The History of Calvinism Video

Considering our Converse with Scholars broadcasts on Calvinism and Arminianism for the next two weeks, I thought that I would post this. It looks really good. It can be purchased here for a reasonable price. Has anyone seen it?

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3 Responses to “The History of Calvinism Video”

  1. Is it a strange coincidence or do you see the words Free Will …something or another behind the people’s heads? I kid you not…it is there on the wall behind them. What place are they doing these interviews that there is a building called Free Will something.. something? Lol! Sorry that just strikes me as funny ha ha and funny ironic.

  2. OOPS! Someone told me …they were in front of a Free Will Baptist church. I understand now.

  3. What is ironic is that the video starts with a quote from CS Lewis. It is difficult to find a less calvinist guy than him 😉

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