The countdown continues. You now only have six days left to join with us in putting together the first ever Credo Course and get a great deal on education that will last you and your family forever.

Reason Number 6: This is a FULL Course on Textual Criticism!

I (Michael Patton) dreamed about this during class one day at seminary. I prayed “Lord, let me take this stuff I am learning to the entire world. It is not fair that only those in seminary get this type of education. Everyone needs it.” I wanted to find some way to teach the exact same things that we learned in seminary, knowing that people who have the Spirit of God in them will respond with rebirth and jubilation as their faith was strengthened.

This course on textual criticism is not a dumbed down course. I have instructed the teachers to give their entire course that they would teach at seminary. Dan Wallace will break this subject down into 30-40 sessions of deep teaching. However, I have also told Dan to make sure that he teaches to those who may not have ever heard the word “textual criticism.”

This is the real deal folks. You will be training with Dan Wallace, one of the most respected textual critics in the world, getting his best on the subject in this full course on textual criticism. Join with us now.

Keep the Faith. It is a cross to bear, but it is true.

Michael Patton
President, Credo House Ministries

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