I’m teaching on the canon of Scripture tonight at Crossings Community Church. I put this together for the class. Hope you get it!

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

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    11 replies to "The Worst Email Address Typo in History"

    • bethyada

      Textual variants presumably?

    • Rob

      Yep, I don’t get it 🙁

    • Donnie

      Luke,”So what are the books?”. Timothy, “I can’t tell.”. Luke, “You can tell me, I’m a doctor.”. Looks like Paul shouldve spent more time in keyboarding 101.

    • Mike

      Gives new meaning to the term scroll.

    • cherylu

      And I thought I was bad about making typos!

    • bethyada

      I assumed it was related to the fact the letter to the Ephesians does not have “Ephesians” in some variants.

      Though I wonder if Michael is saying that it would have been helpful for the Apostle(s), eg. Paul, to give us a list of the canonical books. There is no list, it comes from various considerations of every book/letter. Though the cartoon implies (facetiously) perhaps there was a list but got lost due to a typo.

    • bethyada

      (And then Paul was executed so couldn’t check it got to Tim)

    • JoanieD

      To those of you who don’t get it….Paul wrote “con” instead of “com” in the address to Timothy, so poor Timothy would never have received the email.

    • Danquo

      I figured that, but it’s unclear as the FAIL punchline mentions @ephesusbible.con — as opposed to the original address of @ephesusbiblechurch.con.

      Either way, funny.

      The question I want to know is, if Paul had email available, was there no video chat that he could use to communicate to the churches? Would have avoided a shipwreck and snakebite!

    • Tom

      How could Paul know what books were to be in the NT?

    • Lisa

      If God exists, why doesn’t he just e-mail us?

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