention the mother’s).

So, here is where I am.  I’m left with doubts, fears, and even anger.  I prayed.  I trusted.  I put my neck out.  What’s more, I put Jesus’ name out there and He didn’t show up.  Yes, I’ve heard from others and even my own western theological mind to remember all the reasons we give why God doesn’t answer our prayers.  “It wasn’t His timing,” or “It wasn’t His will,” or “He has something better in store,” but all I hear is the scream of my heart asking, “Why didn’t You hear me?!  You said You would!  Where are You?  Are You even there?!”  The baby is still dead.  The mother is still lost in hopelessness and despair.  And now I look like a fool and the name of Jesus is a joke.

Is the problem that I don’t believe God can do those sorts of things?  No, I think I still believe that.  Do I believe God isn’t real or, as Nietzsche said, that He’s dead?  No, if I’m honest, I don’t think that.  The real issue is I wonder why God didn’t do what He said he would.  I think I’m mad at Him and not about Him.

This email is raw.  I usually don’t write things like this.  After all, there are unwritten rules in our faith.  But my faith has been rocked to the core and I know, regardless of where I end up, I will never be the same.  So, I ask you to pray.  Pray for me?  Sure.  But I’m not even sure how to ask you to pray.  Please pray more for this baby and mother.  These people are dying…literally and spiritually.  They need to know, just like my heart needs to know now.  It’s just my biggest fear is that an answer will never come.  Where is Jesus when you need Him?

Friends. simply put, this is as real as it gets. Don’t laugh, jest, or judge, just learn. What do you think? Should we pray with faith that God will raise someone from the dead? If so, what does this look like?

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo House Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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    • Doug Payton

      This is something I’ve struggled with as well, but for my own healing from MS. I know people have been healed, I know God can do it. Yet little by little my legs are being taken out from under me, keeping me from doing things with my kids.

      Early on, half my body was numb, and the medication took it back until there was just some slight numbness in one hand. I sat on my stairs at home, alone, and asked God, why can’t you just get rid of this last bit? Not a cry for help, just a question. It went away. I wiggled my fingers and touched the front and back of my hand, and indeed it was completely gone. Fifteen seconds or so later, it came back. My thought was this was God saying, “I *can* do it, I’m just *not* doing it”, with an implied “yet”.

      That was how I considered it for years after that. The past 3 or so years, I have, however, been really to be rid of this. It’s come and gone a number of time in the past 25 years, but this time it’s hanging on and I’m really ready to be healed. I’ve talked to folks to speak about healing and get the impression from them that God does not give good gifts only to immediately take them away, and that my experience with the temporary healing was not from God. Fair enough, and I can see their point.

      But I’ve had so many people praying for me, and, as I said, people who have a healing ministry. I believe I’ve had some slight progress, but not sure if it’s real or in my imagination.

      Not everyone gets healing, to be sure, and who am I that I should get it while others don’t. But I sometimes ask the question the other way; why do some do and I don’t. Thorny theological questions.

      So my question is similar to “should I pray to raise the dead” from a faith point of view. Why won’t God do this? I’m not having a crisis of faith, just, as the writer is, a little disappointed, because I know it can happen.

      • G

        Sir you are so wrong ur faith is so weak and limited , I don’t blame u because u are walking the normal way that humanity are, perhaps in time god will send I the holly spirits to guide u more deeply but u must commit to it . It’s not easy given , god knows how deep u are wanting it .
        So I say to you and the world out there today , you are only limiting gods power of what he can do ,, ask u shall receive, everything possible with god as long u say in Jesus name only ,, but miracles are not easy granted ,, only the strongest faith will be heard ,,,Only , with so much love and trust in Jesus that he can do the impossible but again humans as u with this mentality sir won’t enter gods miracle not everyone said god oh god enter gods heaven or will be granted what he is asking for,,,only the unshakable in faith will get it and can hear gods answer and will witness miracles in Jesus name 🙏
        ,, but u must need to claim to be able to get that miracle for someone u love so deeply ,, our job is to pray and let god do his work but u see when u lose someone older ur prayer to him won’t be the same as if that boy is younger or perhaps under 25 of his age ,, my point is god knows your love and the desperation of your need for him I know deep in my faith if u claim and keep claiming without small inch of doubt with full of trust for Jesus full believing in ur heart not one inch of ur doubt then god sees ur desperation and when he sees u everyday for years praying non stop without hesitation standing ur ground , staying bold with god and god sees u ,, you are still
        The same suffering u need that son or a daughter u can’t live without them I know god will see and has an exception for that individual human amen in Jesus name only or nothing will happen ,,, and I’m not here to judge you Sir ,, I’m only answer u to educate u about faith but the blind faith and probably u can go preach to those pastors who are acting like Robots but I don’t blame them but only blame their search their lack of faith as Jesus said not by site but by faith and faith doesn’t come easy u need to pray so hard to ask the holly spirits to come to u to fall fresh on you to mold you to melt you to use you and fill you in Jesus name amen ,, some of camer as a gift I’m not judging you because I’m only human only god will and god already knows how human are so weak he always forgive us as he even forgave his students but one of them specifically when he doubted him looking at him but still didn’t believe that was jesus in the flesh with his wounds but then Jesus said ok let me ask him to touch my flesh so he Believes ,, so for that reason I don’t get upset when I come across human as ur self or even Joel osteen or any pastor speaks the word of god they are all motivators ,, I forgive them and pray for them for not believing deeply that could happen but only who has pure faith in Jesus Christ miracles will happen and will start happening I don’t feel or never seen any human as my self and make no mistake I’m no body but the dust on Jesus robe and I have been praying with a father for his son got hit by a car he was 21 years of his age I have been praying with him for his son for 3 years for one miracle because his dad not accepting it but claiming. Only when u claim and stay still strong in ur faith to see that holly miracle that never happened yet in our generation and when It will happen then god will shock u and the world by telling all of us “ you see when u have pure faith with pure asking and unshakable trust that will happen but only when u get to that stage with your transparent faith and I know you might be asking me joking ” oh well how that going ?
        did god answer both of ur prayer yet ?
        Or u might say to me Tell us when Jesus will perform ur miracle ,,,
        So my respond to you ahead of time that” “”never test god and our job is pray and ask keep asking never surrender or give up with god he only knows the time no matter how long it takes , I’m talking only the one who has so pure faith unshakable one , only when god sees his dad reach his pure faith then the surprise will happen ,,, I’m just a vessel with his dad to get him to come to god as he used to be , his dad were lost and now he was found again 3 years ago ,,,
        now , it will be between god and his dad ,, we will never know the time or day only god will surprise him , his dad has to keep praying ftom his heart constantly without hesitation and god will know how in need his son to him because there are unique situations with god he knows he is watching his dad what he does and how bad he needs his son
        He already tried to commit suicide But failed because I had to step in ,, but again it’s gods doing I know god sent me to him in the right time ,,
        I told him he will never see his son again if he sins like that and his son Vrej were so pure as human he was such a good kid he goes to church he is so kind and gentle but mostly he loves god and I’m sure u are going to tell me “ maybe god wants him up there it was his time ,and his will,,I do believe that but i also do believe if god did that I know he will make an exception it depends on his dads situation , god had mercy on us and still and without it where would we be ,?
        we are talking about our god almighty king of kings the ruler of every thing , the giver and the taker ,,, we are nothing we are so small like an ant 🐜 on earth he can change anything he wants ,,, so u can tell me all u want about what his students said from the Bible ,
        u can translate what ever u want from that Bible that’ u guys destroyed it by changing the meaning of it , u can change what ever u like from the Bible but you are not god and you can’t figure god out but only who has blind pure faith in him , a specially who has the gift from the holly spirits as my self to believe so deeply and he said it to us he gave us a huge hint ,, ask u shall receive ,, everything possible with Jesus ,,,, but no one ever got it yet until I’m telling you and the universe change ur attitude towards god ,, change ur thinking with god stop analyzing the scripture trying to figure it out trying to invent different ways with what god meant
        It’s simple and clear but i guess I found out by a dream a long time ago but didn’t bother telling anyone because most of humanity are hypocrites,,, it’s not simple at all after all and not everyone pray fur a miracle will get it ,, only the strong only who has deep trust in Jesus because Jesus is the way and life , and who ever come to my father must go through me
        Brothers and sisters I only tell you the truth it’s the only way by “FAITH”
        So I’m sure u are saying to ur selves after reading this let us get a hold of that guy so we can educate him but I tell you the truth I tell u go on move on brothers and sisters pastors,, leaders and motivators ,, go on pray And keep ur faith stronger then strong practice it but mostly it’s from a gift From childhood it came from my mother who prays every hour ever day she will be cooking praying where ever she does she prays sometimes I ask my dad how did u put up with. It as a joke but he smiled saying son when u are in love with Jesus as ur mom and me I’m in love with the one in love with Jesus then you have no other option but stay with her and Jesus
        but that was the best thing ever happened to me son.
        so I hope u learn Something out there and have a blessed day , and I pray for you because strong faith must be practice and pray for it to grow or sometimes its a gift given from childhood sincerely G

    • Ann

      I am a Pentecostal minister, but personally I would not pray (aloud, with others present) for God to raise someone from the dead unless I had some very definite assurance from God that He was telling me to do so. What would that feel like? I don’t know…but I believe if God is able to raise the dead, He is also able to tell me ahead of time in a way that I would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Him.

      My theology can handle the fact that all are not healed or raised from the dead – but not everyone’s can, and for that reason, if others were present, I would have to KNOW it was God to avoid hurting their faith. For the same reason, when I pray with people for healing, I never pray in a way that promises healing. Am I praying in faith? Yes, but I’m not going to promise them something God hasn’t promised.

      I believe God can raise the dead today, just as He did in the New Testament – but even in the NT, people being raised from the dead is NOT common. I have no problem praying for the dead to be raised, but I wouldn’t pray aloud or let others know I was praying without ABSOLUTE assurance from God – not a feeling, or a prompting, or anything whatsoever subjective – ABSOLUTE assurance.

    • Fred

      I’m not sure I agree with the assumption that we can raise the dead. In Matthew 10:8, when Jesus says “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.” He is speaking to the Apostles. It is debatable whether that applies to us today, and worth mentioning that many ancient manuscripts omit ‘raise the dead’.

      When Jesus said we would “do greater things than He did”, it is an assumption to think He means we can raise the dead. It could be argued that the “greater things” he refers to is spreading the Gospel through the whole world, saving souls. All will perish, that is certain. The greater thing is to be raised to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. As He says in Matthew 9:5 – “Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’?”

      • David

        This is correct. Jesus was speaking to the Apostles he had chosen to build the early church. Signs and wonders were given to them in order that those whom they went to knew that God sent them and they spoke the truth. We can see that before the book of Acts is closed, that miracles had already ceased, as they were no longer needed. The Apostles had already completed the commission Christ gave to them at his ascension, which the church erroneously believe applies to them too. It doesnt nor did it ever.

        God does has not nor will not give the working of miracles to individuals since the Apostles, nor is the office of Apostle in use since then. We have the complete canon of scripture, something the early church did not yet have, to lead and guide us into all truth, including how to be saved.

        Anyone who believes that they are called to the great commission, have the power to do signs and wonders like Jesus and the Apostles did, up to and including raising the dead, are deceived and do not know their bible. False teaching in the church has lead and leads many down a path towards their own destruction, and this foolish and vain teaching is but one example of the nonsense spewed from the pulpit today.

        If you ask me, I would say that we need to spend less time trying to flaunt authority we were never given and more time repenting of sin and working with the Holy Spirit to become more like Christ, starting with learning how to read our bibles and doing what we are commanded to do.

        If God wants to perform miracles today, that is his perogative, but it is not the duty of any of us to be doing them, nor will we. The best thing we can do is to share the gospel when opportunity presents itself and to pray that God’s will be done, then trust his sovereign will for the outcome. If he does the miraculous, praise him. If he doesn’t, praise him even so.

      • Stephen

        Hebrews 13:8 says that Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. This means that the command in Matthew 10:8 still applies.

        • Ron

          That’s definitely a stretch and a misapplication of the scripture. The context of that verse is of Jesus’ teaching and availability of sacrifice to believers. Not of His commandments to the Apostles.

    • jim

      There are only a couple of options:
      1) pray and hope he answers
      2) Don’t pray

      That’s the irony of prayer, if he answers we shout glory, if he does not we say humbly who are we to question God who does as he wills. The stickler is then why pray at all. I feel it’s not so much about what God will do externally but what he does internally. I feel so sad for it can shaken our faith if we do not face the reality of this…bad things happen to good and bad people.

    • C Michael Patton

      Jim, two questions:
      1) Do you think we should pray for God to raise the dead every time someone close to us dies?
      2) Do you think we should pray *with faith* that God will raise someone from the dead?

      • Eric Shawn Savage's mom


        • Linda

          Yes I too ask can we pray to ask God to raise the dead- to return someone back to life for a longer time-
          Let’s pray and with faith in God’s promises – then why can’t we hope for a favorable answer? Yes we must be open hearted and faithful!
          Let’s pray together for miracle of loved one’s return to life. Amen
          Praise be The Lord- We thank and praise God for this gift of faith.

          • Juanita

            Amen,we are living in the last days,signs,wonders and maricles need to happen because if they won’t see they won’t believe.

      • Stephen W Brummitt

        When a Christian such as a Saint who is well past their own personal “3 score and 10” and it hurts them all over their body just to get up in the morning, and with or without any specific life-threatening disease when their heart just gives out, I think it would be doing them a major injustice to bring them back to the exact same life without healing all their other ills. But regardless, if someone who isn’t saved and the prompting of the Holy Spirit won’t let you alone about praying for them, then for your sake and theirs you had better follow the leading of the Lord! Even in any degree of pain a person who is facing an eternity in hellfire, you will be doing them the greatest disservice possible if you don’t bring them back even if it’s only long enough to get them saved. If they come back, then I would think God would have prepared that person’s heart to see the need for the Blood of Christ to be applied to their lost soul!

    • Luke Geraty

      Can we pray for someone to be raised from the dead as we feel led (yes, I said “feel”)? And can we pray also that God’s will would be done (even as a Calvinist who believes that his will WILL be done)?

      Just some questions 🙂

    • Samuel

      This is a tough one. On one hand, men ought always to pray and on the other hand there are some things we KNOW won’t get answered but we pray anyway because it’s just – well, what we “do” as Christians. Honestly, I feel as though i woukd have more faith to pray for someone to come back to life depending on the circumstance surrounding the death (accidental, infant).

      To answer the question posed to Jim I would answer this way:

      1. No
      2. Yes

      My answers may contradict but that’s where I am at this point.

    • Mike O

      I don’t think Jesus ever intended “praying in faith” to equate to “I’ll do what you say” or “if I don’t do what you say, it’s because you didn’t have enough faith.”

      I think we risk putting our faith in our faith, rather than in Jesus Christ.

      Whose faith is stronger – the man who stays true to God even when God “doesn’t come through” or the man who stays true to God “because” he came through? I would say it takes greater faith for the former.

      If God tells you to pray (or even if you just *think* God is telling you to pray – right or wrong), then pray. If you are only praying to test your own faith or to prove something, then don’t bother.

      For me, in reality, I wouldn’t make a spectacle of the prayer. I would pray to myself and not draw any attention. maybe because I’m chicken. Maybe because that is consistent with my personality. But it wouldn’t be because of a lack of faith.

      But there are people, I think, who ARE called to make a spectacle of the miracle (it’s called “the gift of miracles” – ever heard of it? 🙂 ) I don’t have the gift of miracles, but I believe some people do.

      Does that mean there are dead people who could have been raised if I had prayed, but I didn’t? Could be, but I seriously doubt it.

      Follow the leading of the spirit, and hope. If he told you to pray and you prayed, regardless of the outcome, you did the right thing.

    • Rich Wilbur

      Aloha Mike,

      I think you did the right thing. You stuck your neck out and prayed according to the light that you had been given. I think also in situations like praying for the dead, it is wise not to make too big of an introduction – know what I mean? In other words, perhaps something like this: “I am going to ask the Father to raise your child from the dead. God has the power to do such a thing if He chooses to. I don’t know if He will do so now, but I am willing to ask. Will that be okay with you?” Then when you pray, you leave room for both possibilities — a miracle or a message. I tried to put myself in your shoes. I know that for me, my pride would have been wounded. Because God did not come through, I would feel embarrassed. It would not be so much that God did not show up, but He did and I was expecting Him to make me look good in the process.

      Thanks for your transparency. I always enjoy devouring your blogs! They feed well my spirit!

    • I do believe God’s will is as important as our faith when it comes to miracles. Paul was not told he needed more faith to get rid of his thorn in the flesh; he was told no. I do believe that God heals, but there seem to be only a small number of cases where He has raised the dead. I would pray for it if I felt God leading me to (I never have). But it would be with the clear reservation of committing it to His will and that even if I felt led I might be mistaken. And I would make that clear to any observers if there was any.

      • Eric Shawn Savage's mom

        “He takes NO pleasure in the death of anyone” “COSTLY in the sight of Abba is the death of His kind ones!”

      • Eric Shawn Savage's mom


    • Chad Winters

      Extrapolate…. If this were the norm for Christians then the World would be full of the Risen dead, no one in the past 2000 years would have stayed dead as everyone grieving would run to their local Christian to raise their loved one from the dead. Everyone would have that much faith because we’ve all seen it happen.

      I’m pretty sure that is not God’s plan or will. What would be the point of Christ’s Return and the Resurrection?

    • Paul M

      “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

      “for we walk by faith, not by sight-” 2 Cor 5:7 even 5:8, “we are of good courage, I say, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord.”
      (Not implying that the death of the baby is preferable; not the direction I am heading. The baby’s death is a hard thing and my heart goes out to the family.)

      “For in hope we have been saved, but hope that is seen is not hope; for who hopes for what he already sees?” Rom 8:24 (also 8:25, 26)

      I like a definition of hope I once heard (maybe from Swindoll), “Hope is desire with expectancy.” In what lies the hope of the believer? Is it not the death, burial, and resurrection of the Christ, our Lord Jesus and our resurrection (I Thess. 4:14)?

      I concur with Fred that much of what was given for the Apostles to perform was for a time. Those miracles were to demonstrate that Christ was King while the Kingdom was being offered. Were those not the signs for which the Jews were asking (I Cor. 1:22), yet they rejected the King? So, the Kingdom was not established because the conditions were not met for it. God then appointed Paul as an apostle giving him the ability to perform signs and miracles to demonstrate the authority and validity of his message (the Gospel of the grace of God), which was an invitation into the Body of Christ. The implication of being a member of His Body is where our hope lies. Paul did raise the dead (Acts 20), but could he have not healed Epaphroditus (Phil 2:25-30)? What about Paul directing Timothy to drink wine for his ailment in I Tim. 5:23? Was Paul unable to heal later in his ministry? Has Paul the Apostle been raised from the dead? No (at least not yet). Should we then lose hope? No, but Christ. Again, faith is not by sight. Is it not trusting in the reliability of the Lord?

    • mbaker


      I think it much more important to pray for the living, in that they will know God’s saving grace through Christ before it is too late. Praying for Christians to be resurrected after they they have died and already gone to the Lord, is a moot point, IMO.

    • Mark Ducharme

      I know (granted, on a second hand basis) of several people who’ve been raised from the dead. One in particular who was declared dead by the attending EMT’s. Not sure about the others but, in the case of the EMT death the “respondent” was raised by his son – ie: the one there who loved him the most. Whenever Jesus raised someone, as God incarnate, He was THE one in the room who loved that person more than anyone else present.

      If we juxtapose John 13:34 (“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”) w/ His assurance that “greater works than these shall he do” it might shed some light on the how of these miracles.

      I don’t know if the mother in the above story was praying, in faith or otherwise, along w/ the woman telling it, but it would certainly seem to be a necessary component for it to happen. I mean, think about it: a group of people gathers around “the dearly departed” and the ONE closest to them isn’t in earnest prayer? Calvinist or not, such a scenario makes apparent the will of God for, even Jesus couldn’t raise the dead by merely standing there and wishing it might happen.

      And…back in the cave I go…TTFN 🙂

    • Mike O

      To those who would say these kinds of miracles were for a different time and purpose (when Christ was physically here and the 1st ring disciples), I was going to ask aren’t there cases today when people are raised from the dead? I think there are. @Mike Ducharne told of one in #12.

      I just don’t think it happens very often.

    • Hman

      I have a bad case of man flu. It is obvious to everyone who sees me. Even got some sympathy from the people surrounding me. They feel sorry for me. Should I call the 111 and ask for an ambulance?

      It is clearly in line with what St Johns (that’s the name of the Ambulance services in my neck of the woods) Vision statement “Enhanced health and well-being for all….”. In another paragraph they claim that one of their values is “Empaty – Acting in a way that is sensitive to the needs of others, and is compassionate and kind. How could they not come and pick me up? That would be the kind and compassionate way to deal with my situation wouldn’t it? They are there to serve aren’t they? I am sure I have the right to do it. That they have an obligation to me.

      What did I forget? Even though St Johns are there for me, 24/7, it does not make me an authority calling the shots. It does not justify my own interpretations of their role in society, their position, mission, values etc, to suit my objectives. Does it? Hmm…. It is by grace they help us, with no expectation on compensation. No, I don’t think I should call 111 and ask for an ambulance if I have the flu. If I am dying, yes, flu, no.

      Death is ugly. It is sad. But in comparison to eternal death it is merely a flu. I think praying for dead is equal to loss of eternal perspective.

      Apologies for a terrible analogy, but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe what I believe is the relationship between God and I. God is my savior, that’s what the analogy is meant to illustrate. I am not saying I believe I was created by a Medical Team, even though I was born at a hospital. If you see what I mean.

    • Hman

      Oh, one more thing. Does St John need me to help them to create an image of being nice, helpful to attract more people to use their services? And thereby grant my request for help? I do not think so either.


    • Mike O

      @Hman … “that’ll preach!!”

      AWESOME analogy – perhaps the best analogy of our relationship to God in regards to faith I have ever heard!!

      I’m going to hang on to it and use that on myself. 🙂

    • Minimus

      Let this audience, as well as any wider audience who happens by here, realize that many here scoff as healing and resurrect of the dead and when called on it simply ignore the counterpoints.

      NO ONE thinks that Lazarus, who was clearly raised from the dead, is still alive today. ALL healing and resurrections from the dead are temporary in light of the 70-120 years we have on this earth. Lazarus, Jairus’ daughters and many lepers, all completely and excellently healed by Jesus, all later died.

      How many unsaved people are out there because WE AS A CHURCH haven’t told them the Good News? “How will they hear without a preacher”…

      How many sick people are still sick because no Christian prayed for them yet?

    • Minimus

      Praying for Christians to be resurrected after they they have died and already gone to the Lord, is a moot point, IMO.

      by mbaker on Sep 12, 2012 at 10:13 pm

      Good thing you didn’t try to convince Paul, Jesus or the young man who prayed for a drowned 2 year old a few weeks ago from my church of your opinion!

      Lazarus’ sisters, as well as the rejoicing Christian family of that 2 year old in AZ wouldn’t believe it anyway!

    • Steve Martin

      He will raise us all.

      I always pray for God to have mercy.

    • Fred

      Reading the verses after Matthew 10:8, it occurs to me that very very few today have the faith of the Apostles who were sent out and raised the dead. I mean no disrespect with what I am about to write, but in the story above it seems like the faith of the person who prayed for the child to be raised was a bit shaky from the start. The story is full of doubt from beginning to end. Personally I don’t pray for God to raise the dead because I don’t have enough faith, and I recognize that. Lord I believe, help Thou my unbelief.

    • mbaker


      We must remember that even the people raised from the dead by Jesus and the apostles still eventually died. Raising the dead in a physical sense is not the same as resurrecting someone eternally.

      Believe me, I can readily identify with that mother in the story. I did not become a mother of a living child until I was 39 years old after having lost several children. So I do know full well and first hand her grief. Would I have wanted my children to live if it had been at all possible? Of course. But I believe they are they are whole and healthy now in heaven, and I will be reunited with them someday, but if I were not a Christian I would have no hope of that.

      Raising people from the dead so to speak, if they go into cardiac arrest is different. We can give them CPR. That does not mean they are necessarily healed however. And would we even want to raise terminally ill patients to undergo even more pain?

      We must remember that while Christ raised folks from the dead and performed other miracles His main mission was to preach the Gospel. That should be of greater concern to us too.

    • Wayne Wilson

      Respectfully, this young missionary should only doubt his own thinking and use of Scripture, not the Lord. The apostles didn’t just have faith (it was often weak), they had “authority” to do these miracles (Matt 10:1). It is presumtuous to think we have this authority. We may ask anything in prayer, but we have no authority to insist God perform miracles. All the miracle workers in the N.T. were either apostles, or people upon whom the Apostles laid their hands. Only the Apostles could confer this authority on others. For example, Philip received the power to perform miracles from the Apostles, but he couldn’t pass it on to others (Acts 8). When the Apostles passed from the scene, so did this authority. When Jesus spoke of “greater works” He obviously meant spreading the Gospel… no one even claims to match His power over nature (walking on water, calming storms, etc.)

    • Jim Zeirke

      I have a couple problems with this whole issue. First is that there are many recorded cases of supposedly “dead” people coming alive in the morgue. One happened in my city a number of years back. No one prayed for them to be resurrected. It just happened. Second, I can’t get past the mental image of someone hearing a testimony of a loved one being “raised from the dead by the power of prayer” and the listener asking why didn’t their loved one get raised from the dead. I recall something very similar to that happening in my church. A lady stood up and gave a testimony of her complete healing by prayer from a very serious cancer. A lady in the church suddenly started crying uncontrollably. We found out later on that one of hre young boys asked why grandpa had died of his cancer when they had prayed for his healing. That’s tough stuff, folks. CMP’s post raises a very, very serious issue: What do you tell folks when God chooses NOT to raise the dead or do a miraculous healing? I really wish that church’s would have folks give testimonies of times when God choose not to heal and how, instead, God got them through it. I’ve never seen that in church. Has anyone here? Instead we have all sorts of testimonies to God healing folks and raising the dead and even I sometimes ask “Why didn’t God answer my prayer when my cousin died of cancer?” I prayed in faith and even had some elders with me when we prayed. We layed on hands. We had faith and my cousin Lori had faith, too. Then she died. I wish that I had an answer and when I see Lori in Heaven I’ll be sure to ask.

    • Sam Hendrickson

      very sad and human circumstance. The sense I get from the OT and the NT is that we are to ask “in faith”–and faith in God is directly related to faith in what He has promised to do. The next issue then is: Did God promise believers in the New Covenant (Christians) that He will raise people from the dead? From what I can see, He has not. Then, to do so may place us in the realm of having faith in [our] faith, not faith in the promises of God.

    • Minimus

      My Mom was healed, after I prayed for her, from brain cancer, after she died and went to be with Jesus.

      I prayed for my grandmother TO die. It was her time and she died immediately when I prayed that.
      It was God’s will, that Jesus made very clear.

      I have yet to pray for the person I know that needs to be raised for the dead. I hope it happens.

      But we responsible Christians must put healing and dying in the PROPER perspective of the ENTIRE Bible.

      Sometimes people are SUPPOSED to go.
      Sometimes people are NOT SUPPOSED TO GO YET. We MUST act accordingly!

    • Flyaway

      Joni Erickson Tada had many people laying hands on her and asking that she would be healed, but she was not. Her ministry has spanned, I think, 40 years and she has touched a multitude for Jesus. I doesn’t hurt to pray any prayer. We just have to humble ourselves when we get the answer “no.”

    • teleologist

      I don’t think praying for resurrection is a normative Christian practice. There has been a handful of cases in Scripture where people were raised from the dead, Elijah, Elisha, Peter, Paul and of course our Lord Himself. But in all these cases I would argue they were given this special gift as a sign of authentication of their ministry.

      David, a man after God’s own heart, did pray for his dead infant. The Bible is replete with people who died if this was a normative practice there would have been more examples of praying for resurrection. And then there is (Hebrews 9:27) Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment

      Finally unless you have received the power of sign gifts then all your prayers are the same in the sense that it is under the providence of God. Your prayer is or is not answered fully depends on your prayer’s confluence of God’s will and economy.

    • Mike O

      So many good answers!! Lots of good perspective on this topic

    • Dinah C.

      I struggle with this one ,.,,, especially in light of the teaching of so many of the “healing ministries” ….
      But I think Rich Wilbur had it right …. pray, but allow God to be God …. we don’t know the future so how can we pray as we ought? …. so for me, I can pray for my “wants” – even those things which seem vital to me – and God is both gracious with my foolishness and generous in His dealings with me, but – I have to trust that God does indeed know best, and that He loves me and those I love, and that He is always and unfailingly good.
      For those things which I don’t understand, especially those that tear my heart out …. there is only one answer, and that is the Cross.

    • Hman

      So, CMP, what’s the right answer? 😉

    • Minimus

      How do we know if we’ve “received the power sign gifts”?

      Are we not to “eagerly desire spiritual gifts” (1 Cor 14:1)?

      Thanks for hosting a great and deep discussion.

    • Aaron Walton

      Jim Zeirke,
      You’ve made some good points. I’ve noticed that as well.
      Someone last week was thankful for a Christian being released from prison and called that “God being faithful” and “not forsaking the righteous”. I objected immediately. If someone isn’t released, was God not faithful?
      I think God’s faithfulness is his abiding with us. In Psalm 73 Asaph describes God’s faithfulness this way:”I am continually with you; you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

    • Pete again

      My first reaction upon reading this story: great sadness and sympathy for the family. My heart goes out to them.

      My second reaction: what pride, arrogance and foolishness by this “young missionary friend”! No Christian in 1,900 years has raised someone from the dead, but he figured that God would choose him at this time?

      Who would teach someone this type of outlook/perspective?

      This story should be taught as “an Example of what NOT to do” in the “Missionary 101” classes at every American Protestant seminary.

      • Kate

        Pete, that was a very negative, faithless comment you made. “we” don’t heal people, Jesus does but he has to have vessels to use. I have seen a man paralyzed from the neck down in a hospital bed for a year miracously healed in an instant. His wife prayed and prayed. one day as she walked into the hospital she heard a voice say “Tell your husband to get up and walk”. She told him and he immediately got up and walked. Her son is Cody Custer PRCA bull rider. Go ask him if you don’t believe. In another case man’s 17 year old boy drowned. I learned about it after the funeral was already over. When I was told, I heard the Lord say to me “he didn’t ask”. He (the Lord Jesus) was sharing his profound sadness with me that the father didn’t have the faith to ask. I am certain that this boy would have been raisef to life if the father had only asked. Jesus said would he find faith on the earth when he returns? If you can’t even ask, what kind of faith do you even have? Peter, this is the test. And that pastor passed while you did not. Jesus’ bride will be perfect in both faith and holiness. The short answer is YES pray to have people/animals restored to life. YES, YES,YES PRAY! Better to pray and ask and be faithful to what you know is true than to double back and deny God beecause you fear what man thinks.

        • Jucci

          Hello Kate,
          Please since you do hear from God can you kindly ask Him why He did not answer all my family’s prayers for my sister as she is presently lying in a morgue?
          Or wiill He still raise her before the burial date?
          I’m so sad and hopelessly depressed please help me.

          • Mark

            I’m sorry to hear that. However, if she hasn’t been buried yet , believe God can raise her from the dead. If you are a believer in Christ ,the bible says if we believe in Jesus, and the works he did we (his followers) will do GREATER WORKS. This doesn’t mean great, as in more miracles than Jesus because he did way more miracles in his earthly ministry, than there is recorded in the word see (John 21:25), but rather greater in the sense of more powerful, more amazing miracles. To not agree with this point of view, would be to suggest that the Lord is insecure and would be offended by us doing greater than him. This is not true of the nature of a “true teacher” a teacher’s desire is for the students under him/her to far exceed him.
            That’s the true nature of Christ! The word also goes as far as to say, that the same spirit (the Holy Spirit) that raised Jesus, from the dead is alive and working in us ,as his followers. Simply put we have resurrection power living within us- meaning we CAN RAISE THE DEAD! , the only question is , are you willing to believe that it’s possible? Finally, throughout history ,there have been hundreds of accounts, of christians raising the dead. In my opinion, that is too low a number considering the fact that Jesus promised, we’d do GREATER WORKS! and that we have Holy Spirit living in us- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE to those who believe see (Mark 9:23).

            More over, what I’m about to give you isn’t a formula, for that isn’t the nature of God, to work in such a way. Rather what I’m giving you is a suggestion, that the Lord impressed on my heart, to give you Jucci.

            Here goes:

            – Go to the morgue, where your sister is and request to see her/ be with her body, privately for an hour.
            – Believe that God wants her raised from the dead, more than you do.
            – Lay hands on the corpse and “bind the spirit of death” within her and command her “spirit” to come back to her body , in JESUS NAME!
            – Keep your hands on the body and pray in the spirit.
            – Keep calling life, into her body, through the Holy Spirit.

            Pray that God would send a believer, with faith in Jesus’ resurrection power to help you pray over your sister, in the morgue.

            I’m sorry, if it’s too late! :'( believe me, I know the feeling. Just please never stop believing! and trust that she’s in a better place. ♥ Mark

    • Jim Zeirke

      Thanks Aaron. As I said, I really wish that churches would invite testimony from folks who did not receive the healing, folks whose earnest prayers were answered “No”. Seeing that woman’s sobbing and wailing really changed me. Before that I ate up all of the testimonies of healings and answered prayers and never once gave a thought to those who experienced no answer or a negative answer and heard these testimonies as a condemnation of their faith. “If only I was as faithful as that person God would have healed my mother.” Something like that just tears at me now. Aren’t testimonies of God’s faithfulness during hard times when His answer is “My grace is sufficient for you” just as important andmoving as testimonies of the very rare miraculous healing?

      Does anyone know of a church that does this? Anyone have a link to testimonies of unanswered or negatively answered prayer?

    • Minimus


      Your ignorance of history is shameful and shocking.

      Have ANY scripture, even one, to justify your worldview?

    • Pete again


      Can you show me one example in the last 1,900 years – since ~ 100AD – of a Christian bringing someone dead back to life?

      I’ll make it easy for you…how about anyone in the last 500 years, since the Protestant Reformation?

      If you cannot…then what point are you trying to make?

    • cheryl

      There was this Muslim convert who went to India as a missionary. When a woman went to her with a dead baby (the father had apparently thrown the baby against a wall), she cried out to God ” God, this woman has come to you in faith” ….that was all she prayed, and there was instant miraculous healing that took place there and then…..she couldn’t even believed her eyes. She did admit that that was the ONLY time she had witnessed such a miracle. I personally believe, and all Christians should, that God certainly has the ability to do anything; however faith lies in accepting whatever the outcome cos we trust in His goodness. What’s good for us physically may not be good for us spiritually. Afterall, we all die one day; what we should focus on is sharing the good news with people, and being a testimony for the Lord. We do our part, what we can’t do, we trust that God would take care of them. The Bible says “delight ourselves in the Lord, and He will grant us the desires of our hearts” God is all knowing, He knew all that time that it was necessary to heal the Indian baby, for reasons known to Him; I realise when God does things, it’s for a greater purpose. Marolyn Ford is a wonderful testimony that God is very much alive and He can do great things, but always according to His great purpose.

    • cheryl

      BTW, Marolyn Ford had her blindness restored after years of bedside prayers (no faith healer involved) and after her doctor examined her eyes, her retina were still detached, but she saw. Sometimes God is quite humorous.

    • cheryl

      Let’s use this forum to encourage one another to walk close to God, to lift one another up, instead of putting each other down. Christ is the reason we are here, don’t allow satan to have victory in any way.

    • John Schneider

      So I’m not the only one who’s struggled with this. My co-worker died one early Monday morning in front of me about 4 years ago. OK, she was really pronounced dead some hours later on, but she was fine when I was talking to her, then she said she was feeling funny, then started having seizures, then went stiff, then all was confusion. I wanted to pray for her vocally, not just silently, why didn’t I? I still feel guilty about that. I prayed like crazy for the Lord to spare her as the EMTs arrived and wheeled her out, unconscious. What a loss. But He took her anyway. Why? Because He wanted to I suppose is the only answer we’ll get now. But I should have prayed vocally I keep thinking. Why didn’t I? I have my suspicions. Rats!

    • mbaker


      I hear you. However I don’t think it matters much really whether we pray vocally or silently, since God is in control of the outcomes, in all of our prayers. I think it much more an issue of His sovereignty in determining those things.

      Does that mean we shouldn’t pray for the best outcome? Not at all. We pray according to God’s will since that is what He says in scripture. This after 25 + years in prayer ministry.

      Even Jesus did that. So no personal guilt should be ours. We simply do as we are bidden.

    • loo

      Some thoughts on healing;

      I have actually met a man raised from the dead. He was older, and a family patriarch (what patriarchal really means, a grandfather with grown children and their spouses living together with them, not nuclear families all living in their own households) in India – his family was Nepali, but from Bhutan (where Nepali’s are a persecuted class of citizens). His family was new to Christianity, he got very sick, they prayed – he had 9 kids (I think, 11 or 9, I can’t recall) – he got sicker, they had the doctor come, he died. They took his body to the hospital, then had it released so they could pray. They prayed for hours and hours and hours, all his kids, grandkids, their spouses, etc. I think it lasted over night. He was taken to (heaven? somewhere otherworldly) and met Jesus. Jesus told him he needed to return to earth. Jesus was in a human-looking state, not a Revelation-looking state.

      Anyways, he, with a death certificate issued by a certified doctor and the body returned (it is customary in the east to return bodies of deceased loved ones quickly), came back to life. No one family member raised him. No one family member gave up praying.

      His family is completely dedicated to Jesus now. Their old Hindu/Buddhist lifestyle is purged, the run orphanages in Nepal and Sikkim (India). The family gave up a lot of wealth and prospects for the gospel (they were a quite well-to-do family, rare for Indian refugees).

      I also remember reading about John Wimber (Vineyard founder) who felt called to pray for the sick (this was rare outside of Pentecostalism in his time/place). He began to pray, and his congregation would get sicker! He began to feel defeated and discouraged. He felt called to continue praying. Eventually sick people did get healed, but not before God showed him it was through obedience, not visible results, that he was to pray.

      Not prescribing a formula, just some thoughts to share.

    • David

      Thank you for your post; honest and raw. As a calvinistic charismatic I have struggled with this very issue over the years. Because of my theological bent, I can often theologize myself into unbelief. Yet I have seen God heal people, deliver others (this more often), and seen incredible workings of God’s Spirit yet not to the degree as I would hope. There are many possible reasons and even more explanations but this is not a time for that. It is a battle for many of us not to let unbelief and cynicism rule our hearts in regards to more demonstrations of God’s power in our lives and ministries. Grace and Peace.

    • Ben Thorp

      My friend (and pastor) Alan preached on this just the other week. He had a very similar situation of praying for a 4-year old boy who had choked, and nothing happened. He spoke of the feeling of being offended by God.
      He then told of another of our friends being on holiday in Spain and seeing a “kerfuffle” and finding a group of women wailing around a baby that had choked. They prayed for the child, and then the child coughed and started to breath again. He (Alan) said that he struggled again with being offended by God for allowing it to happen to his friend, but no him.

      It’s worth listening to it in his words:
      (The 2 stories begin around 28:45 if you want to skip to it)

    • Pete again

      I re-read my first post and it came across online as overly-harsh. I apologize for that.

      God is not bound my His own rules. He has the power to do anything.

      Having said that…the world-wide witness of The Church, since the 1st century AD, has been:

      * To pray for the sick

      * To pray for good weather and harvests

      * To pray for the salvation of our souls

      etc. etc. etc.

      The witness of The Church has not been:

      * To pray for someone who has been dead (Lazarus dead) to be made alive (temporarily) again

      * To pray that poisonous snakes will not harm us (in direct contrast to Luke 10:19)

      * To pray beforehand that someone who willingly jumps off of a building will be saved from death

      * To pray for Satan

      Our thoughts determine our lives. Either the Holy Spirit, or the evil one, are putting thoughts into our heads. The Church can help us to determine these origins. Those who have left the family of The Church may lose their way.

      “Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you.” This needs to be carefully interpreted and applied through the authority of The Church.

      “I am the Alpha and the Omega”. If we always try to remember that Jesus Christ is not bound by time – only we are – it puts our short lives in perspective. He has already “been through” the present. He is waiting for us in “our future”, as the Omega.

    • loo

      Pete, authority of which church?

      Pentecostals regularly pray for children who have died, the Vineyard’s I attended were fine with it. Very occasionally children do get raised up, usually not. Sad, and difficult to understand why it sometimes works, but not always, but there it is. I have been to Anglican and Baptist churches that would also pray for a dead person.

      On an added note the Hebrew word ‘Sheol’ (translated grave) was referred to only for untimely deaths (pre-old age). So raising a man from Sheol (Lazarus) was different from raising him from the place of rest to Jesus’ disciples and followers (so there is the practice of the early church, raising ppl from Sheol, not old-age death).

    • Cindy

      Reading your comments reminds me of a friend of mine who was part of a group of people praying for a sick child and she ended up dying.

      Everyone questioned God, asking “Why?” I asked the Lord the same thing, especially since one of the people who decided to join this group in praying wasn’t a Christian and people thought it would be the ideal witness to her if the child was restored to full health.

      This woman was a friend of mine and I sat at her kitchen table and we talked about the situation and I found out that the parents were very angry at God when their child fell ill. How could He bless that situation?

      Now, I’m not saying that the mother in your story did anything wrong but my point is that there may be circumstances you are not aware of that influence God’s decision to intervene.

      And you know what? The Holy Spirit told me to commend the unsaved woman for praying for that child and I ended up leading her to the Lord only minutes after she expressed her disappointment in that situation. God’s ways are higher than our ways.

      Bless you, Brother in Christ, and keep stepping out in faith. As the Scriptures say, “Despise not the day of small beginnings”. Ask God to develop the gift in you, to mentor your in your desire to see people raised from the dead, because I believe you will see your miracles!!

    • Hen

      I believe that people can and do get raised from the dead by the power of God as a result of prayer of the saints.

      I imagine it is faith-crushing to see that the dead is not raised after prayer.. but I also believe that failure is necessary. Perhaps this is the failure that will be monumental in shaping the young missionary’s character faith…

      Check this out:

      “John Wimber once told me that he prayed for about a thousand people to be healed before he saw his first healing. He believed in healing because he believed the Word of God, and he felt a burden to see healing released again to the body of Christ like it was in the first century. However, it took great perseverance for him to experience his first breakthrough. That is because God wanted to use him in such a great way in healing, not only being used to heal thousands himself, but he had one of the greatest ministries ever in releasing others into authentic healing ministries.

      A basic principle I’ve learned is that anything which happens too fast or too easily is usually insignificant. Study the significant ministries in Scripture and most had to go through a hard and long preparation for their callings. One common factor you see with those who walk in great callings is that they do not give up. I don’t know of anyone else who prayed for a thousand people to be healed, enduring a thousand disappointments, but not giving up, except for John Wimber. You may also not find another person in history who released so much healing into the body of Christ in their time.

      Likewise, the great revivals in history were almost always ignited by a person or group who got such a burden for their nation, or city, or church, that their heart would nearly break, driving them to intercession until there was a breakthrough. In the classics, you read a lot about “persevering prayer,” and “contending” for long periods of time. This kind of “burden” is almost always found at the root of all great ministries.”

    • Hen

      I am glad that the young missionary was transparent, raw, and real about it. Sometimes, the unwritten rules of our faith NEED to be broken.

      Also, it is my personal conviction that infant’s go to Heaven… I don’t know what the young missionary’s convictions are regarding this, but this could be a bit of comforting truth to the broken mother.

      Frankly, I am seeing that the young missionary’s experience&situation is extremely saturated with God’s sweet grace… I am praying for the young missionary and the broken mother.. that God’s grace and love will bring much comfort&healing in a time of confusion and hurt.

    • Hen

      I pray that the young missionary’s failure & burden will result in a great revival to the region/nation he is serving for the glory of God!

      Sometimes, God is most glorified in our failures!

      We don’t know the end of the story yet. I strongly believe that this is simply the beginning for that missionary. Thank you Jesus!

    • Seema

      Hi all, I’ll tell u all my story, I was a born hindu but I dont know when I was 7yrs old I started to Follow Jesus, I use to to church with my Christian neighbors, and my dad use to get angry on me and he use to beat me up for going to church, he always blamed me when I grew up that because of me he suffered lots of problems just because I went to church, when I grew up I remained in faith in Jesus.Later my dad passed away he suffered stroke & Hemorrhage.

      After dad’s death my brothers started to ill treat me, and when I met the love of my life his name was Aarav he was a born hindu also, but when he decided to marry me knowing am Christian, but his family refused to except me as I was a Christian and fatherless girl and my poverty was a big deal for them, but Aarav decided to convert to Christianity and we got married.

      His family was so cruel, they ill treated us, cursed us they made our life so miserable, but me & Aarav we remained in faith in Jesus even though we suffered a lot in life. we prayed alot did fasting & prayer, life turns good for a while then it turns sour again, later my husband started having problems getting job, he was jobless, we were renting, sometimes we had to sleep hungry, later one day I decided to do a 1 month of dry fasting, no food no water and only readying bible over & over then I found out lots of truths which the Churches this days don’t share, my faith increased and believe me our life just changed, life was so blessed with happiness and joy, by God’s blessing my husband opened his own business. everything was going so fine,until one day i started to get sick with lower back pain,Insomnia,bleeding, nerve pain, later our landlord gave us notice to vacate the house we were renting in, so we moved to another place, life started to get miserable again, as this time i couldnt do fasting because of my lower back pain & bleeding, me & my husband started to fight every now & then, we moved again to another flat, continued on…

    • Seema

      And when we moved to a another flat the main problems started,my husband is jobless,I do fasting 24hrs dry but still no response, we moved again,he got a job, later no job, we cant affored to pay our rent,i got so sick went to hospital,and bad news wit my result, i have Tumor in my uterus,and damaged liver, was shocked,my husband started getting sick. we pray but still lots of problems, but God did provide for us,so when ever we both got sick we depended on Jesus for healing until one day a suddenly a terrible thing happened,my husband prayed for a good job, and God blessed him with a job of $19,500. and lots of calls for job stated coming in, we were so happy that God is blessing us once again without even doing fasting, and one morning my husband did his morning prayer went to work happily,I spoke to him 30 mins b4,he was fine, an hr later i received a call my husband is in a critical condition in the hospital, God i was shocked, i went only to find him in coma with his brain bleeding bcos of high blood pressure,he was admitted for 2 days and he died, my God i was in shock m still in shock,we was only 41,we were married for 10yrs, m only 29yrs of age & m a widow now?we so wanted kids bt wasnt able to bcos of my tumor,& d only person who took care of me is gone, just like that?i was so in shock dat i couldnt even ask god to raise him that time,he died on 22nd September 2012,God knew I have no one to look after me, my family’s hate me, we dont have our own house,I cant work m sick, its just too much for me, I was thinking God should have helped my husband if he had high blood pressure,bcos we pray everyday 4 our sickness,etc. why God y did u do this to me was my question,if my husband was sick at least God should have let me know, he should be alive, and he was buried on 26th september 2012,imagine what am going thru,and now when i gained my senses,am praying for God & Jesus to raise my husband back to life,am begging him to raise him back to life,I just wish &…

    • Seema

      I love my husband very much, I just want God to raise him back to life,am still in shock thinking if God really exist or not, if he exists then he shouldn’t have taken my husband, thier r lot of bad people around who do drugs etc, y didnt god take them, y my husband, we both left our religion to follow Christ, and when am praying so hard for him to be raised y is he not raised? it is written in the bible if we believe we receive anything we ask for in prayer, so m asking in faith.who knows the mind of the lord, who can give him advise? somepeople say it wz God’s plan to take hi, some say God has something better for me, wat else better could happend wen d person whom i loved so much is gone. but still i have full faith in Jesus christ & heavenly father that He will raise my husband back to life, God knows i need him. Maybe the faith God expected from me & my husband wasnt enouf, maybe we had lots of doubt in God thats y all this happend, but i know God loves us so much, please my brother’s & sister’s do pray for my husband Sailesh aarav nath mohan to be raised back to life, i need him, am sick, & now i have no one,no family, no friends am very lonely. wat is impossible for me is possible with God,So God should raise my husband back to life even though he is buried 2 weeks now am i right? God is creature of this entire universe,lord of lord, king of king. This is the thing we are asking God & Jesus Christ to do because its not possible to do it our-self, If God & Jesus raised my husband from burial would proof he is still existing true & living God,and the words from the bible would all come true.though we havnt seen God, but we have faith in him through reading the scriptures, and I have faith in God & Jesus that he will raise him bk to life, bcos our god is God of justice,& he wil do justice to me. I need God, Jesus my husband all 3 in my life. Please do pray with faith for my husband to be raised.just have faith to Jesus,I went thru alot m stil going thru…

    • Joshua

      I don’t know. I think we need to pray for him and those people. But remember, God will glorify Himself. He will not let His name be defamed forever. So don’t worry about why he didn’t show up. We should trust Him what he chose to do was good. But cry. Do cry. Cry on Jesus shoulders and just say “God you know.” That’s sometimes all we can do.

    • Lee

      To Seema,

      I know exactly how you feel; my husband died in July 2012, and I am every day and night pleading with God to raise him to life so he can be with me. I miss him so much, am in shock, alone, too, with hardly family; friends have their own families, etc.

      My husband was my life, my every reason to live; and he is gone; and I cannot believe we are not together after being married 44 years. Just like that, he is gone, our lives are no longer “us” but just “me.” Without him is torture. How can God raises our husbands? God must say we are not the only women who lost someone whom we love and relied on. Children have died, so God must be saying to me, “Why you, why your husband.? I too thought that if I ask, He will help me and answer this unending prayer and request.
      But how can my husband come back? Won’t the word get out, and it will look bad from the media, like a circus. God is too good to have people discuss this on TV, etc. My husband misses me; and I am sure he knows of my pain, loneliness and sorrow; but if he is with God, I am sure he will not ask God to return him to this life. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? i do not know how to live without him. Each day is torture.

    • Liz

      My husband died just 2 1/2 months ago and I know of your pain and torture. When I’m at work I can pretend things are normal but when I go home I’m alone. I have lots of friends but half of me is gone and I want it back! I bought a devotional “Hope for an Aching Heart: Uplifting Devotions for Widows” by Margaret Nyman. I would encourage you to get this book if you can. I read and re-read the different devotions every night. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t but then some days are good and some not so good. We’ve been called to a time of widowhood. Maybe we’ll find somene else but right now I can’t imagine that. I’m afraid no one else would be good enough and that I would always be comparing him to my deceased husband. I understand from friends that have gone through this that it could take years to get better. But I don’t think I’ll ever be truly happy again without my other half.

    • David

      Its really touching reading the opening post. But could our fear of failure be our obstacle? If we pray nothing works, guess we shouldnt resign to pity and condemnation, but do it again in the obedience of Christ. My little contri

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    • Mel Westerfield

      I recently learned that I have Stage IV cancer. I am a very fit 65 year old that has logged over 10,000 miles walking, ate right, and in general am health conscious. The news was a shock. Cancer will kill my body over the next several months but cancer has saved my soul. I will not write my entire transformation. However, I had not totally surrendered to God….I had not, from my heart, confessed my sins. In general, I was a part time Christian and part of this world at the same time. When you get discouraged or in doubt of God or of his care, that is the devil in your brain. While it cannot be measured, life on the earth is less than a second compared to eternity. Don’t expect things to always be good on earth….for all of us die…everyone, movie stars,
      athletes, millionaires….It is not easy being a Christian in a sinful world. Go into a dark closet or room and pray to the Lord in the proper place…not on a street corner or in some place where others will see you…that is a hypocrite who wants others to see him/her praying…your reward has already been given to you when you pray for attention or recognition from others…pray in secret and the Lord hears your prayers and you shall be heard. It is hard for all of us to be as Jesus asked us to be… like little children. You tell a small child there is an elephant in the bedroom, they are anxious to go see. Child like faith is not easy but what we must strive to obtain. I will likely not be alive by September or October of this very year…maybe even sooner, but my cancer has brought me closer to God and I would prefer to die at 65 believing that I will go to Heaven than to die at 85 with doubt in my mind. Love to all.

    • Fred

      Mel, what a blessing for a cancer diagnosis to have brought you to such repentance! If only we all had such a consciousness of the brevity of life in this world and the immeasurably greater importance of the life to come! May whatever time you have left be a great preparation for your reception into Paradise, and may we all learn from your example with whatever time we have left, for no one knows the hour of his own calling!

    • Mary Golden

      Jesus said go heal the sick and raise the dead, cast out demons. He didn’t say pray to God to do it. Just like Peter said silver and gold, I have none, but stand up and walk. We need to know that God has given us the power through Jesus to do mighty miricles. But just like David when he met with Goliath, he was confident in what he was doing because he killed lions and other animals. So we need to start small with our faith and work up the confidence in what Jesus will do through us.

    • David

      I think we’ve all been in the position of the missionary relaying this story.. we’ve prayed about something, thinking we’re believing right but the prayer “wasn’t answered”. The thing is… so did the disciples, the clearest account of this is in Matthew 17 when the disciples failed to “get the job done”.. they couldn’t heal/cast out the demon from the young boy. Jesus gave one reason for *their* lack of results… unbelief. Jesus clearly demonstrated that it *was* God’s will to heal the boy, because he did it after the disciples failed to. So why is it (me included) we believers think every time we pray and it doesn’t happen we should stop praying or that it’s not God’s will. Jesus clearly sent out the 12 to go “heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils etc..” and then he sent out the 72.. and then he commanded them to make disciples and teach them (any disciples they made) to do the same thing etc. Jesus was clear that “whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12)… he also made it very clear that signs *should* follow believers when he said “And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover” (Mark 16).

      Jesus said when you see him you see the father, that he only did the father’s works etc.. so you don’t need a message in the sky to know the right thing to do. Do the works of Jesus, he said to.

      I think we often try to “excuse ourselves” and blame God when things don’t work out.. almost as if our faith must be perfect so clearly the problem is on God’s end.. but that’s not what the Bible reveals about when the disciples prayers “weren’t answered”. Our experience should not trump the Word of…

    • macguire

      If you look at the website ([email protected]), then you’ll know why I asked the Lord that she must be resurrected. I’m not a good follower of God, but one day I heard a very peaceful voice that told me that I must pray for her so she can be raised again from her death. I do that, until now the Lord have not give me any answer, yet. The reason of my prayer is not for her to pin point the killer or make scared of every one. Hell no. I just praying that she come back from the death so she can be the Witness that the Lord is one and Jesus is His Only Son. I write you here because I’m know she supposed not have to died if not being left by the bystander to bleed to her death. When I saw her, I felt pity. I know that I’m only an awful sinner and not worty at all to called the Lord my Father in Heaven but even with my lack of faith I pray to the Lord. If I cannot do that by my self now I asked every one of you to pray with me. Not for mine, her or our own good but for the glory of our Lord. If she can be resurrected from her grave then all the glory shall belongs to the Lord. She had seen all things in hell and heaven, I’m sure she can be a good witness of the Lord.

    • michelle

      I want to raise people from the dead, also. Jesus spoke them alive not pray them alive. Read about Smith Wigglesworth. We pray to get rid of our own lack of faith, not to heal someone. I hope I helped.

    • Mike O

      I don’t understand, Michelle. If you’re saying we can speak someone back to life, but not pray them back to life, how can that be? I don’t know how you can speak it without praying it, since you’re calling on God to do something.

      Or are you saying Jesus could (but we can’t)?

    • David

      You can pray or command it to happen in Jesus’s name… it makes no difference as long as you have faith. Jesus never “prayed” for healings, dead raising etc.. the way we’re typically taught to pray in church. He knew his Father’s will, so he just did it. He spoke with Authority.. and he gave his disciples this same authority and in turn told them to teach new believers to do likewise.

      I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Dead Raiser’,
      “This film explores modern day resurrection stories and offers an exciting view into the authentic Kingdom culture of miracles.”
      I don’t think the Lord is doing a “new thing” though, I think he’s simply waking the church up to what Jesus really did and believers empowered by the Holy Spirit are simply stepping out in power and love. We’ve believed the opinions and traditions of man for too long.. times are changing. Thank you Jesus !

    • Brian

      I generally would never pray to raise the dead only because if someone has passed on to Heaven I would never want to pray to bring them back to Earth. It is some what selfish. However I could see myself praying to bring my spouse or one of my children which is selfish as well but nobody would question my actions if that makes any sense.

      Regarding the email the author showed utmost faith in God and has nothing to be ashamed.

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    • Md

      I’ve been in a very similar situation and this is the first time I’ve ever heard or read about anyone else sharing their heart after feeling prompted to do pray for someone (in my case also a child) to be resurrected. From one who was commanded and did not do it, I applaud your friend’s courage. I am also all too familiar with the gut wrenching emotion and frustration of this type of situation. It has been exactly 10 years since then. I remember every detail. It shook me to my core as well and has taken me this long to recover from it – not sure I really have. I will never be the same. Thank you for sharing. It’s really nice to know I’m not the only one considering such things.

      Someone above said there are 2 options, to either pray and hope or not to pray. I completely disagree. The 3rd and only option that could ever possibly work is to pray with absolute certainty that we serve a resurrected Savior. Why should any of us think it impossible that God raise the dead?!

      Ask and keep on asking, knock and keep on knocking. Next time He asks, I hope I have the confidence to obey and not let up without seeing the results. I pray your friend will too. I would love to talk to soneone else who’s been in that position. Iron sharpens iron.

      Shalim shalom to you both. He IS able, and as He is, so are we in this world.

    • Emily

      My own sons were stillborn at the beginning of this year.

      I have spent so many nights crying myself to sleep, praying, pleading to God to give my boys back. Pleading for answers. For some sort of sign.

      I don’t know what to do any more. I haven’t gotten any sort of response at all. I’ve been going out of my mind, searching for signs. Every one had told me my boys (or God) would send me signs to help me through my grief. There has been nothing.

      I don’t know if I have any faith at all any more. My husband & I were so unbelievably happy, and then it was all taken from us. I don’t know if God is listening. I have no doubt that he’s real, but does he actually care any more? I don’t feel his presence.

      In the beginning, I felt selfish for asking God for my sons back. But why shouldn’t I? People have been raised from the dead before. The bible mentions it more than once.

      I just don’t feel as though God cares about any of us any more.

      • Davy

        Heart breaking to hear what you are going through.

        God never took you childred. The thief comes to steal kill and destroy.

        God never sent Jesus to give us a ticket to heaven. God brought heaven to earth through Jesus. He wants to restore the kigdom through us. How does it work. Jesus has all athority under heaven and on the earth. That means theres no authority out if Him. Jesus gave us the authority to stand as sons of God. and fight the good fight. It is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me. As we grow into him. He sent us to heal the sick,raise the dead. We command it in His name. Anything you ask in my name I will give unto you as long as you believe. Faith moves the mountian. Faith = believe God. All men/woman have the measure of faith. You got saved you have enough faith. A mustered seed moves the mountian. So you have enough. The problem we have is all the bad teaching we had over hunderds of years. the thief stole the word from many believers. Unfortunatly we look for answers in the middle of the battle. We raise the dead not by asking God but by commanding it to happen in Christs name. And faith moves the mountian.
        People dont have the right to tell you God will give a sign from him or the boys.
        God cares he sent His Son to die so we would live. We have been taught God is responsible for this. He is not satan kills not God. Some comfert is that the boys are most assuradly with God. I know they are not with you as you would natruraly want. We are supposed to represent Christ on the earth. We are the ones responsible for not bringing the kingdom into its origonal value and condition. God loves you so much Emily. I recomend you list to a guy called Dan Mohler, The most beautifull preaching I ever heard. Please look him up.

    • Mary Golden

      Emily, I feel so sorry for you. I lost a love one too and wanted them raised from the dead, but nothing happened. Does that mean God doesn’t care. The bible says, God will never leave us nor forsake us Deuteronomy 31:6. Just because we don’t feel him doesn’t mean He is not there. His sign to us is His Bible, which is His word. One thing I know for sure your boys are safe and happy. And you will see them again.

    • pastor dennis teel

      When jesus raised the girl in the house he was alone with her..he also commanded people to rise up and command the person to life via the holy spirit is part of the answer,not to pray that god gives her her life must believe .EXPECT the person to must command using the name of jesus or yeshua that her soul returns and she rise.this is not a simple thing.if a person has died naturally in their sleep,it might be very well be their time.if a person died via an illness or accident then ,I believe it was not their time.god doesn’t take people via illness and accidents.illnesses ..I’ve heard from some that he might advance one’s death sooner so the person can avoid misery or pain.but god does not kill one for the sake of mercy.if you try to raise someone again,good luck.command them to raise up in life. command their life return to heir bodies,use jesus name and god’s and expect them to rise.i’ve always heard btw,doing this once the person has been embalmed is futile.not sure that’s true

    • pastor dennis teel

      speak her to rise or back to life as another poster said..not pray..command her life return to her and sayin the name of jesus (or yeshua) rise!!say aloud,”you only sleep and now I tell you you to wake and rise!!!and mean it.

    • Chad Winters

      pastor dennis teel says: “god doesn’t take people via illness and accidents”

      I’m no pastor, but I am dumbfounded by this as there are numerous biblical events of God taking people by illness and accident. Most people die by illness or accident. Are you saying God has no control or hand in that?

    • Mary Golden

      The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10 :10.

    • Prisciliano Garcia

      The problem was that you asked God, you did’nt command the little baby to raise up in the name of Jesus. you were having hope and no faith, faith is in the Now, hope is for the future.

    • Casey

      I have prayed for 7 people to be raised from the dead. I have yet to see any raised yet. I know i was obeying the will of God according to Matthew 10.8. I have prayed for many sick/injured people, I have seen some of them get healed and I have seen some not. I know when I pray for people who are sick and injured, I am obeying the will of God.

      It is a lonely place to believe and pray for the dead to be raised. Even many believers find it offensive and insensitive to even suggest that God could or would do that. After all couldn’t He has healed or prevented the death in the first place? Just let people grieve, why are trying to give these people false hope? These are the accusations you will feel when you go after this. This is no different to what Jesus faced in His ministry. For most death is the absolute end, from which there is no coming back. Praying for someone to be healed is widely accepted even by non-believers, bring up the dead being raised though, people will think you are crazy. Why? Because it is completely unnatural. Truthfully, the offense comes from the root of pride of man. We however, are not of this world and we have the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead in us. Many times, when praying for the dead to live again, we must not beg God but walk in the authority of Christ as He did and commanded us to. Also, from testimonies of people who have raised the dead, it does not always happen immediately. Often times, it is like a progressive miracle that takes some time to happen.

      For those interested please look up the movie online called “deadraiser” it is a christian documentary on this subject.

      Also please youtube David Hogan “faith to raise the dead’ it’s a 4 part series.

      These are really good resources to start out with. God Bless you and keep going after this, you will see the breakthrough.

    • Amy

      Ran accross this. My daughter died almost 6 months ago. I am LDS. I know stories of people raised from the dead currently or miraculously healed after a blessing. From my understanding you can only ask someone to be raised from the dead if God wills it. So you MUST know if you ask. My husband is one of them that survived terrible odds he was shot 3 timea and hit in the femoral artery. He doesn’t know anyone with that injury that lived. Simply was not his time yet. He had more to learn. The blessing given to my daughter in the hospital while in a coma was that if she still had work to do here and had more to learn she would be here, if not she would not. She is passed and her organs saved the lives of others who would be dead now. We don’t will God but ask for his will be done and then we have yo accept it, takes extreme humility to accept the death of your child. I don’t always but am happiest when I accept it. The other part is have been learning things that would not have been possible without this tragedy. Still would rather have her but my depth has increased. Also death won’t really matter in yhe end. All our pain just a small moment. But what was learned from it will befar greater. It is my understanding based on my beliefs that children who pass are usually Gods more progressed spirits and do not need as much time as the rest of us. But I also believe in a preexistance and continued progression after death which may be somewhat unique to my faith. At any rate it brings me great comfort that I would not have otherwise. Including enternal families.

    • Marie

      I love you. You are like all of us at one time or another. First you have to get some words out of your vocabulary. Should I, should never be a part of what you say ever again. Go boldly knowing it is God’s will and don’t beg just make the statement. “In Jesus name rise.” Nothing will happen probably for a while. You may have to do this several times before you actually see someone you have laid hands on to rise from the dead, but do not feel bad, don’t question God, just keep doing this and thanking Him for giving you the right words. Don’t ever again ask “Where is God.?” God never moves. He is where he has always been. Sometimes there are too many doubters in the room ask that the room be cleared. The fact that you was asking God, should I, should I?, is a good sign that you weren’t ready. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t give up and someday you will see someone raised from the dead when you pray. When this happens give God all of the Glory because it really isn’t you doing it anyway. It is Jesus!!!

    • Davy

      I believe the bible. matt 10:6 Jesus Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

      I see a lot of people with what they think. Lets stick with scripture.

    • Eric

      I suppose you could look at it this way:

      That baby WILL be resurrected when Jesus comes.

    • Kate

      If God just immediately gave us everything we asked for, we wouldnt become mature. He has given you at least one miracle in your life. By asking for miracles you are exercising your faith and that will be credited to your account.

    • David Mclelland

      I imagine it is faith-crushing to see that the dead is not raised after prayer.. but I also believe that failure is necessary. Perhaps this is the failure that will be monumental in shaping the young missionary’s character faith…

      This is not scriptural. The only reason the dead are not raised is your lack of faith. Faith moves the mountian. If the mountian dont move its becasuse there was no faith. So the dead not raising is not faith crushing. Wither your prayers get the job done or not. Doesnt determain Gods word. Failure is not necessary. Failure cost lives and it is so important to keep going to lessen failure as we turn fully into Christ,. No Surrender, its a war.

    • Jennifer

      Look up Heidi and Roland Baker. In the documentary by Wanderlust called The Finger of God, they show people getting healing in 3rd world countries, they have testimony from a guy who was beat to death by 3 men in Africa, after the cops found one of the men and asked the church if they wanted to press charges, the church forgave the man and the dead man was raised from the dead! he confronted his accuser and told him he forgave him too and that guy became a follower of Christ! Watch the whole documentary! Extremely eye opening. Heidi had children of Africa praying over the sick & deaf and miracles abound! It’s all about our childlike faith and trusting God for His will!
      In love, Jennifer

    • Free To Be,

      Matthew 10:8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.

      This is what the WORD of TRUTH says to do.

      satan says dont be stupid.
      satan says thoelogieons say not for today.
      satan say they will laugh at you.
      satans a liar from the begining.
      Who do you listen to?

    • Free To Be,

      Yes saw the video and also furious love is another of the same. That is what you call church

    • Raph

      Do you suppose that the reason that dead people tend to stay dead, in spite of the most fervent prayers, is because there is no deity out there listening to those prayers (or existing at all, for that matter)? Just saying.

    • Cornelius

      We know for certain that God in concept is the creator and operator of the universe and everything with a beginning.

      Now, about asking God anything at all and getting it, that does not follow from our knowledge that God is in concept the creator and operator of the universe and everything with a beginning, it is however the standard teaching of religions which advocate the existence of God in concept as the creator and operator of the universe and everything with a beginning.

      But if you ask me, there is nothing wrong or against God if you try and do it with as much faith as you can manage, even asking Jesus to give you the faith that can move mountains.*

      *About faith that moves mountains, there is a story or an utterance supposedly made by Mohammad: “If the mountain will not come to Mohammad, Mohammad will go to the mountain.”

      I think what Mohammad means is the old advice among Christians: Pray as to believe that everything depends on prayer, and work as to believe that everything depends on yourself.


      As for me and my house, I will take God in concept as the creator and operator of the universe and everything with a beginning, no matter what religions with God’s doctrine say other things about God, but not giving importance the utmost of to the concept that God is in concept the creator and operator of the universe and everything with a beginning.

    • Mark R. Frank

      Jesus is ALIVE and the same “Spirit” that raised Jesus from the dead is alive and active in us as believers….

      Simply put, EVERY BELIEVER has ressurection power waiting to be used. Why?! Because Jesus lives and he said he is the ressurrction and the life!!. Moreover, in John 14:12 HE said we will do GREATER works than he did because he’s not insecure!!!! I mean Think about it Jesus walked on water, healed EVERYONE he encountered, he could go invisible, walk through walls, teleport e.t.c and that was 2000 years ago!! That poses a a question and that is what are we supposed to look like today didn’t our Lord say we would do greater?!? I don’t know who you are but YOU and everyone here CAN raise the dead!!!!!!etc… Didn’t Jesus say ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO “BELIEVE”? I DON’T CARE WHEN or HOW a person dies if you want to raise them to life n you have permission to pray go AHEAD & do it. Can I promise it will work one time?. Answers’ NO! but never lose hope keep pressing in and IT WILL be done. Besides. We pray for healing and don’t always get results but does it stop us from believing? No. Why shouldn’t it be the same for raising the dead?

      I’ve also lost too many loved ones to death and so I HATE DEATH WITH EVERYTHING IN ME…. I DON’T know about youv but, I WILL RAISE THE DEAD cause I was born to do it you watch!


    • Shan

      My mother died on April 7, 2015. Today is the 83 days. I want my mother, Can you raise her for me. I want her only.

    • Keithanthony

      I stopped to give first aid to someone that I witnessed go over a car landing on his head. He had been standing in front of me before he stepped out into traffic and I felt responsible because I was directly behind him close enough to stop him except for a moment of inattention had me looking over my left shoulder when he stepped off into the road.

      He was laying immobile in the road people wanting to drag him out of the road for the convenience of the traffic so I took control and told them leave him alone because I knew he was badly injured I had seen him land on his head and neck. I very quickly established that he had no respiration or pulse at the carotid artery in the neck. I also assessed that it was rush hour, we were two miles from a hospital, and that CPR would not only not help him but if it did may make him into a paraplegic given the way I saw him land.

      His friend said his name John and I knew something more direct was needed. I was fearful of traffic screaming past my ankles but nevertheless I put one hand on his forehead one on his chest bent down to his ear because having been in coma myself back in 1978 when I met Jesus, I knew John would hear me and I told him to trust nobody but go to the light or come to my voice. Then I was gripped by the certainty that he should live and I was overcome and found the words coming of me as if said by someone else pleading “Lord Jesus Christ take me Jesus but let this man live!” Then I felt a powerful jolt of power flow through my arms into the mans head and chest and he burst into life his body lifting from the ground. I was terrified realizing that Jesus had answered and that I had given my life in exchange for John, I had no way of knowing what would happen next. However John was ecstatic to have returned because he had a second chance, wherever he had been had been a very unpleasant nightmare experience and he had been glad to leave that place. I spent the rest of the day shaking with the enormity of what I had born witness. I became a changed man that day and have ever since realized the power that Jesus has vested in us when he said John 14:12 King James Bible: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

      Eventually John was taken to hospital immobilized on a backboard with a neck-brace the ambulance crew couldn’t believe he had been dead despite John telling them his experience of the terrible place he had seen.

    • Natalie Matton

      Thanks for all the comments concerning this topic. Because I have a friend who died yesterday from cancer, and having prayed twice now for a baby(about 8 weeks old) and an adult of 34 yrs to be raised, this did not happen. I am wondering if I should pray for this 27 year old to be raised.
      The comments have caused me to remember that without prayer God can do nothing in the earth for He has given us humans dominion, and so He is bound by His words, if we don’t pray He cannot act on our behalf.
      2nd we receive not because we ask not and therefore I will ask and continue to ask for my friend to be raised and pray according to what was suggested by the person who said if God wants them alive, He wants this more than you do. I take on board that there are lessons God needs to teach us, that we must continue to act and trust in Him and operate in His Word, irrespective of whether we see results or not. That way He gets the glory and we remain His vessels and we get to know His Ways and thus Him, for His ways are certainly greater than our ways, our pride should never come into play in anything we do for God. We cannot feel hurt, afraid, or disappointed, or indeed take the glory.
      3rd because of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, He being the One who empowers, together with Christ Jesus we can do all things including raising of the dead, and this is for the Body of Christ now as it was for the apostles. Yes indeed He did say greater things we would do, and bringing people into the body of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit is the greatest, this does not exclude raising of the dead.
      I trust as we align our spirits with the Holy Spirit in us, we will be led by Him doing what He is doing and saying what He is saying.
      I remain encouraged because I am born again, regenerated of the incorruptible seed of the God who is Light and Love and I have been given all power and authority by Jesus Christ. This is my identity, this is who I am, an ambassador of Jesus Christ who went about doing good, healing and raising the dead. As for me and my household He will find faith.

    • Chad

      “without prayer God can do nothing in the earth for He has given us humans dominion, and so He is bound by His words, if we don’t pray He cannot act on our behalf.”

      I way disagree with this. God has not limited himself in that way and can and will act when he wants, sometimes in response to prayer and sometimes just because it is his will alone.

    • Vegeta

      Really difficult to work out whos a Christian in here and who not.
      I clearly see there are some belivers and that there are some beliving believers.

    • Bro. Case

      My advice is pray for the dead to be raised(especially in this situation) just as pray that the sick would be healed. I have seen many healed from sickness, injury and infirmity because someone prayed for them. I do not think that they would have been healed miraculously if someone did not pray. I have a friend whose sister died just a few days ago at the age of 21. I am absolutely praying for resurrection life to be released into her and that Jesus’s victory over death would be manifested into her. I have prayed for 5 people to be raised and have not had success but I know that it was God’s will for at least two of those people not to have died. If you can get this book and also youtube David Hogan Raising the Dead. We will be seeing this happen much more frequently as the Lord is releasing the Grace for this hour.

      • Prophet M.Britow

        I agree

    • Susanne Stebbing

      It could be that the soul within the baby didn’t want to be resurrected. I know of cases where babies have totally resisted being forced to be born on this planet as it is full ofwickedness in many cases across the world

    • Nancy

      My husband was very sick once. On the way to the hospital, I had a thought what if he dies. I instantly herd The Holy Spirit say to me: not a problem. Simply be ALONE with his body, and call his spirit back. So I know I can do that with others as well.

    • Yvy

      My mother died on the 16th of September,she was never sick,
      I prayed with faith That God will raise her up…I believed so much he could,for my family and I are so shattered,…
      I prayed so much,believing with faith that my mummy is not dead,…I cried and reminded God of my mother’s love for him,
      It just seemed he didn’t want to answer…
      Jesus didn’t answer me
      I haven’t lost my faith…my mum even as she has been buried,I believe she can still come back…I am still hoping on God,my crying is endless,I pray with faith,that God who created this world,will vring her back to us😢…my life is broken…This is 2 weeks she has been buried,but I still have the faith that,She can be woken up from this deep sleep,I need God to answer me…I am in agony😢

    • Flint Ofori

      The issue here isn’t that “God will” or ‘will not” As a matter of fact no man can think for God.
      If you believe God can heal the blind, take people from their wheels, save asthmatic etc, why won’t He raise the dead if he says “He will?”

      Someone out of anger pulled a trigger on me from his house during my dawn prayer but the bullet never came at all. Later he came to the field with a cain after the gun had failed.

      But by divine authority God revealed his secrets battles to me and I told him. At that point, around 1:00 am he bowed down and confessed that he had shot me 3 times and even showed me the pistol.

      This is just last 2 years , January 18th 2018.

      So please just believe God in any situation. We are not the ones to choose which one he’ll do and which one he won’t. Just pray as the Spirit burdens you and leave the rest in His care.

      Your duty is to pray and the answer will come from Him.

    • Marsha Lehman

      Please pray for my brother to be raised from the dead.

    • Merhawi

      Every thing in the New testament was told to those who were physically alive, following Jesus, especially His disciples. If this is true, does it mean that all the promises and commandments do not belong to us. Brother God uses one but sees many. Example, look Abraham, he was alone but became many like stars of the sky. Jesus said that there are other sheeps who became mine by hearing my words only, so that I will go and bring them back to me. Who are these sheeps? We those who were not physically alive at that time, but heard and believe Him to day. The true Christianity, what ever God has done by Peter the Apostle can do it too by me now. It is a matter of FAITH. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever means that we may be changed but He never changed. His need, power, love, etc never changed. Have you ever seen any Word of God changed? That Bible we read is still the same with what the 1st century had been reading.

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