What is the Apocalypse

This is the fifth of six Credo Clips about Revelation and eschatology.

In this short video, Dr. Mark Hitchcock (of Faith Bible Church) explains to us his definition of apocalypse.

Credo Clips with Mark Hitchcock

Video Transcript

Well the word apocalypse is the Greek word, it’s basically just transliterated, it’s apokalupsis (ἀποκάλυψις) in the Greek.

It’s the beginning there in the book of Revelation. It’s the apokalupsis or the unveiling of Jesus Christ. That’s what the word means, apocalypse, it means to take the veil off of something or to take the cover off.

And so, the book of Revelation is described as the apokalupsis of Jesus Christ, it’s the unveiling.

Now people wonder is this mean an unveiling about Christ or an unveiling from Christ in the book of Revelation.

In our study in the book of Revelation we’ll get into that more but I think primarily, in Revelation, it’s a Revelation from Christ; it’s one that He’s giving. It’s the final revelation He’s giving.

Dr. Mark Hitchcock Talking About the Apocalypse

But, one of the reasons I think that word is so important is, a lot of people when they read the book of Revelation think God has put the cover on top of it, and you can’t understand it.

But the title of the book is the apokalupsis of Jesus Christ it’s the unveiling or the uncovering.

Which to me means that God wants us to understand it; He wants us to live it out.

The apocalypse is not something we’re to be afraid of it’s something God is revealing to us.

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    3 replies to "Apocalypse – What is it? Should We Be Afraid?"

    • the Old Adam

      We shouldn’t fear anything…but God.

      But in reality, we fear everything…but God.

    • Glenn Shrom

      The Book of Revelation is where we see Christ revealed as the King we all know him to be, except that the next time the whole world will know, and the salvation of the Church will be complete and unhindered.

      Two key points from the book for us to be aware of (among many others): One) The world’s system has a lot to do with money in a selfish way, even though they pretend it is about universal human happiness and well-being. Two) Satan is able to perform great miracles; those who seek demonstrable proof of miracles as the basis for whom they will believe and worship will get the evidence they “need”, yet still will be straying from the only God who loves them. Just because it’s supernatural and brings temporary “peace” to mankind, doesn’t mean it’s for our good, and doesn’t mean it is eternal. If it’s not from God, it’s not good, and it’s not love. Don’t follow it.

    • Bill Tripp

      I’m really disappointed that other views are not represented. This is off balance.

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