Jesus in Prime Time

If you live in the Dallas area or you can be in the Dallas area in late October, you won’t want to miss the Jesus in Prime Time conference. The subject couldn’t be more timely and the lineup of speakers couldn’t be better.

Speakers include heavyweight New Testament scholars Darrell Bock, Dan Wallace, and Ben Witherington. Add to the mix the likes of Dallas Seminary president Mark Bailey, popular pastor and writer Erwin Lutzer, Search Ministries president Larry Moody, and television host and writer John Ankerberg, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind event. But it gets even better. Mainstream media personalities like Peggy Wehmeyer of The World Vision Report and Claire Brinberg of CNN News will lend their unique insights to the discussion.

Be sure to go to the Jesus in Prime Time website and watch the short video clips of Darrell Bock describing the conference.

Would you join me in spreading news of this event around the blogosphere? This is one of the most important conferences of the year!

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