What Does “Eschatology” Mean Anyway?

Dr. Mark Hitchcock recently stopped by the Credo House to teach a course on the book of Revelation. Because Dr. Hitchcock’s class was a 27-part seminary-level course he talked a lot about  every facet of Revelation, including eschatology.

We asked Dr. Hitchcock some basic questions on camera and we’ll be releasing these videos over the coming weeks.

Dr. Hitchcock is the author of over 20 books on the topic of Revelation and Bible prophecy. He’s appeared on MSNBC, Fox, CNN, and hundreds of radio programs. He’s the pastor at Faith Bible Church in Edmond OK and teaches at Dallas Theological Seminary.

If you’re looking for more of an overview of this topic check out The End Times in a Nutshell.

Dr. Mark Hitchcock Teaching the Book of Revelation and EschatologyVideo Transcript

Well eschatology, there is a Greek word  ἔσχατος which means “last” or “final”.

And so, when you add, you know we add the word “-ology” to words like biology or geology. It’s the “study of”.

So very simply stated, eschatology it’s the study of the ends times or it’s the study of last thing.

A lot of people primarily think of the book of Revelation when they thinks of eschatology.

And certainly that’s the one book that’s an eschatological book in the New Testament.

But a lot of books in the Bible deal with that. There’s a lot in the Bible about this.

And so, it’s just simply study of last things or study of end times.

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