Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Kevin and I want to share with you the impact this ministry has had on my life.

Take four minutes to watch this video and let me share my testimony with you.

You know what is crazy?

I have received multiple emails from members and supporters with the same conclusion.

The Theology Program changes lives.

I am living proof and am amazed at the stories that I am hearing everyday.

Your feedback is what helps me to wake up every morning excited to come to work here.


If you have a story about how Credo House Ministries has impacted your life or someone you know, let me know!

I will be sure to pass it along to the rest of team (and trust me, this is just the encouragement some of them need).

Also if you have any theology questions or subjects or product ideas you would like us to cover let me know and I will be sure to relay it to Michael and Tim.

    1 Response to "How The Credo House Changed the Life of this OIF Veteran"

    • jim

      What a great story! Excellent…I can’t imagine the horrors this brother has seen and experienced first-hand.. thank you Lord for his safety. Oh, and YOU ROCK MICHAEL! Really looking forward to the history channel mini series on the bible…

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