Here are all 7 reasons to love textual criticism:

  1. Because the Enemies of the Gospel Know Textual Criticism
  2. Because of All the People Who Have Died for the Bible YOU’RE HERE
  3. Correcting Misconceptions About the History of the Bible

During the early forth-century Christianity suffered its worst time of persecution yet. Emperor Diocletian set out to destroy Christianity completely. The focus of this persecution was on the clergy, church buildings, and the Christian Scriptures. The Roman persecutors believed that if they destroyed all Scriptures, then Christianity would eventually fall.

Textual Criticism Bundle by Dr. Daniel Wallace

Thousands of Christians across the empire were rounded up and placed in prisons. Eusebius writes that prisons were so filled with Christian leaders that ordinary criminals were crowded out, and had to be released. Many were killed, being burned alive. Others lost limbs, eyes, and ears. But what is certain is that these Christians suffered such pains so that we could have the Scriptures. They believed that the very words of the Bible are worth giving up their lives for.

Textual criticism is the science and art of reconstructing the very words that saints of the past have died for. We should love textual criticism because, like those who have died for the Bible, we love the text of the Bible and every word is important.

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