Thank you so much to those who have already given toward our end-of-year campaign! In this update I want to share two partnerships we can’t wait to launch in 2013…I think you’ll be excited. I unashamedly ask you to consider joining the movement we witness every day by financially partnering with Credo House.

First: Our Partnership with Compassion International in Kenya

Many of you are probably familiar with the ministry of Compassion International. In case you aren’t familiar with their excellent ministry, let me give you a quick overview. It’s a tradition in American churches to have Vacation Bible School for a week in the summer. Volunteers will spend many hours ministering to the kids of the community. Compassion is basically VBS to 1.3 million of the poorest children in the world. I love it! The VBS of Compassion, however, isn’t just once a year. It’s every Saturday in churches across the world and it never stops. They connect these children to sponsors in developed countries and do an amazing work releasing children from poverty in the name of Jesus.

I was able to go to Kenya a year ago on a blog tour and observe the ministry of Compassion. As I sat down over meals with the country leadership it was amazing to hear how they disciple 80,000 poverty-stricken kids in Kenya. A new program has recently been started where some of these kids are allowed to attend college. Can you believe it?! Children who were the poorest of the poor are now able to attain a university degree. There are currently about 350 university students in Kenya through Compassion.

As I sat down with the country leadership they, without even knowing what Credo House was all about, told me one of the greatest things these 350 college students are in need of is strong theological training. African governments are known for their corruption. Kenya is surrounded by some of the greatest wickedness of the past 50 years. The genocide of Rwanda, the Idi Amin era and tragic Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda, the unspeakable horror of Darfur and the lawlessness of Somalia are all next door neighbors to Kenya. These 350 students will need to be strongly grounded theologically in order to go against the tide and lead East Africa into a better future.

Here’s where the Credo House comes into the picture. The Credo House has formed a partnership to provide the theological training for these university students! They will be going through The Theology Program. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. It’s like having the opportunity to go back in a time machine and theologically train our founding fathers. The future impact this may bring is off the charts. Because of your financial partnership we will be able to take these students through all of The Theology Program AND we will be able to pick up the tab. They are excited to get started, please consider giving today to make this a reality and help us start reshaping East Africa for Christ.

Second: Making Theology Accessible to U.S. Soldiers

Several weeks ago Michael was able to theologically train a room full of military chaplains in Anchorage, Alaska. These chaplains were so excited with our curriculum. They felt like the unique way we make theology accessible was perfect for the United States military. You can imagine how much soldiers need theological grounding as they face evil so consistently.

You can also imagine, however, chaplains and soldiers don’t have a lot of extra income for theological resources. Part of this end-of-year fundraising campaign allows us to offer our curriculum to chaplains and soldiers for 50% Off throughout all of 2013!

I hope you are as excited at these two new partnerships as we are. We are humbled and grateful to be able to influence our country and the country of Kenya in such tangible ways for Christ.

We’ll keep telling you more about exciting things happening in and through Credo House Ministries. Would you take a minute, however, and partner with us today?

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May the lamb who was slain receive the reward of his suffering.

Tim Kimberley
Executive Director
Credo House Ministries


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