I have a confession to make. Not sure if this is to you or to God, but here is goes: I love Ghost Hunters. We even planned a watch party for the first show of the new season!

Maybe you are not familiar with the show, but it is a weekly program that airs on the SCIFI Channel.  Here is a synopsis: Investigators from The North Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) began to broadcast their investigations. They take calls from around the country from those who believe that their place of residence is “haunted.” Each show consists of the investigation crew traveling to the “haunted” location and listening to stories from the witnesses. After this they set up their cameras, night vision and thermal imaging, and begin to walk around in the dark looking for some type of communication from the dead or paranormal experience. What I like most about the show is that they don’t seem to be looking to claim any place as haunted. In fact, for the most part they “debunk” people’s claims, finding plausible alternative explanations to the their experience. But every once in a while (maybe every third show) they find something that leaves you scratching your head asking “How do I fit that into my theology?”

Since Ghost Hunters began a few years ago, there has been a massive surgence of television shows about paranormal activity. From Ghost Hunters spin-offs to reenactments of “actual” hauntings, the entertainment business has found a niche to peak and feed peoples’ insatiable curiosity in the spiritual world. Its popularity cannot be ignored.

The most popular understanding of the word “ghost” is in reference to disembodied spirits of humans who have died yet still walk the earth. It is believed by many that these disembodied spirits “haunt” certain locations. Trapped between this world and the next, these ghosts, it is claimed, often reach out to the land of the living.

Do ghosts fit into the Christian worldview?

This is an odd question. In one sense the answer is absolutely yes. Christianity denies physicalism (the belief that the physical comprises the sum total of reality). We believe that once a person dies, their spirit leaves their body. Therefore, there are disembodied spirits. The problem comes when the claims are made that these disembodied spirits remain on earth in some form and “haunt” or communicate with others.

There are three primary views or perspectives that Christians take concerning this issue:

1. No there are no ghosts. Any supposed paranormal experience, if authentic, should be labeled as demonic activity.

This view would argue that the Christian worldview does not allow for disembodied spirits to roam the earth. When people die, their spirit enters into an intermediate state of existence, either going to the presence of God (heaven) or a waiting place to be judged (hell; see the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus—Lk. 16:19-31). In other words, there is no intermediate state of the intermediate state. Demons, however, do roam the earth as does Satan. Demons will often manifest themselves in ways that will confuse people’s worldview and undermines the Christian message. If a person were to believe in ghosts, this is, at the very least, a compromise with regards to proper Christian eschatology (beliefs in the here-after). Demons may appear as those who have previously died—even animals—in order to disenchant people about the afterlife, making the Christian worldview conflict with personal experience. These demons may communicate with a knowledge of the lives of those whom they are impersonating, giving the definite impression that they must be identified with that person.

Therefore, according to this view, it is unbiblical and destructive to believe in ghosts in the popular sense.


  • It would seem the Bible teaches, both explicitly and implicitly, that upon death people either go to the presence of God or await judgment.
  • Demonic activity does present a plausible and biblical explanation for paranormal activity (Job 2:2; Eph. 6:12; 2 Cor. 4:4).
  • The Bible has very little about the existence of disembodied spirits, but much about demonic activity.
  • The Bible warns against any communication with the dead—necromancing (cf. Lev 19:31; 20:6; 1 Sam 28:8, 9; Isa 8:19; 19:3; 29:4).


  • Many of the “hauntings” are hard to explain simply through demonic activity. Often those places that are claimed to be haunted are abandoned hospitals, ghost towns, and the like. These places are uninhabited and therefore do not seem suitable for a malicious demon to inhabit.
  • Most of the time communication with these “ghosts” is very limited. Shadows, moving objects, and faint voices does not seem effective toward the demonic agenda of confusion.
  • “Hell” or the “lake of fire” does not seem to be open for business yet. I don’t think it gets created until after judgement (Rev. 20:12-15). Therefore, those who die and are not “in Christ” are in a “place” awaiting judgement. But we are not sure where.
  • It is not necessary that disembodied spirits of humans roaming the earth would confuse the Christian worldview.  While the Bible does speak about the intermediate state, much of it remains a mystery. We just can’t be definitive about this issue, even if the Bible does suggest that it is normative for people to be situated in one place or the other upon death.
  • We don’t know where the intermediate state is. It could be a parallel plane to our own dimension.

2. Ghosts may be spirits of disembodied people who are left on the earth without explanation.

While not discounting the possibility that many of these events can be attributed to demons, this view believes that paranormal encounters may be legitimate encounters of disembodied spirits of people. We don’t have an explanation as to why these people would be on earth, but a lack of explanation does not mean that it is impossible.

There are four primary biblical arguments that this view uses to justify its openness to ghosts.

  1. When Saul sought a medium the witch of En-dor was apparently able to bring Samuel back from the dead in a disembodied state (1 Sam. 28:7-19). It is interesting that Saul was able to determine it was Samuel by his age and dress. This suggests that even in a disembodied state, spirits retain their physical characteristics that they possessed at death—even their clothes! This parallels with what many people describe when they encounter spirits whose characteristics, language, and dress remain the same as when they died.
  2. When Christ was transformed on the “mount of transfiguration” Moses and Elijah appeared in a pre-resurrected disembodied form (Lk. 9:29-33). While it is difficult to know how Peter recognized them, it seems evident that they were recognizable. Again, this parallels modern ghost tales.
  3. When Christ was walking on the water, the disciples thought he was a ghost (Matt. 14:26). This suggests that even the disciples’ worldview allowed for ghosts. Christ never corrected this (at least in the text).
  4. In the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the rich man requests that someone be sent back from the dead (i.e. a ghost) to warn his brothers about their impending doom (Lk. 16:31). While this request was denied, it was not denied based upon its impossibility, but its inefficiency to bring about belief. (Although, this story seems to suggest that Lazarus be resurrected to go inform the rich man’s brothers, not go back as a ghost.)

In addition to the arguments above is the evidence provided by near-death experiences (NDEs). Often people will describe a post-death experience where they remained, for a time, in a conscious disembodied state of existence without going to either heaven or hell. Often they will describe how they remained near their lifeless body observing the activity around them as attempts were made to revive their life.

Based upon these arguments, this view would tentatively believe that some paranormal activity can be legitimately attributed to disembodied human spirits (ghosts), believing that the intermediate state is too much of a mystery about which to make definitive pronouncements. They would be agnostic as to the purpose of this ghostly activity and this view would caution people about pursuing such activity.


  • The intermediate state of existence (the state between death and resurrection) is a mystery that God has seen fit to leave in relative obscurity.
  • The appearance of Samuel in his disembodied form does seem to give credence to the belief that 1) disembodied spirits—even of believers—can manifest themselves and 2) they do retain the physical characteristics they possessed at death.
  • The nuances of certain “hauntings” seem to favor something other than a demonic spirit (i.e. residuals—where the manifestation is non-personal having an entity that expresses itself the same way over and over again without any personal engagement—i.e. the same sound of a child’s laughter).


  • The “why?” question does not have many plausible explanations.
  • It is problematic when people tell of dead Christians who continually contact them. It seems that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” (2 Cor. 5:8) would preclude any manifestation here on earth.
  • Necromancing (communicating with the dead) is a sin that the Lord prohibits (cf. Lev 19:31; 20:6; 1 Sam 28:8, 9; Isa 8:19; 19:3; 29:4). Therefore, it would seem odd that God would allow such activity from people who have died—especially dead believers.
  • Near-death experiences are often problematic varying from culture to culture as well as being contradictory to the Biblical witness.
  • This seems to concede to and draw from cultural folk-theology about ghosts.

3. All “paranormal” activity has a naturalistic explanation.

As in Ghost Hunters where most of the supposed activity is “debunked,” this view believes that all activity, if all the information were available, would be debunked, having a purely naturalistic explanation. It is illegitimate to suppose a “ghost of the gaps” mentality that explains all the “unexplainable” with paranormal explanations. God neither allows ghosts nor demons to manifest themselves in such a way today.


  • Most activity does seem to have an alternative naturalistic explanation.
  • Fits better within an advanced worldview that is able to understand most things natralistically.
  • Does not resort to a “ghost of the gaps” mentality which can be and often is abused.
  • Less sensational and usually will allow you to keep respect of your colleagues.


  • Fails to recognize the continued reality of demonic activity due to a borderline naturalistic worldview.
  • Fits better within a deistic worldview than a Christian worldview.
  • Too easily discounts people’s experience.
  • Is often abandoned when there is a subjective experience, leaving the impression that people hold to this simply because they have not experienced activity personally, not because it is true.

Hopefully this primer has been helpful.

Now I want to ask you a couple of questions:

1. Which view do you believe is most plausible?

2. Have you ever experienced something “paranormal”? If so, what and how did/do you explain it?

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo House Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. He can be contacted at [email protected]

    108 replies to "Do You Believe in Ghosts? The Christian View of the Paranormal"

    • Brett

      I believe the right view may be a combination (in some form) of views 1 and 2.

      I also find it intriguing that the times and places (e.g., at night and in old buildings) when most people claim to experience some form of paranormal activity are also the times when people are mostly like to be fatigued from lack of sleep (and possibly hallucinating), and in places that are most likely to create weird sounds as floorboards, pipes, etc. expand and contract. We probably experience strange things all the time, but because we’re roaming through a shopping mall in the middle of the afternoon instead of stumbling through an old house at night, the possibility of a supernatural cause doesn’t even occur to us.

    • Michael L.


      Very interesting topic. And to be honest.. I don’t like those shows and have very consciously skipped over “Ghost Hunters”. I had some “experiences” as a child that scared the living daylights out of me (no it was not my brother or sister) and since then I have stayed away from anything in this genre.

      What do I believe ?
      Personally I am close to #2. Even if the Why ? question isn’t answered. There’s a lot of Why’s that we don’t find a clear answer to in the Bible.

      Even though 2Cor 5:8 seems to indicate that we go straight to be with the Lord, there’s more Scripture passages indicating a state of “fallen asleep”. (1Thess 4, 1Cor15, Matt 27:52, ….)

      Perhaps some people in the “intermediate state” don’t like to sleep 😎

      I don’t know the answer and I don’t think the answer is important. I do know as a Christian that we have to be careful not to engage in Necromancing. A sickly fascination with this area, or with lust, alcohol, serial killers, etc… is not really something we should spend too much time on.

      For some people, this is interesting, for others an obsession, for me.. just too uncomfortable.

      Hope this can help
      In Him

    • Kara Kittle

      Yes, there is spiritual activity. The Bible is clear in 3 examples. Job mentioned it, Jesus uses a haunted house as a parable, and his disciples thought Jesus was a spirit. But ghosts as being dead people, I have been on investigations with a group and was called to a house of a family being tormented by things they could not explain. There are mysteries in this world. We are flesh wrapped around a spirit so yes we will feel those things that are spirit. But dead people coming back, that is something hard to acknowledge because of the verse about the judgment.

      One thing I have learned in my life is that there are things that happen that we are just simply not supposed to understand here, but things happen to people that those people should be ministered to because it will haunt them the rest of their lives. Just calling them crazy or things like that just cause most people to follow religions that have explanations. Those explanations may be wrong, but it draws people to it.We need more ministry in this area, just ignoring does not help those who are going through it.

      • Clint

        Kara, sorry to disagree. The haunted house in that parable described in that chapter as a person. The passage is about possession and not spirits haunting a location.

        • cyp

          even so, it is clearly stated that dead person do not haunt places. That is simply because they either go to heaven and hell. Those hauntings are actually demonic spirits. We see said specifically that when a demon leaves a human body he has previously possessed he goes in deserted places and wanders without finding peace. It is interesting to see what places are “haunted” because then you see the correlation between that and demons.

          • C Michael Patton

            Maybe, but I don’t think hell actually comes into existence as a place of punishment until after the judgement. Why would it? The story of the rich man and Lazarus is big picture and not meant to walk on all fours. I don’t think it is definitive that hell has begun any more than it is definitive that hell is actually fire.

    • Kara Kittle

      BTW, in investigations there was prayer first, there was a lot of interviewing and there was no usage of ouija boards or crystals. some people do use those things and they are dangerous and wrong.

      You have to realize your job is to help the living, the ones who are being affected. Never take advice from other religions because most of those religions do not accept there is evil. Should a Christian investigate? I do because I have been affected. But not to the point it is an obsession. You have to keep it in perspective. Many investigators will approach it scientifically, while other people of certain religions will embrace it. If something is occuring, don’t ever assume it can’t because you don’t understand it, and if you don’t understand it don’t look for explanations that open doors that should not be opened.

      But, again, there are people who are affected and we should be ready to minister. Calling them insane, or calling them hoaxsters does a disservice to our job to minister. Pray first, let the power of God do the job to take care of the problem then minister to those affected. Because if you don’t, most will be drawn to a religion that does minister to them.

    • mitch

      i not sure what i believe i get these visitations at nite or even in the daytime but as a christain i’m taught that there are no ghost but i feel they may be angels warning me but i get very fearful at times but it seems to call me to prayer and the bible says that god has not given us a spirit of fear so if its an angel and not a demon why do i get so fearful i cant seem to get past this feeling but i know that the times i’ve prayed for people that i believe this (spirit) guided me to pray for certain person or persons days weeks months later i’m told they went through something and they feel that GOD was with them or helped them so feel relieved but still i’m causious maybe someone has had the some experiance or has some input

    • ScottL

      The article seems to emphasise more of the negative or evil activity of the spiritual realm. There was no reference to the plausible activity of angels?

      I think if our eyes were truly opened, we, in the western world, might see a lot more going on than we had first imagined. I don’t believe this calls for us to be spooked around every corner or make everything have a ‘super-spiritual’ context. But, I think there might be a little more going on than we think. We might need our eyes opened at times like Elijah’s servant (2 Kgs 6:17).

    • Wolf Paul

      Personally, I don’t believe either of your three options is the only answer. I do believe there is demonic activity, and that much else can be explained “naturally”, but there is evidence even in Scripture of the rare appearance of believers who have already died. Not only is there Samuel, but also Moses and Elijah in the transfiguration.

      Translating “necromancy” as “communicating with the dead” strikes me as too simple — necromancy is the conjuring of the spirits of the dead through magical powers or means; it is a form of divination. The prohibition of the practice does not at all preclude or condemn appearances of the dead, even believing dead, in other contexts, just as the prohibition of divination and soothsaying does not preclude legitimate fore-telling of the future by prophets inspired by God.

      Finally, it is entirely possible that many of the reports of ghost sightings could be explained psychologically or because of too much food the day before, in which case Ghost Hunters will not achieve much unless they attended the same party 🙂

    • Robin Bayne

      I agree with Scott, there’s more going on than we can see right now. I read an account once of a man who prayed for his eyes to be opened to this, and he almost lost his mind seeing demons around him. Don’t know if was true, but it sure gives me something to think about.

    • Robin Bayne

      Forgot to say–I do like watching at least the opening scenes of Ghost Hunters, because I love checking out the old buildings and castles.

    • Eric S. Mueller

      I remember you’ve posted this before, but the database crashed. I had previously avoided shows like Ghost Hunters, but your original post combined with a class my church was doing about the same time on Joe Beam’s “Seeing the Unseen” led me to watch the show and become hooked. I used to be a 1 or 3, now I’m closer to a 2. They do manage to debunk quite a bit, but there are some scenes in the show that, assuming nothing is cooked up for entertainment, can’t be explained naturalistically. Those are interesting. There was a scene last week when a stationary camera was moved around more than 200 degrees.

      I’m not sure how to explain the supposed conversations and interactions on the show. Sometimes I think it’s a demon, sometimes I wonder. No doubt, they seem to encounter spiritual activity. The question is, which kind of spirit are they apparently interacting with?

      It’s an interesting show.

    • Matt Kenswick

      What’s up with the recycling of old material? This blog isn’t fresh anymore. I’ve noticed a dip in quality the past few months. The page layout, constant tech glitches and old articles I’ve read last year posted as new articles. I guess this is the main reason that I’ve stopped visiting daily and started to visit weekly.

    • C Michael Patton

      Sorry Matt,

      Read in the upper right you will see that I am announcing that we are going to be publishing some old stuff. As well, I will always rework and repost old articles as this blog was primarily started for students of The Theology Program, therefore if there is something we are going through in class, I will repost it.

      As well, with the development of the credo house taking up so much time, I have not been able to write as much as I would like. Hopefully, when we move into the Credo House you will see a lot of new material.

      Either way, it is always about 90% new. So just visit six days a week and you will be good!

    • Kara Kittle

      my grandfather asked the devil to appear and he did, my grandfather almost died from the shock. i have heard those same things. It is how you deal with it that makes the difference. Either He is greater in you than he that is in the world or you don’t have Him inside you and left to deal with things. Other religions ask followers to embrace the spirits, not caring whether or not they are good or evil.

      When you are dealing with these things, just remember you have to have discernment and if you don’t then seek help. Jesus will bring peace but it is only through Jesus we have peace. The enemy has come to kill, steal, and destroy and the most destruction I have seen has been in the heart and relationships. Of course there are evil and good spirits, we should not be trying to communicate with the dead through means that allow evil to enter into us. People just do not realize the harm they cause by opening doors we should just not open. But we should never think another is insane or making a hoax, Jesus will guide us in what to do to help.

      But we pray, and so do all other religions and our rituals in Christianity does the same thing, only we speak to a living Savior and they speak to other spirits. The dead do not talk, but spirits do. The dead are gone, spirits manifest and they manifest in various ways. But all around us are memories and those memories do not fade away. Voices do not just go away. Time is something we are limited in understanding. The spiritual realm is not bound to time as we are.

    • whoschad

      A good breakdown.

      I wouldn’t call the naturalistic worldview ‘advanced’, though.

    • ScottL

      The comments from this article now seem to relate to the series done a couple of months back on Why I’m Not A Charismatic, in that we are talking about the supernatural and its relevancy for today.

    • Dan Powers

      Just a couple of comments. On the camera moving 200 degrees. Mechanical parts do move on their own. For example, I have been working with computers for over twenty years, cards and chips in computers can creep out of sockets. This is mostly caused by temperature change, for what’s worth.

      My other comment is a bit more serious. There are people out there like Johnathan Edwards who claim to talk to dead people. The way the show works (I only saw two), he randomly picks someone from the audience. Then starts telling them details about someone who has recently past away and that wants to get a message to the person from the great beyond. In the one show he told the women that she kept this dead persons ashes on a shelf in a particular room. This dead person had a message for her and was able to validate who was sending the message with some detail. It’s actual a bit disturbing with his success, with the assumption that it is not staged. I must admit that I am still a skeptic.

      The question becomes how does he know all the “stuff” about the dead person and the stranger that he is talking to? Is it daemonic? Could the demons have access to the “books” used to judge from with recorded history? Or, just daemonic memories of the events and places? Then it could be nothing more than a circus side show.

    • Kara Kittle

      The problem with those people are they are able to lead in others by suggestion…like saying “someone in this row knows someone who has a R in their name” Well most people do know. Then they watch and read reactions in the listeners. The only one who can prove they are real is go in and know everything before they even enter the room.

    • Lyberty

      I do believe in ghosts.I am a Christian.I go to church and have read the Bible twice.I am not better than anyone else and I am still learning more and more everyday about our precious Redeemer.But I did have an experience.I woke up back in 2005 on a Saturday morning.I just stood up and looked toward my doorway.I saw what looked like my youngest son(he has adhd)in sneak mode walk past my door.I thought to myself what is he up to?I get to my door and can see him asleep in his bed.I think it is the older boy then.His bedroom was to my right and this person went to the left toward the living room.I walk over to his bedroom and he is asleep as well.I checked every room and door and winddow for a break in.Nothing out of place.We were the only ones there. I do believe in the Devil and his minions.But I do not seek them.I do not mess with ojiua boards.I believe in ghosts.If it happened back then in the Bible,it is possible now.This is my opinion.

    • […] that dead spirits do not dial up humans, particularly ex-plumbers! If you believe in ghosts you are not a Christian! The “Holy Ghost” is a term that applies to our Lord God. It is not meant to suggest […]

    • Debbie

      I am a Christian and I believe in ghost. In reading the bible it is very easy to see that there is a physical world as well as a spiritual one. Therefore spirits inhabit the spiritual realm while physical living beings inhabit the physical realm. I have always been afraid to talk to other Christians about my beliefs because most Christians believe that it is wrong to believe in ghost. They will say something like “if you ever see a ghost you are actually seeing a demon.” I donot agree with that explanation so I find it very difficult to talk to others about my beliefs. I am from New Orleans and there are a lot of superstious people there but in my own immediate family ghost were not something viewed as unnatural. As a matter of fact it was quite the opposite. I can remember a family member who used to see ghost on a regular basis. She was not insane and she was also a Christian. After Jesus’ resurrection some people saw him and thought that he was a ghost. Well in order for them to use the word “ghost” then ghost would have to exist. I also believe that there are some people who are truly psychic. The prophets in the bible were psychic. They could see the future. Did that make them bad? Absolutely not. I do believe that as Christians we should not go around trying to conjour up someone from the spiritual realm. (a deceased person) However there may be times when for whatever reason someone may have a supernatural experience. Even though many people may not agree with me but I believe that when we pray to God we are also having a supernatural experience. God is spirit not seen by the naked eye so when we seek his presence we are indeed having a supernatural experience. I am very happy that I found this website where people can share their beliefs and not be looked at in a negative way. Religions are man made. The bible is inspired by God. Maybe it is high time that the christian world starts focusing more on what the bible says versus what man made…

    • Jason

      Until very recently, I was sure that all “paranormal activity” was the work of demons. Since ghosts do not exist, as far as they are understood to be postmortem human spirits (Heb.9:27), the only viable option outside of the natural is the demonic. Surely, paranormal occurrences often have misconstrued normal causes. Surely, what we consider supernatural or other worldly is merely paranatural (like star jelly and sasquatches).
      But every now and again, we run across something that reason and science cannot explain. It is these very real and very strange events that I have in mind. Being an orthodox believer in Christ, I try to have a biblical framework for every subject (the arts, politics, ethics, etc.). My options on paranormal activity have traditionally been limited. Either they are natural or supernatural.
      The first view you talked about was my explanation for paranormal activity. It is only recently that I have begun to question the use of a demon’s efforts and time. Also, it seems that the exploits of a demon would not be able to trump the pull of sovereign, efficacious grace.

    • Jason

      However, I had my own unexplained experience last and that shot me down this road. I wanted to develop a good, robust, biblical framework for understanding the supernatural. That is why I appreciated this post so much. It is the “harmless haunting” that I can’t account for. Abandoned houses, remote forests, ghost towns. These do not seem a good place for a demon to spend it’s time.
      So, now I’m leaning towards another category. I think the cases that are not paranormal and not normal are merely paranatural. By that I mean that they are natural but rare anomalies. They are normal operations of the natural realm. They are simply not governed by our conception of reality. Examples would be cryptoids, star jelly, and E.V.P. It sounds silly, but I would also say that historical folklore accounts of sprites, nymphs, and fairies would fall into this paranatural category. Hear me, I’m no Arthur Conan Doyle. But I’m merely suggesting that these clearly non-demonic paranormal occurrences are simply natural organisms that function in the world, but are not easily detected (like electricity or gamma waves, only organic). This is my own personal theory and I’m still formulating it. Sound crazy to anyone else?

    • James P

      Hey C.M. What about the option of man being made of three parts (body, soul and spirit) and upon dying the body goes to the ground; the soul goes to its eternal destination; and the spirit… hangs around? This is the way i have always seen and understood life after death. When scripture speaks of the dead in Christ rising first, i have attributed that to the spirit that has remained here. I have no issue with there being more to the spiritual realm than what God has made us privy to.
      There seems to be an understanding amongst many Christians that if something unexplainable happens and it was a good experience then it was God… and if it was not a good experience then it was the Devil. Why is this? If God is your answer for all that is not understood then does your view of God become deminished as we learn more about the world He created?

    • Linda Orze


      (1) As I was studying for a real estate exam, I looked up and saw a short, hunch-back older woman slowing climbing up the stairs. She was dressed as if she came from the wagon train days–and her red and white bonnet matched her clothing. It seemed NORMAL watching this stranger as she turned left down the hallway. It wasn’t until she was out of sight that I came back to reality. I darted into the hallway, but she wasn’t visible anymore.

      My Mom had a similar experience with this SAME EXACT woman. This time, however, the woman was slowly walking past the TV. My Mom remembers being upset that she was blocking the view of her program. Again, this all seemed NORMAL until she vanished.

      When I finally had nerve to tell my Mom about my experience, she interjected her story. Neither of us ever saw this woman again.

      (2) As I was walking on a crowded sidewalk in downtown Chicago to meet my best friend (Darlene) for dinner, I felt my deceased friend (Al) swiftly pass through the left side of my head. I “KNEW” it was him, and I also knew that he did not know me. He was in a rush and his mind was totally consumed with business matters. Al was a Chicago stock broker before he died! Darlene is Al’s ex-wife, and she said that my paranormal experience happened on the exact sidewalk that he traveled on every day.

    • C Michael Patton

      Very interesting Linda. Do you know if Al was a believer?

    • Linda Orze

      Al was a Christian UNTIL his parents died, his wife divorced him, he lost his job, and he got terminal cancer–all within a year! He hated and cursed everything and everyone–including God!

      As I was doing dishes one day, I was TOTALLY OVERWHELMED with the thought of seeing Al that day. Darlene said that he’d never agree to see me because I was too religious. I was VERY insistant, so after she called him several times, he finally agreed to my visit–and wanted me to bring my Bible!

      When we arrived, Al was surprisingly calm and wanted me to sit with him as I read several Scriptures. There were many emotions during our conversation, and we all cried together. By the time Darlene and I left, Al was praising our Trinity God. That was what he BELIEVED in. Later that night, Al was rushed to the hospital. Before he died the next day, he was shouting his love for Jesus from his hospital bed.

      I believe that DEVINE INTERVENTION (the HOLY Spirit) was the reason for me being drawn to Al on that particular day. Divine Intervention also saved MY life, but that’s an entirely different story.

      C. Michael Patton: I’m curious to know why you’re concerned about Al’s BELIEF or DISBELIEF in ghosts and/or the supernatural. How would that make a difference? He believed that DEMON spirits exist (especially since he was filled with them for quite awhile), but we never discussed HUMAN spirits.

    • C Michael Patton

      I was just wondering if he was a Christian, not about his belief in ghosts.

    • Karen Knight

      I am sooo interested in anything scary, esp. hauntings. Back in the day, my sister and I were dabbling in some “Good White Magic”, We bought a spell book and were basically laughing and solving our curiosity, we thought. We soon tired of the spells, and she bought a Ouja(sp?) Board. Our children were pre-teen to early teens, and they were uneasy, but we thought completely harmless. We began asking questions, we were terrified and never used it again(long story, but we quickly realized this was no game and got rid of it). Well, we bought Tarot Cards. My sis was way better at it than me. She studied and practiced and got very good.Too good. She got scared, started reading Bible again, but I wanted the cards. I too got very, very good at reading peoples cards, I never charged, I would pray to God to guide me in helping the seeker find path God wanted them to be on. My way of saying it wasn’t evil. Well, after I predicted a 30 year old mans death within twodays, I started having horrible nightmares, I felt awake, but I couldn’t move, all I could see was a demons face hovering close to my face, but I saw Christ in the background dressed all in white. I felt the most evilist prescence I was terrified, but Jesus told me I could no longer have things both ways, pray to him, and do tarot cards, to choose. I began praying, like I’ve never prayed in my life, saying I choose you, I’ll never do tarot cards again. As I kept praying(it seemed forever & still paralized) The demon face began to back away & get smaller & Christ began coming closer. You mess with that stuff you are asking for trouble. I only had to be told once.

    • Karen Knight

      P.s. Any dabbling in the occult of any kind, no matter how good your intentions are, opens you, your home, and your family to evil. Any interest followed by action sends up a red flag and opens a door you may not want to open. Be Very Careful. I know how it can pull you in.

    • Craig

      It almost seems incredible to me that those who are “expert” ghost hunters and use their high tech equipment thinking they will find evidence of ghosts or demons, do not see how foolish this really is. Would demons really allow themselves to be exposed when the investigators are there with the cameras and recording devices? Are the demons that stupid?

    • Antonette

      Thank you for posting this. I’ve been going back and forth with this same subject for as long as Ghost Hunters has been on.

      I put your post on my blog and have given credit to you. I also made sure to include your site’s link. I hope that is ok, if not please let me know and I’ll remove it immediately.

    • shipdog7

      Shortly after my father-in-law passed away, I was awoken by heavy foot steps down the hall at 1:30am. The bedroom door creaked. I thought it was one of the young kids coming to our room. I looked up over my wife. Nothing! Tried to go back to sleep. Heavy footsteps again. Door creaking. Check on the kids and they are sound asleep. Get up to go to work early. I moved the door and it doesn’t make a slight noise. 3:30am while tying shoes I look down the dark hall. I see the figure of “something”. Knowing it wasn’t human I ran off to work. (cowardly I know) On my return that afternoon, I interrupted my kids saying hello, to ask their Mom if she had experienced anything last night. She said she had a dream that her father had come back to visit her.

    • red

      I found that there are alot of things that just do not make sense in life. I know at age 12 years old I was living in a house that was very haunted. So needless to say I believe that ther are alot of unexplained issues. I do know everyone of us who lived there had seen a tall man shadow, we heard footsteps, we heard chains and walking up and down the stairs. I am a christian,and I could never shake off all the things I have dealt with in life. If it is demons they sure like to mess with us. Anyways you have alot of good info,but truly you have a point, what about the ones who do go to hell later,can they still live on earth until judgement day. Or is it satan just trying to throw us on a different path to get us all confused and that is why God tells us to not dwell on it. I mean I even have even wondered if satan has his demons to think they are aliens too, to have a good reson of what happens to all of us christians when the rapture happens. Well that is just a thought.

    • ken mills

      Regarding television programmes “searching for ghosts”.
      I have watched a few of these “shows” and find them
      However not one of these programmes have EVER produced ANY proof of the existance of so called “ghosts”.
      I am sure there are a lot of things in this world which we can’t explain but ghosts, whether it is in the Christian beleif or not, do not exist.
      All of these stories of noises on the stairs etc. are either figments of imagination or your house creaking.

    • Rachel

      Well I’m totally confused… BUT!!! At least I know I’m not crazy!! Thank you!!! You have totally enlightened me!!! I feel like I’ve been let in on something. No members of my family could ever answer my questions about the paranormal (I’m kinda into this stuff). So it’s great to have found multiple opinions all in one place!!!
      So thank you deeply,

    • Diane

      Thank you for your article…it has helped me a lot. As a Christian, I did not know how to reconcile the experiences that my niece shared with me. I have never encountered paranormal activity but she has often. She is not a Christian but the things she tells me do not sound like demonic activity. I no longer believe in #1 but more in #2. Wolf Paul had a very clear explanation of “necromancy” that helped me a lot. Thanks all and may God continue to bless and strengthen you in Jesus Christ.

    • john

      Every time I have watched Ghost Hunters I have found them using questionable methods such as placing an EMF meter on a hot water heater solenoid switch… of course you’re going to get an intermittent reading there stupid! On the other hand, I personally have experienced the paranormal. My wife and i bought a house about 12 years ago that was most definitely “haunted”. For 8 years we dealt with the paranormal and it changed my view of these experiences. I used to hold to view number one that you detailed, but now, I am more convinced that there are beings and forces in the universe that we can’t perceive or conceive that periodically manifest in ways that our minds interpret as hauntings. Whether these beings and forces are malevolent or benevolent is unknown and is most likely left to our perception. It also could be that they aren’t even aware of our existence at all times. I wonder I’d our dimension and theirs interact at certain hot spots to give the illusion of a…

    • Eric

      Nice to see other Christians interested in the paranormal! See now I don’t believe in ghosts I believe that Satan is the deceiver and his demons are here to lie to us! Many after seeing these show get confused because when you think of a demon you think of evil and believe they would try to harm us. But I believe that everyone one person that they can get to believe in the possibility of no heaven or hell and that we MAY stay behind they win! The question in still looking for is why do spirits haunt certain places? ..I want to test these spirits I want to ask them if they are of god and see what happens..

    • Briana

      This is a subject that truly has been a part of my life since early childhood. I am a preachers daughter and was raised in a strong christian home, however, I have been subjected to demonic attacks all my life. I strongly believe that ALL ghost and paranormal activity can either be attributed to satan or to God (I also say God because of people seeing angels) with a whole heart, I believe everything in the Bible to be truth and, with out sounding too simpleminded I hope, that is my main reason to believe that ghosts are most definitly demons. Here is my other reasoning that is based on personal experience..when I was 20, I became very interested..almost obsessed..with EVP. Just for people who may not know..evp is when people record the audible voices of the “dead” with voice recorders. Some of them are undeniable; when the recording are played back the things you can hear are shocking, to say the least. I researched the subject nonstop. The day I bought a book on how to do your own evps was the day that I realized all this paranormal stuff is nothing but a door. I wish I could make people know somehow that I am not lying. The best I can say is, may my soul be damned to hell if I am lying. the night I bought that book I dozed off in my recliner after reading the first few chapters. I woke gasping for breath with hands wrapped around my neck. I could feel the hands. The most significant thing is that I heard the most evil sound comming from behind my head..a growl that mortal words cannot describe. I could not speak but I started saying the word Jesus in my head over and over and the grip loosened enough for me to be able to speak the name of Jesus..at the moment I spoke his name it all stopped. I was not asleep; my husband witnessed the whole thing from the couch beside me. I was intrested in evp..well I got the most upclose experience with it that night. All those shows may seem innocent but they are not. They are doors into the spirit world that need to stay…

    • Ashley

      I have to say, that I am glad I am not the only one who has experienced something “paranormal”. I am a born again Christian, grew up in a Baptist home, and my dad studied to be in the ministry, so I was taught that when you die, you either go to Heaven if you’ve accepted Christ, or Hell. That’s it. There is no “in between”, no purgatory.
      It wasn’t until I became a nurse and worked in a hospital that I began to hear and experience things not of this world. I was working one night alone, down the end of the hall, when all of a sudden, and IV pole rolled itself out into the hall. The room was completely empty. Other co-workers of mine also noted crazy things happening from that same room. Needless to say, I was freaked out. Another time, I heard of a friend coming around the corner and asked the woman to hold the elevator. The door slammed shut in her face, then opened right away, and no one was there. All I can say is, crazy things do happen in hospitals that cannot be explained.
      Ok, so I was still a skeptic at times. Upon moving to New England, my family was renting a house, and my mom and I were alone one day discussing what we had “heard” in the house. Before this, we hadn’t talked of it at all. I was alone in the upstairs bedroom and no one else was home. All of a sudden, I woke up to my comforter being pulled up and thrown back on top of me (much like what you do when you make your bed). I woke up and saw it moving. I was completely freaked out. Then I’d hear whispers and voices, and no one was there. Sometimes, I’d wake up at night, and hear something slam in the bathroom. I’d get up, and nothing was there. My mom experienced hearing only whispers and footsteps.
      I don’t know what else to say, but I do know that demons can affect us and “toy” with us. I try not to think about my experiences too much, because I do become freaked. But, I think it’s important to share them with other believers, to know that these inexplicable…

    • Zach Luschen

      I find this article pretty interesting. I have several encounters with the paranormal before in my life. Four years ago, I started to wonder…are there really such thing as ghosts?

      I had brought up this subject to two individuals who I’m fond of and they both have worded their conclusion differently. But they share the same point of view from what they had interpreted that’s written in the scriptures in the Holy Bible:”There are no genuine disembodied spirits of deceased persons here on earth.” But there is also a difference to their statement from both of them separately as well. First person who I had asked this question to noted specifically in the beginning of her statement: There’s no such thing. Once you die you’ll be judged, you either go up to heaven and be with God or you’ll go to hell.

      And here is the beginning statement from the other individual who shares belief in Christianity: There are ghosts, but all ghosts are evil. They’re demons masquerading as harmless, benevolent spirits. However, when I have heard the statement from the second person, this suddenly disturbed me. And now today, when I have read this article, I came up with these questions…Had either one of them inserted personal opinion into scripture on this subject, by going beyond what is written? Did either one of them added to or take away what is exactly said in scripture?

      Even though all of the written scripture in the Bible is absolute truth, does the Bible tell you “exactly” everything you want to know? And is it in any way possible or probable for an individual to unintentionally add to or take away from what is written in scripture?

    • Zach Luschen

      Though one thing I do find true is: If there’s natural, then there is also the supernatural. To those questions in my previous comment…I’ll take into acceptance that some things remain a mystery and left unanswered.

    • Linda Orze

      My Mom and I separately saw the EXACT SAME “ghost” in different rooms on separate occasions. We both experienced being “locked in a trance” when seeing this female apparition–and then reality set in when she was out of sight.

      Unfortunately, we are also sharing life with demons, which I consider to be more PSYCHOLOGICAL than physical. That’s why Our Lord sent the Holy Spirit in His place to dwell with us and protect (from death) those with whom the Almighty Father has a “special plan”.

      Our souls are with the discretion of God when we die, but our spirits apparently stay here on Earth. It makes sense that our SPIRITS (of both the living and the dead) are what Jesus will call up to meet Him in the clouds at the Rapture. Flesh and blood cannot enter Heaven.

    • Tara

      I’d like some insight and advice. I experienced numerous sounds of footsteps and a vehicle at my last home which stopped after prayer, but now here, sounds of “someone” that spoke briefly but very faint and muffled. Never heard that before here. Never. Only footsteps like “he” was walking from bdrm to bthrm & vice-versa; but only twice. I don’t really know what to think. We have prayed about this for God to make “it” leave, and only heard the voice once after that, but quite a while after.
      What to do? What r we doing wrong?

      • cyp

        there are a numbers of things you should do:
        1. first confession and communion if possible as often as the priest allows it
        2. second bring a priest to do a service of benediction with holy water once in a while

        You must unerstand that once demons get attached of a place or person even if they are cast out they still circle it from time to time in the hopes that the sins of the person(s) will allow it to come back. And when it comes back it brings more demons (see Luke 11)

    • Sheila

      Over 30 years ago, I saw a dark shadow standing at the foot of my bed. The next day, we learned my husband’s grandfather had passed away suddenly at that exact time (11:05 pm). We were over 600 miles away from home when this happened. I was not a Christian at that time. However, since becoming a Christian, I have had several similar and other paranormal experiences. To believe that this is all demonic activity seems too simplistic to me. I don’t believe I can demonize everything I don’t understand.

    • Chris Echols

      There are plenty of ‘spirits’ but none of them are ghosts of humans people who’ve lived in the past. They’re actually spirits who’ve remained on-planet since their ‘birth’ over 452,000 years ago.

      “…departed human beings do not come back to the world of their origin to communicate with their living fellows. Only after the passing of a dispensational age would it be possible for the advancing spirit of mortal man to return to earth and then only in exceptional cases and as a part of the spiritual administration of the planet. “

    • […] was just reading a post from C. Michael Patton over at Reclaiming the Mind . I have to admit, I too, am fascinated by the paranormal shows popping up on cable as of late. […]

    • Francis

      Does anyone believe in #3? I do. Although I occasionally (and rarely) allow #1 or 2 to be a possibility, I consider it so rare that it’s not worth considering in vast majority of situations. Sort of akin to my stand on spiritual gifts, supernatural miracles and so on.

    • Mike

      Thanks for the thoughtful, well-reasoned discussion on this issue. Not many folks in the church addressing this seriously. Personally, I would lean toward option 2, that it might be possible that the spirits of some unbelievers remain on earth. In the Hebrew worldview, the dead descended to sheol which was under the earth, so that might have something to do with it.

      Also, just noticed in Luke 24:39 where Jesus says to His disciples, “A ghost does not have flesh and bones,” seeming to imply the existence of ghosts. Interesting.

      • cyp

        the exact quote says that a spirit does not have flesh and bones. the words spirit and ghost got switched in english as time progressed. This just shows that demonic apparitions claiming to be someone deceased are not something new.

    • Sheila

      As a Christian, I have struggled with this issue for many years. I’ve never been involved in ghost hunting or conjuring spirits, but I and my family experienced the paranormal for years.

      In 1983 I purchased a home that was built in 1899. We had experiences there that were not necessarily frightening, but were perplexing:

      We could hear someone walking on the wrap-around porch, but there was no one there; that went on for hours at a time in broad daylight.

      Objects would be relocated and placed upside down.

      Two different men saw the same ghost several years apart. The 1st man told me he broke into the home when he was 12 (abt 1962) and stole some items on several occasions. He said the last time he went into the home, a woman appeared dressed in 1800s clothing. He gave me a detailed description of her. He never entered the home again. 2 years later, a guest in our home saw the same woman, describing her in the same details. We had not told anyone about the 1st man’s story. BTW, neither man believed ghosts or spirits existed prior to their experiences.

      Another man saw a blue ball of light appear that bounced several times in one spot before vanishing.

      Eventually, the people we bought the house from came forward and told us about their experiences, and the current owners also have witnessed strange events. So we knew we weren’t just imagining these things.

      Throughout the years, I have been careful in sharing these stories because I don’t want to encourage people to seek out the paranormal. However, these events did happen and I don’t believe they were all evil.

      I started writing a book about the home and events 3 years ago because it is such an incredible story, but as I said as a Christian I have struggled with whether this is something that should be buried or shared when I don’t even believe it myself.

      I appreciate your article on this subject. It has really helped me have a better understanding.

      • Lisa

        Sheila, did you decide to continue with the book? I ask because my mother had a very similar experience and I was struggling with the same question as you.

        • Sheila

          Lisa, no I haven’t finished the book. I’ve written over 300 pages and there’s much more to write, but I had to back away from it. I’ve prayed that God would give me the right words to make the readers understand interacting with spirits is never a good idea, but at the same time I do want to tell me story. For now, I’m stuck. Thanks for asking, Lisa.

    • Jennifer

      I am a Christian and the subject of ghosts wasn’t really brought up in my home but I always believed that ghosts were just untrue, just hollywood stuff. I do however believe demons and angels are in this world. About a month or so ago I was home alone, kids were at school, husband was at work. It was a bright sunny day, nothing unusual about it. I had a horrible headache and decided to lay down for a bit before the kids got home. I had been laying on the couch for maybe 10 min, not quite asleep yet, and my cat was laying on top of my stomach. All of a sudden I heard what sounded like a door slamming shut. It was so loud. The air was not on or anything that could cause a draft. I know I wasn’t hearing things either because my cat heard it and jumped off me and got low to the ground as if to prowl for something. I was so scared someone was in my house (even though I keep the doors locked when I’m home alone) that I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and slowly started checking out each room. My cat slowly followed me. I looked under beds, closets, everywhere…I even looked to see if something had fallen somewhere…there was no one in the house but me. When I came back from the back of the house my cat was in the doorway of the office and hallway which is where I thought the sound had come from and she had her back arched and tail poofed out like she was trying to scare something off or scared herself. That alone freaked me out. I knew I wasn’t imagining things. So my question is what in the world made that sound and even had my cat scared? There is no other way to describe the sound except that is sounded exactly as if the office or a bedroom door had slammed hard. My husband’s mom passed away in our house 20 years ago from cancer but I just can’t believe that would be her. I had never met her, she passed before I even met him. We live in the house he grew up in, it was built I think in the 1950s. I just want to know what that was.

    • maria

      OH MY gosh!! are you a christian for real? I say this because you should know that hell was created for Satan when he was pushed out of heaven, it exists now! not after the judgement.. And if you say that ghost activity is mostly seen in hospitals and abandoned places (which is not entirely true) where humans dont live, and therefore demons shouldnt be there because there are no humans to bother,but at the end many humans go to those places because they know that there could ghosts there and demons know that so they confuse people contradicing the bible. Hope that I cleared things up!! ps: I am not a native english speaker so sorry about grammar 🙂

    • Carrie

      I have always been fascinated by the supernatural or paranormal. I like to get various views when researching so this has been very interesting. Just wanted to leave a theory on good or evil ghosts.
      If you are not a believer in Christ Jesus, satan really doesn’t have to work to hard to steer you away and if you are a believer then satan knows your smart enough to spot evil. In both scenarios think of this. The non-believer, if confronted with only evil, hurtful, demonic spirits might be scared into seeking out God and his Son instead of dabbling deeper and deeper into the darkness trying to find answers. The believer is not so easily deceived by demonic spirits because we expect them to portray hate and anger etc. So if satan is trying to deceive a believer wouldn’t it be more convincing if it seemed to be a harmless good spirit or if it portrayed itself as a long lost most loved relative trying to reach out to the believer from beyond? Lets not forget who we are dealing with. Our fight is not just against flesh and blood remember, we are all fighting a spiritual battle against the rulers of this earth. The ruler.. satan and his demons. He is THE great deceiver. Don’t think for a minute that he wont study you to find your weakness of mind and spirit in order to deceive even you! He concentrates on the believers! We are his ultimate goal. Satan is not bound by natural law as we are here on earth. He can and will use the supernatural in what ever way he knows it will work to lead one more of God’s children astray! Just my opinion!

    • Benson

      I would like to say that as far as I know these spiritual entities are demons. God never intended or want us to get involved with the spiritual realm. See… Our minds are patterned and think according to what we see, hear and feel. Satan can manipulate these senses and hence can completely throw us off the word of God. My brothers and sisters in case any of you encounter the dark side remember this-“Greater is he who lives in me than the one(God Almighty) who lives in this world(Satan)” .I liked what carrie said. I am not 100 sure if Ghosts exist or not but I am sure that I am safe and sound as Jesus said,’ I will never leave you’. I have been attacked by the devil many times right from my childhood but every time I have chased him away in the name of Jesus. Attacks happen. We sometimes get attacked by animals , people, vehicles and parasites so its just a way of life but wait- we have a 100% proof that is -God will never leave us to the mercy of the demons and I say confidently NEVER. I say this from my life experience. I read the entire blog and even after coming to the last blog wasn’t convinced of some issues(if departed human souls exist) but I know for sure that I am safe from all that might harm me. So remember that We have more power because Jesus gifted it to us(greater things than these shall ye do also) . if the legions begged Jesus they shall to us too but only if we have the faith and assurance that God lives in us.For more materials and things to make you more confident check out -Pastor benny hinn, pastor andrew wommack, pastor zac poonen.Their preachings have helped me a lot.Praise the Lord and All Glory to God.

    • Jeri

      I am a christian and a believer and have been my whole life. I also know that there are spirits among the living, ghosts if thats what you want to call them. I have experienced the evil side and the good side, or friendly side. A house that I lived in for many years and one that I own has something there that just stays there. I evidenced happenings when I lived there and now my daughter and her children are still experiencing evidence of a presence of some kind. Years ago before purchasing my home, I had a very scary occurence happen to me. I had just gone to bed, alone, and all of a sudden I was pinned to my bed and there was something evil in the top right hand corner. I could not move or speak and my body from my shoulders down began to rise from the bed at an angle that is virtually impossible. I could not move or speak, the only thing I could do was pray, which I began to do in my mind. All of a sudden I dropped back to my bed and was able to move so I got the heck out of that room. This was myonly experience with evil. I have had numerous other things happen in my home, that was just signs

    • Jeri

      Continuing my post. In my home I have experienced things moving, things turning on, cold spot and an apparition of some sort, that really could not be seen. Once as a child some friends and I used a Quiga board and it scared me by knowing things that was impossible for anyone there to know. My daughter as an adult used a Quiga boatd and the same thing happened to her. Neither of us will get near one of those things again. I believe that a person can open a door to the evil side if they take the steps to do so. I have also had a near death experience and have been in the light and told to go home because it was not my time. This was confirmed by the nurse that I truly had flat lined for a short time when this happened. God is REAL and satan is also. I put my faith in God and I do not mess around with anything that could possibly open the door to evil. A lot of people, when hearing these things, think I’m crazy. I know that they are true and so do others that experienced them with me.

    • Jeri

      To ask Linda Orze

      What are the scriptures in the bible about good and evil souls staying here on earth that you are referring to?

    • Will

      I’ve had the experience of being pinned down to my bed a number of times. It happened several times while I was in the Air Force, in the dormitory. Other Christians in the same dormitory also had similar experiences. All of us had no doubt that it was demonic. Whenever it happened, when I muttered “Jesus”, even incomprehensibly because my mouth also was paralyzed, whatever it was always left immediately.

      Christians and non-Christians alike can be tormented by false spirits of different types because of sin, wrongful vows, sins of previous generations in the family, curses, abuse, and so on. The difference is that Christians are given the means to overcome these situations. When a person dies, the tormenting demon spirit no longer has a home. The behaviour of ghosts is often quite consistent with demons, and the atmosphere they create and exist in. The spirit of course knows about the person, their life, their desires, etc.

      Also many times, these “hauntings” happen in a house or place where something wrong was done. I heard once of a foul atmosphere in a room where a child was locked up abusefully in the past. A mature Christian was called in to “clean” the place and sanctify it and declare the peace and presence of God on the place, and break the power of the sin that was committed there because of the inner vows the child had made while being abused there.

    • Lola

      hello people? what about this:
      1 Samuel 28:11–15

      “Then the woman said, ‘Whom shall I bring up for you?’ And he said, ‘Bring Samuel up for me.’ When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud voice. And the woman spoke to Saul, saying, ‘Why have you deceived me? For you are Saul!’ And the king said to her, ‘Do not be afraid. What did you see?’ And the woman said to Saul, ‘I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth.’ So he said to her, ‘What is his form?’ And said, ‘An old man is coming up, and he is covered with a mantle.’ And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground and bowed down. Now Samuel said to Saul, ‘Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?’ And Saul answered, ‘I am deeply distressed; for the Philistines make war against me, and God has departed from me and does not answer me anymore, neither by prophets nor by dreams. Therefore I have called you, that you may reveal to me what I should do.’ ”

      Ghosts are real.

    • […] Michael Patton, in his blog post titled “Do You Believe in Ghosts? The Christian View of the Paranormal,” lists a few potential problems with the idea that ghosts are always […]

    • Steve

      Something interesting to note… 2 Cor 5:8 is most often misquoted and misunderstood. It does not say that to be absent from the body IS to be present with the Lord. Rather, Paul says he had rather be absent from the body AND be present from the Lord. There is an important difference between these two little words, “is” and “and”.

      In other words, I’d like to be on vacation AND at the beach. But to be on vacation does not necessarily mean that I AM on the beach. 🙂

    • Cris

      It seems like a simple explanation, but even scriptures as quoted in the #2 explanation above have also given me further questions about ghosts. I have been a Christian for nearly 50 years. I am Spirit-filled and know that there are spiritual forces at work all over the world and beyond.
      From the age of about 20, I began to have occasional demonic experiences, similar to what some others have mentioned here. I would have a visitation at night, an oppression that is hard to describe, but it is something like suffocation. Even if sound asleep, I could sense the presence of something in my room. The ONLY thing that would cause this to stop was the name of Jesus. The choking feeling would make it difficult to even get the name out, but I even found that calling on Him in my mind would allow me to break through this oppression. The second that Jesus’ name was spoken, this horrific demonic oppression would instantly disappear. I could breathe, pray and eventually go back to sleep.
      I learned to anoint and pray over every place that I moved into. This has made a huge difference. I once had moved into a temporary apartment and was so tired I went straight to bed. That was the strangest night, as a voice literally spoke something to me in the night and I literally knew in my spirit NOT to repeat the words, even though I was asleep. The words were not English. The next day, I anointed and prayed over my place and never had this experience afterwords.
      Over the past year, the strangest events of all have happened. My mother passed away of cancer. She was a devoted born-again Christian. I was with her during her final month. Later, I visited that same house and stayed in the bed where she had died. During the first night, I had a very strong sense of a presence in my room. I forced myself to wake up, saying “Who are you?” There was a figure next to my bed, the very same size and shape of my mother, only it was very dark and only the silhouette could be…

    • Cris

      The presence left immediately. Later, my sister, who stayed in that same house for nearly a year, told me about several events. Once, she heard a noise in the other end of the house. She went into the kitchen to find two plates that had hung on the wall were now perfectly arranged on a placemat on the the table.
      Another time, a huge mirror that had hung for decades suddenly came crashing down onto the buffet underneath it. Later, when the house was being shown for selling, one of the shadow boxes that contained items from my parents’ lives, fell off the wall while the people were in that room. Nothing like this had ever happened over the many years that my parents lived there. Only after my mom died.
      Eventually, my sister and a friend did a prayer walk and set a boundary of protection over the house and property. She didn’t have any further events during the final months of living there.
      I really don’t have an explanation for this, as it has caused me to ask new questions.

    • Steve

      Like Cris, who commented above, I too am a spirit-filled, born again Christian who has had recent experiences that have caused me to rethink things I have been taught all my life.

      We purchased a home recently that has antique items that the original builder brought in from various locations and “built them into” the home; a mantel from 1897, stained glass, 1920’s hotel doors, doors from a Civil War mansion… Within one month of living there, we began to experience inexplainable things. The first was that our double master bedroom doors closed on their own when my wife was home alone. A few days later, my wife was awakened by footsteps that sounded like boots walking on the hardwood floor in the living room, just on the other side of the same bedroom doors.

      Our 70 yr old neighbor and her brother built our house for their parents 40 yrs ago. We asked her about the history of the home & if it had ghosts. She smiled and said, “Maybe. But they’re harmless” (which honestly freaked me out). We told her the antique doors had closed on their own, but said nothing to her about footsteps. Then she shared her story about the doors. She explained that she grew up in a 25 room antebellum mansion that had been used as a Civil War hospital (decades before she was born). As a little girl she would often lay in bed and hear what sounded like soldiers boots walking across the front porch outside her bedroom. Then she revealed that the double doors on our master bedroom had been taken from that house. They had been her bedroom doors leading to that front porch. We freaked out hearing this and told her that we had heard the same boots and she just smiled. Creepy!

      That night, my wife and I anointed and prayed over the home, commanding in the name of Jesus any spirit that was not of God to leave. We’ve never had any more trouble. I was taught that spirits are either demons or angles, not dead people, but this makes me wonder how much we really don’t…

    • Sheri

      As a progressive Christian who doesn’t believe in the existence of hell or Satan, my theology has always been that as soon as you die, your soul is immediately one with God. So ghosts and demons aren’t something I believe in. However, we are made of energy and it does make sense that there are many leftover energies in the world from the people who have lived which could account for the things we label ghosts.

    • Jen

      Sherri, not trying to start a debate, but I am curious as to with you being a Christian, how you don’t believe in Satan or Hell? The Bible teaches they are very in fact real.

    • Razael

      why do you have to follow the word of man word by word
      follow your heart thats where god is the bible is a political mess and only should be used as guide lines the rest is up to you if you believe something then believe it

    • Kathy

      I am a born again believer and always thought that because the Holy Spirit dwells within me I was immune to “haunting” by evil spirits. I don’t believe in ghosts but do believe that Satan is out to deceive as many as he can by tricking people into believing that spirits of deceased people linger on earth in certain places. I am fascinated by the ghost stories on tv and watch them frequently. I have never had a paranormal experience myself and quite frankly don’t want one. Was wondering though are born again believers in fact immune to such things?

    • Kathy

      I am a born again believer and always thought that because the Holy Spirit dwells within me I was immune to “haunting” by evil spirits. I don’t believe in ghosts but do believe that Satan is out to deceive as many as he can by tricking people into believing that spirits of deceased people linger on earth in certain places. I am fascinated by the paranormal and watch ghost stories on tv frequently. I have never had a paranormal experience myself and quite frankly don’t want one. Was wondering though are born again believers in fact immune to such things?

    • Brian Hutchinson

      I know this is an old post but I feel I need to post
      The ghost as we have came to know though TV and Books is different for me. Te ghost can only come from 3 forms. 1) is and angle or God him self. 2) is the spirit of a once human on earth. They have only came to earth for a specific purpose through God. In other words God allows them or commands they to do Gods work. 3) is the devil or demons. This is that I be leave at this time and day for me. I was born again drowning at the bottom or a river. I said: “God I am yours. I ready to come home.” But he had something different for me. Later in my early teen years I bargain to doubt God’s existence. He have my soul to the devil in order to save my soul. I have seen, herd, physically Touched and lived for 5 years in continuous torment by the devil and demons. I did not know this until about 3 years ago. In short God showed me what it was like not to have God in my life. When I met my wife all demonic things stopped. I still see, hear spirits bit nothing bad. I keep this to my self except tell my wife. In closing no matter if you believe or not does not change the fact that there is a real spirit world. God has chosen this Burden for some. He chose people to deal with this matter. For other like my wife has never had any experience of such. For my? It is God’s will for me. How can I disagree. Cheers

    • ProtectMalaysian

      1) The word ghost in any language or movie often carry the idea that a

      dead person souls or spirit remain or returned to earth to do

      something bad and appears to be ungly and hostile. Which CHristian or

      not, should never relate it to Biblical Samuel, Lazarus, Moses or

      Elijah. Samuel was illegally called, Lazarus raised from dead back to

      human mortal form, Moses and Elijah are in their glorifed form like


      2) JESUS did not say anything about ghost when Peter thought that HE

      was ghost, should not be used here, as hebrew word ghost in that

      context does not mean hostile returned dead person, but simply refers

      to spiritual being that defies gravity and appear to walk on water.

      That was why JESUS ask Peter to touch Him.

      3) Demons impersonate dead people to deceive those who does not know

      the word of GOD or JESUS. if a murdered victim returned and has the

      ablity to make events in this physical world, then he or she would go

      arrent the murderer. Obviously demons will not go arrest bad guys,

      because bad people are under their influence to kill, they are their

      agents, just different job scope.

      4) Why demons pretend to be ghost in some country and as alien in some

      other? because they will appear to you the way you believe they are,

      as long as you think that ghost is scary and powerful, you will think

      that demons are more powerful, so human spend their life fearing

      ghost. the TRUTH is, we should fear GOD instead of all these ghost or

      demons things. Hell is will be made to punish evil spirits and demons

      and their human alliances.

      5) forget about panaroma or ghost, GOD is whom we shall fear. The

      punishment for attempting to waste HIS time and try HIS patience is

      more scary than any ghost or demons.

      Fear GOD, Respect GOD. Seek JESUS

    • ProtectMalaysian

      6) Human are strange, they have a LOVING GOD they should spend time knowing, but instead, they scare of ghost but admire its fictional power, worship Satan and lust for its pleasure, Admire Aliens thinking of their high technology.

    • Peggy Van Meter

      When my husband passed suddenly, I was in shock and sadness. The confusion of sorting everything out was overwhelming. I admit I called to my husband for answers, for goodbyes Not afforded. My California relatives were positive I should go to a medium ( I did not) and the pressure was intense. I clung to my faith and the question why would he want to come back if he’d seen the face of God? The first two weeks alone in the house proved to be mildly eventful. One day the smell of “Skin Bracer” (his aftershave) permeated the upstairs making me think the cat had knocked it over. It was so strong it burned my eyes. But the bottle was intact and cap on. Another time I walked past the spot where I last saw him alive and smelled it again. And then it was gone, no more. About six months later after moving to s. Texas, I was praying as I drove to the hospital to see my Mom who broke her hip. In my prayer I told The Lord I loved him and if possible, tell Larry I love him, too. About that time a car passed me and got in front of me. The back windshield had “I Luv U 2” written on it. I do see the irony of it, but it was the timing. It made me smile. Now, no more smells or anything like it. Hmmmm.

    • Carolyn Smith

      My husband and I are both born-again, Bible-believing, evangelical Christians. Up until 2 1/2 years ago, I had never had any sort of experiences involving ghosts, and figured I probably never would.
      In October 2011, though, we bought a house that was several years old. We bought it from a couple our age, who had purchased it from the original owners. Shortly after moving in, I began hearing noises at night. It sounded like someone tapping a plastic object (such as the little plastic nob at the bottom of the blind pull cord) against the wall. My husband never did hear it. I started sleeping with a fan going, to drown out the sound. One night I was awakened out of a sound sleep by what sounded like a small object being dropped on glass. I knew that on the dresser was a small mirrored tray with tiny sea shells on it, and it sounded just like someone had picked up one and dropped it. I put the tray inside the dresser drawer and never heard that sound again, although I would still hear the tapping sounds.
      In asking my neighbors about the original owners, they said that an elderly couple had built the house, and that the man (Mr. Gray) had died, and shortly thereafter Mrs. Gray sold the house and moved to a small apartment. I became convinced that this was the spirit of Mr. Gray who paid those nightly visits.
      A few months ago we sold the house and decided to move to another state. I felt so relieved, because I would be rid of Mr. Gray forever. The house we chose in our new location was being sold by a woman whose husband had died a few years after they had the house built. I thought to myself, “Oh, no, I hope Mr. Johnson doesn’t come back and visit,” but we liked the house so much, that we went ahead and bought it. Well, it wasn’t long until I started hearing noises. I was sleeping alone in one bedroom, while my husband was sleeping in another one. One night after I went to bed, I heard knocking on the bedroom door. I got up, but nobody was there. (to be cont’d)

    • Carolyn Smith

      Continued from above.

      This happened several more times, so I started leaving the door open, and didn’t hear any more knocking. (It wasn’t my husband; he was upstairs at the time, and could not possibly have knocked on the door and gotten back across the room and up the stairs without my seeing him. And also, he is not the type to play jokes like that)
      I would also start hearing noises just behind the wall at the headboard. This was the wall to the terrace, and it was pretty clean, so there was nothing loose to knock around. The noises sounded like someone beating on wood or such, and sometimes woke me up several times in one night. I would turn up the fan as high as it would go, and the noises would still wake me up. Later I started sleeping in another room, and didn’t hear them any more.
      I never SAW anything odd until one day this week. My husband asked me to look at some dusty footprints on the living room floor (hardwood). It appeared to be footprints of a man wearing a very pointy-toed shoe and an animal (dog?) walking next to him. The prints appeared to start from the hall and across the living room, stopping at the piano. They ended there. We don’t have a dog. Our cat has much smaller feet. And there is no explanation for where the dust came from. The prints started from the center of the house, not from the outside. This phenomenon has caused me to lose sleep. I have prayed, recited protective psalms before bed, and begged God to take away whatever is causing these upsets. It is simply not possible that this is anything other than supernatural. We love this house and we paid a great deal for it. I’m afraid to mention it to the neighbors, because if we ever decide to sell, I don’t want any potential buyers concerned about ghosts.
      I would appreciate any prayers you are willing to offer.

    • Carolyn Smith

      In reading some of the above posts, I note that various people say they anointed and prayed for their homes. We did the same thing when we moved in here, which makes it even more strange that these things keep happening. I am seriously thinking about having our pastor come and anoint it again and pray. I just hope he doesn’t think we are totally dotty!

    • Carolyn Smith

      I made three posts to this blog yesterday. Half an hour later I verified that all were here. An hour later, they disappeared.

    • Jean Jacques

      Hi there,

      I’ve been a committed Christian for more than 30 years. I have also been a praise and worship leader for a while. At the same time, I have been very interested into the paranormal. From my maids, close friends and family, I had heard many ghost stories. The widespread belief is that where there have been people who died, mostly brutally, their ghosts hangs around. Then came the ghost hunters shows which fascinated me. And for a long time I thought that ghosts were dead people and from time to time some demonic entities would pop up. It’s actually after viewing several shows and particularly a ghost adventure show at Bobby Mackey that I understood that all ghosts are actually demons. They mimic living persons as well as dead persons. They know when to be friendly to gain people’s confidence and trouble them afterwards. Now let’s be logic. Do you think that dead persons and demons would live in the same dimension at the same time? It’s a deception. Only demons hangs around on earth. Sometimes angels come to intervene but that’s all. Dead people do not interact with living persons anymore.

    • junerose

      I agree with a lot of what Protect Malaysian says. The stories in the Bible do not refer to ghosts for the most part. The story of Moses and Elijah is about them showing up in their glorified form, not as ghosts. And Jesus was not a ghost when walking on the water. Even after Jesus rose from the dead, he still had a body and was even able to eat. If ghosts really had power, they would make sure that murderers were convicted, etc. Above all, it is the Holy spirit we should be interested in, not ghosts.
      I believe that there are some phenomena that can be difficult to explain, and God does not want us to know everything. There is what the Bible refers to as forbidden knowledge. I think Christians can experience disturbing phenomena, and they should be taken seriously when that happens. However, everything I have read about either ghosts or demons tells me that it is foolish and a waste of time for Christians to be fascinated by ghosts or demons.
      I attended college in the 80’s and for a while there was a lot of us of crystal balls and Ouija boards on campus. Christians got together to pray about it, and God simply told us to sing praises to him. It worked. We could feel the darkness scattering.
      Also, in my experience dealing with spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ is infinitely complex. I can spend the rest of my life learning about it, and it would never be enough.
      Demons on the other hand, resemble rats more than anything else. With that, I mean that they can be dangerous and destructive, but they are also disgusting creatures and very mindless. They are in severe bondage to certain spiritual principles. I watched a documentary where a Catholic priest was called in to exercise a demon. The demon spoke only in single words, not even in sentences.
      This proves that the more you give yourself over to Satan, the more you will be in bondage, and loose your individuality. The more you give yourself to God, the freer you…

    • junerose

      I agree with what ProtectMalaysian said. Jesus was never a ghost. Even after his resurrection when he went through doors he had a body and was able to eat.
      I believe that Christians can have strange experiences which should not be dismissed. I don’t have a firm theology about ghosts, but in regard to demons, what I have seen is that they are very simple and mindless compared to the Holy Spirit. As a college student, I experienced praying with other Christians because of the use of Ouija boards and crystal balls on campus. God told us simply to praise him. It worked, and the evil atmosphere scattered.
      I don’t usually watch documentaries on exorcism, but did one. A Catholic priest was called to exorcise a demon who had told a man to kill his family. The voice of the demon could be heard through some sound equipment. The demon only spoke in single words, not sentences. It had almost completely lost its individuality. The more someone gives themselves over to Satan, the more they will loose their own personality. The more someone gives themselves over to Jesus Christ, the more they will become who they truly are.
      The Holy Spirit is infinitely complex. Demons are in many ways very simple and mindless. They are bound to certain spiritual principles.
      If there is such a thing as ghosts, God who is all-powerful and all-knowing can show us what to do with them. Demons are created beings, and far from all-powerful and all-knowing. God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are so much more interesting and worthy of attention than any ghosts or demons.

      • Lizzy

        It says in the Bible that the angels are a company they do not produce off spring, that they are stronger than us and more intelligent than us, we are made a little lower than the angels psalm 8;5 Then in his explanation of how angels in heaven do not rail against other angels like prideful humans rail against certain angels, Peter states in 2 Peter 2:11 that angels are “greater in power and might” than humans. This means they are higher than us in the ranks of God’s creation you must not underestimate demons as you should not give them more power than they have. satan and his demons are under Gods rule at all times, there is nothing satan can do or not do without Gods permission, satan can oppress Christians but cannot possess them you cannot share the holy spirit with a demon spirit inside you. If a demon acts dumb you may lower your guard thinking them to inept to worry about.

    • Carolyn Smith

      I appreciate the comments and confirmations from readers above. I have come to believe also that ghosts are demons that are trying to cause confusion and fear. Ever since the “footprint” episode, I have been saying special prayers before going to bed each night. Primarily I pray the Lord’s prayer, especially the phrase “Deliver us from evil” and the 23d Psalm (“I will fear no evil.”). I then ask the Holy Spirit to fill every room of this house and protect us from any other spirits. I have had no trouble since then. I have to conscientiously refuse to let my mind think about those footprints, though, because that was such an unnerving experience, that if I think about it much, I start feeling fear again. The Apostle Paul says that “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Tim. 1:7) I claim that principle, and I believe it causes the evil spirits to flee.

      After I wrote the above posts, I recalled another experience about 20 years ago, which I believed then and now involved a demon. I was working for the Army in Germany and was living in an apartment in an Army housing area. I had a rather new Oriental (Chinese) rug on the floor of the living room. One evening I was sitting on my sofa and got up to go across the room for something. As I did, I stumbled over what felt like a metal dowel coming out of that rug. I looked down and saw nothing. I then stooped down and ran my hands all over that area of the rug and felt nothing. I wondered if I was imagining things. A few days later the same thing happened again. This time I hit my foot so hard that the skin was scraped between my big toe and the one next to it. Again, there was nothing on the floor (how on earth can a piece of metal come up out of the floor through a rug and not be visible?). I knew then that it was a demonic spirit, and I immediately cast it out in the name of Jesus. Jesus said in Mark 16:17, “These signs will accompany those who…

    • Carolyn Smith

      “These signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name….”
      I still have that rug and have never had any trouble with it again. I have wondered since then if the demon was haunting that apartment rather than my rug. In any event, I fully believe that the Holy Spirit removed it.

    • Jay Altieri

      Michael’s TV show is pure fiction. I too love a good zombie or alien movie, but there is nada real about any of it. I would concur with option #1. No such thing as disembodied spirits on earth. It is all demonic.

      Here is the theology behind my view:
      Disembodied spirits of humans are alive. They can think, act and move. Life is available only in Jesus. Thus the Redeemed are alive in spirit after body death, awaiting the resurrection while in the presence of Christ in heaven.

      But the unsaved are dead. Just as their body died, so too their spirit died. Sin kills every aspect of life, including especially the spiritual.
      The unsaved are unconscious in the grave (meaning of Hebrew ‘sheol’=grave)awaiting judgment. They are not yet in hell, as CMP said in the post, LakeFire is not yet populated, because there has not yet been Last Judgment.

      Conditional Immortality posits that the wicked do not receive the gift of Life, so they ultimately go extinct. Likewise, what I’m saying is that Intermediate Immortality (life after death before the resurrection) is also Conditionally granted based on faith in Jesus Christ.
      To say that humans have immortality OUTSIDE of Jesus’ gift is incorrect, and contravened by 1Tim 6:16. Only God is Deathless.

      The wicked don’t “go” anywhere. They are dead in the grave. Thus no such thing as a ghost.

    • Edoubts

      Very Interesting article on Ghosts.

    • Romy Blystone

      Hi. I just wanted to say, “well done.” You presented a very open and respectful dialogue with your readers and have invited them into conversation rather than play a modern day pharisee boasting of your wisdom. Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work… it matters. Peace and grace to you.

    • Sonja cribb

      I have video taped them and seen a shadow with my naked eye, I have been given the gift from god to be able to see such things. I see blue orbs everywhere they are always around me and in my church

    • Kevin

      I can’t say much except from a personal standpoint but it seems that the majority of the weaknesses in view 1 stem from the idea that it doesn’t make sense for demons to be causing these paranormal occurrences because they doesn’t further the agenda of undermining faith in God. I would argue that they do further this agenda, just in a more subtle long-term way. When we think demonic activity, we automatically assume such actions will mirror the exorcist or be some variety of large evil, immediately harmful act. So who hears of an old haunted hospital and thinks demons are behind it? No real harm or trouble is being caused so why would it be the work of demons? The same can be said of overly accurate psychics and other seemingly harmless paranormal occurrences, how can this be causing harm? Because it leads to the belief that there is something paranormal out there that is not of God. If we believe that innocuous paranormal acts are not the work of demons, then we believe they are caused by some other higher power. To believe in another higher power beyond what the Bible states exists (God, angels, demons) is to accept that Christianity is fundamentally wrong or incomplete. If this is so then is there really a God? Did the son of God really exist? This doubt is what demons achieve by appearing in such discrete non harmful way. How many Muslims have you met who claim to be psychic? It is very hard for us to actually believe in multiple things, so if you believe in spirits, psychics and other non religion based paranormal activities then its very doubtful that you will also believe in God.

    • Adam Kincaid

      I’ve been having a problem with a spirit, ghost, angel or demon. They have shaken objects, tapped, pressed my pillow area as I try to sleep. It has touched my arm, back, and swat my but, even attempted to choke me. When I stare at myself in the mirror my face will change into men I never met, and a hideous demonic thing. All my attempts to dispell this have failed. Senseless phych meds havent cured it. I’m at a loss to how to get this to stop harrassing me. Any input would be appreciated

      • Carolyn Smith

        I’m certainly not an expert, but from all I have read, this is definitely demonic activity. You say that “all my attempts to dispel this have failed.” I don’t know what kind of attempts you have made, but I recommend following Jesus’ admonition in Mark 16:17, “These signs shall follow those that believe…. they shall cast out demons in My name…” In my post above (Feb 24), I cite using that scripture for the authority to remove a demonic spirit that was in a rug. If you don’t feel strong enough to do this alone, ask your pastor or a strong Christian friend to believe with you and command this evil presence to remove itself. I will be praying for you.

    • Tammy

      I’ve really enjoyed this!
      I have always been a Christian.
      Recently while traveling Route 66.
      America’s Haunted Highways.
      I’ve had a strange addiction to want to learn
      About ghost & paranormal activity.
      Yet I’ve never experienced it. Thank God
      I haven’t. I’m really scared of such!.
      I don’t know what’s happened to me lately.
      I don’t like it. Thank God I stumbled
      Upon this thread. Once you open the door
      To this it can turn bad. I’m praying for God
      To feel my mind with power, love & a sound
      Mind. For he doesn’t give us the spirit of fear.
      Also I’ve been reading about Black eyed kids.
      It’s dangerous. The Devil doesn’t have long
      So he is getting to people thru the spirit world
      As well as Drugs, alcohol & disease.
      We have to keep in faith & praise him every
      Waking moment. People, just like the War
      That Israel has fought for ages. We have to fight
      The fight. God is our Father. We are his children.
      We can’t & must not give up. Pray, fast, believe,
      Receive. For God is the way the truth
      & the life. Thank you all for the stories.
      Love hearing them. God bless!

    • Peejae

      In all things I pray about it. I always try to trust God in all situations. To me this is something that shouldn’t be messed with. I also have had a frightful experience with meditation. I believed in Jesus, but didn’t read the Bible. I was meditating one night trying to induce a out of body experience because I was listening to Oprah talking about Christ consciousness and all that. I was like Oprah is a nice woman. She wouldn’t lie, so I set out to do it. I thought it was something I had to do to be with Jesus. Well lemme tell you I was completely wrong. I meditated that night in the total thought that I was gonna leave my body. I listened to certain beats while relaxing and focusing on it. I couldn’t get to the point of leaving my Body because my fiancé who was next to me sleeping kept moving, but the one thing that was really noticeable when I was done doing the meditation though was that my Brian felt completely open. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I set my iPod down and tried to go to sleep. I laid down for a second and my
      Window was open and I have vertical blinds in my bedroom. Once I laid my head down I heard a crash through my blinds. Like a sudden burst. I looked over and saw my blinds just flying all over the place. I looked out the window and it wasn’t Windy or anything like that, so I couldn’t explain why they just flew open. I decided to just go to sleep and forget about it, but as I laid to sleep I couldn’t help but think about how my Brain felt wide open after the meditation. I finally fell asleep and a little while later I was woken up. I was in a state of sleep paralysis. I have had sleep paralysis happen before, but not like this. In that moment all I could sense was pure evil. I was completely paralyzed. I couldn’t move or talk. I felt complete evil around me. I sensed something was there and then all the sudden my head was picked up off the pillow. It was being moved side to side like someone or something was investigating my head. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. Then all of the sudden I could talk, but I wasn’t the one talking. The words that came out of my mouth changed my life forever. I said “I am not yours in the name of Jesus Christ”. Then I started to senselessly bable nonsense I thought. Right after I said that my head was placed back on my pillow and the whole experience stopped. I was totally frightened at what just happened. I was scared to fall back asleep because the feeling of my head being open was still there. Well to say the least I did fall back asleep. Then the whole thing happened a second time just like the first. The same words came out and the experience stopped. Jesus saved me that night. I felt horrible for what I did the next day. He even put people in my way to tell me not to mess with that stuff, but my pride got ahead of me and I thought This is what God wanted, because I was looking for some higher supernatural truth. God has always been there for me. I rededicated myself to him and asked forgiveness. I trust God through it all. He has showed me that these things in life that we chase after aren’t as important that we make them out to be, as a matter of fact he showed me in the Bible. That’s how he talks to me sometimes. I’ll pray about it then read the Bible and find the answer. That’s why it’s called the living word. He is most gracious and awesome and he loves all. He showed me that all these things will not last forever, but the only things that last forever is Faith, Hope and Love. These three things should be out focus. Love to all and God Bless.

    • TAH

      Hey! I need to know what people’s Biblical view is on my situation. Tonight at an old fort in my hometown, I took pictures of the buildings. One building was an old jail for the soldiers. I went to see if when I took pictures, anything would show up-and it did! Lots of men in old uniforms and two women, one child(or so as they looked). For some reason, I got excited and sent them to the town’s paper by e-mail. Now I am feeling so guilty, especially after reading how God does not want us to mess with the dead- yet question the verses on the Bible’s talk of ghosts. Did I do something against God? Are these pictures of real ghosts or of demons? This article is a good layout, I just don’t want to anger God because of being caught up in a moment. If I did wrong, it definately was not worth it. Honestly, it just seemed kewl at the time to see soldiers who may just wanna be known. Opinions, please 🙂 Thanks!

    • NJDiva25

      We do know where these disembodied spirits go. According to the word of God, Luke 16:19-31, The Messiah (Jesus Christ) explained the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man. He gave us a view into the afterlife confirming that the rich man went to hell for his greediness and selfishness to Lazarus. Lazarus went into the Bosom of Abraham or (Paradise) after he passed into the afterlife. When the rich man asked for a drink from Lazarus and he was denied, Abraham had to explain to the Rich Man that in life he received many good things and Lazarus received many bad things. Abraham also explained to the Rich Man that there was a great chasm between Hades and Paradise. No one from either side could cross over to the other. By Jesus giving us this lesson, we are made aware that Hell is for the unrighteous and Paradise is for righteous. We are also made aware that souls don’t get stuck “inbetween”. Of course, after Jesus died for our sins, he went into Hell for three days and took captivity captive. Jesus went into Hell and took those who (Abraham, Lazarus, Isaac, Jacob, etc) were in Paradise into Heaven with him. All souls that are not saved go to Hell. Those who are saved by our Lord Jesus Christ, when they die, they will sleep until the final judgement. Those who are not saved go into hell. Remember, Rev. 20:14-15 states that God will take Hell (All inhabitants) and Death ,and throw them into the Lake of Fire which is the second death.

      We are also made aware through this lesson that Jesus taught demonstrates that there is no “inbetween”. If you are saved, you go to heaven, if you don’t accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior, you go to hell. If you want to call that inbetween, that just about “inbetween” as it gets. Meaning, people’s spirits don’t get trapped here and run around which attributes to hauntings. You don’t get to stick around and haunt your relatives or whomever when you die. You either go to heaven or hell. According to Gary Kinnaman’s book, Angels:Dark and Light a, demon can change form and come back as a relative or a so called “friendly” ghost of a child. For example, there is a verse in Deuteronomy 5:9 stating that all of the iniquities of the fathers shall be visited to the sons to the third and fourth generation of those who hate him. We are made aware from this verse that generational curses are real and they possess a demonic presence. Demons will stay with a family for many generations to ensure that those generational curses are fulfilled. Demons can study the mannerisms of all human behavior and learn how to act it out. They can stay in families and learn intimate details about your life. What Lullaby mommy sanged to you before you went to sleep, etc So, if a person thinks that they are contacting their, Mommy or their Dear Dead Aunt Sally, they are mistaken, they are contacting the demon that was familiar with their Mommy or Dear Dead Aunt Sally. All of these things are done in order to lead you from the Word of God. Because if you begin to believe that loved ones can be contacted from the dead, then you begin to believe that the spiritual world is not operated by God’s Word or His Rules. You begin to believe that some people, when they die, can get trapped here and wander around and haunt which isn’t true. Pay close attention to these shows, you notice every time someone has a haunting, they have to “Cleanse” the house. Of course, they have to cleanse the house. Because it’s not the spirit of a dead person prancing around that house. It’s a demonic spirit taunting them. Anyway, Read the bible 15 minutes a day and read the book Angels: Dark and Light. Reading the bible and having a personal relationship with Christ is the only way to never mistake these things.

    • NJDiva25

      We do know where these disembodied spirits go. According to the word of God, Luke 16:19-31, The Messiah (Jesus Christ) explained the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man. He gave us a view into the afterlife confirming that the rich man went to hell for his greediness and selfishness to Lazarus. Lazarus went into the Bosom of Abraham or (Paradise) after he passed into the afterlife. When the rich man asked for a drink from Lazarus and he was denied, Abraham had to explain to the Rich Man that in life he received many good things and Lazarus received many bad things. Abraham also explained to the Rich Man that there was a great chasm between Hades and Paradise. No one from either side could cross over to the other. By Jesus giving us this lesson, we are made aware that Hell is for the unrighteous and Paradise is for righteous. We are also made aware that souls don’t get stuck “inbetween”. Of course, after Jesus died for our sins, he went into Hell for three days and took captivity captive. Jesus went into Hell and took those who (Abraham, Lazarus, Isaac, Jacob, etc) were in Paradise into Heaven with him. All souls that are not saved go to Hell. Those who are saved by our Lord Jesus Christ, when they die, they will sleep until the final judgement. Those who are not saved go into hell. Remember, Rev. 20:14-15 states that God will take Hell (All inhabitants) and Death ,and throw them into the Lake of Fire which is the second death.

      We are also made aware through this lesson that Jesus taught demonstrates that there is no “inbetween”. If you are saved, you go to heaven, if you don’t accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior, you go to hell. If you want to call that inbetween, that just about “inbetween” as it gets. Meaning, people’s spirits don’t get trapped here and run around which attributes to hauntings. You don’t get to stick around and haunt your relatives or whomever when you die. You either go to heaven or hell. According to Gary Kinnaman’s book, Angels: Dark and Light, a demon can change form and come back as a relative or a so called “friendly” ghost of a child. For example, there is a verse in Deuteronomy 5:9 stating that all of the iniquities of the fathers shall be visited to the sons to the third and fourth generation of those who hate him. We are made aware from this verse that generational curses are real and they possess a demonic presence. Demons will stay with a family for many generations to ensure that those generational curses are fulfilled. Demons can study the mannerisms of all human behavior and learn how to act it out. They can stay in families and learn intimate details about your life. What Lullaby mommy sanged to you before you went to sleep, etc So, if a person thinks that they are contacting their, Mommy or their Dear Dead Aunt Sally, they are mistaken, they are contacting the demon that was familiar with their Mommy or Dear Dead Aunt Sally. All of these things are done in order to lead you from the Word of God. Because if you begin to believe that loved ones can be contacted from the dead, then you begin to believe that the spiritual world is not operated by God’s Word or His Rules. You begin to believe that some people, when they die, can get trapped here and wander around and haunt which isn’t true. Pay close attention to these shows, you notice every time someone has a haunting, they have to “Cleanse” the house. Of course, they have to cleanse the house. Because it’s not the spirit of a dead person prancing around that house. It’s a demonic spirit taunting them. Anyway, Read the bible 15 minutes a day and read the book Angels: Dark and Light. Reading the bible and having a personal relationship with Christ is the only way to never mistake these things. Just like Carolyn Smith said about, Rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus. I loved your post by Carolyn Smith, it moved me to tears. But, what I also loved about it is that you took Authority that only Jesus Christ can gave us. You casted those demons out in the name of Jesus. Your post was encouraging and I encourage others to read that Carolyns post and the word of God. There is nothing you need to fear, because God didn’t give us a spirit of fear or timidity, but of power, love, and self discipline (2 timothy 1:7). Praise God!

    • Shane

      I do not believe in ghosts per say but I have personally experienced demonic activity most all my life. I don’t agree with any of te 3 choices. Scripture is more clear than modern Christianity is aware of. Scripture indicates that once we die we “rest “. I have yet to read any biblical verse indicating the dead rise to paradise (in fact it states no one has ascended into heaven accept Him who came down from heaven). I also am convinced, that if it’s not for YHWH (god), it is against Him. Having said that, ghosts seem to be demonic. If this were not so, why are ministers and religious members contacted for consultation and exorcisms? I am always open to any thoughts on the matter.

    • Shane

      One additional thought. 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, watch, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
      Considering the times and experiences many people have, the absolute best thing you can do is pray, study the Scriptures, and if needed anoint your house with prayer and Set-aSet – apart oil. Also, be extremely cautious as to what you allow in your home (TV, guests, objects) because if you let it in- its now in your home.

    • Zac Vinson

      I am a strong believer in #1. I think that demons take on the form of those who once lived to skew your beliefs and faith in God. As a child I saw many things that couldn’t be explained. Family members that I had never met because they passed away before I was born. I always felt an uneasy presence with them. I thought they were evil. I believe it was a demon taking the form of those that have passed. In the weakness section you say, “Many of the “hauntings” are hard to explain simply through demonic activity. Often those places that are claimed to be haunted are abandoned hospitals, ghost towns, and the like. These places are uninhabited and therefore do not seem suitable for a malicious demon to inhabit.” That being said, ghost towns are a sort of attraction that people go to visit, so perhaps ghost towns are the perfect place for demons to reach the masses. The people come to them. This makes it easier for them to skew our beliefs.

    • cyp

      just wanted to mention two mistakes the author makes when trying to disprove version 1 (ghost are all demons) :
      1. he says demons should not be in desrted places. Luke 11 clearly says that “demons when they are driven out of a person it goes into deserted places to find rest”. We also find that a lot of the persons heavily possessed by demons went to deserted places and in graveyards. From this we find that actually demons do tend to inhabit deserted places.
      2. he mixes hell with the lake of fire. Actually hell and the lake of fire are two different things. Hell (sheol) is where humans that have no followed God go. The lake of fire is where hell the demons and the people that followed them will be thrown at the end times.

      There are though cases when deceased had appeared in dreams to ask for absolution sermons to be held so that their soul may be freed from hell. this is different of what is refered as ghost though.

    • Matt

      The last post on this blog topic was in 2015, it’s now 2022! I guess it’s time to fire things. Ack up!

      I was curious one evening about what Christian theologians believed about ghosts and I found this post.

      I too am a believer. And a fan of Ghost Hunters and other paranormal shows. The topic has always fascinated me. As a young boy I heard stories from my grandmother and mom about crying babies in my grandparents attic. So the topic has always intrigued me.

      Fast forward several years, and I’m married with three kiddos and we had moved to Nebraska to a 10 year old house. After about 5-7 years in the house we started experiencing paranormal activity. It started with my second child hearing footsteps at the foot and side of her bed and hearing other weird activity in her bedroom downstairs. She would get so scared that she would freeze under her covers and have to build up the nerve to reach over and turn her light on and then run upstairs to tell us about what was happening to her.

      After her telling us the stories, my wife and I began to hear loud footsteps down our hall to our bedroom. They were so Loud they would wake us up, we would both sit up in bed and think an intruder was in the house, only to discover there was nobody there.

      We then began hearing loud crashing sounds in our bathroom down the hall like the shampoo bottle falling into the fiberglass tub. My wife would make me check it out, and nothing was moved. Crazy!

      Then we heard loud, crazy loud crashing sounds in the kitchen. It sounded like silverware was being thrown to the floor or our plates and bowls were being thrown against the wall. It was so loud it would wake my entire family up.

      I would of course again go to the kitchen only to see nothing out of place. So weird.

      Then my son saw the apparition in the basement. Ugh! He saw something.

      Then one evening my wife and I were watching tv in the downstairs and heard what sounded like someone walking around upstairs. No one was home except us . My wife again made me clear the house only to find out no one was there.

      I have about 50 plus documented stories of weird stories like this.

      I believed it was demonic and would go room to room and pray and cleanse the house.

      The activity has stopped and we haven’t had any activity in about a year, but I don’t really know what it was.

      As a believer i tend to think it was demonic, but I don’t believe we will know until we go home to Heaven and ask God.

      Fascinating nonetheless!

      I pray for all of you!


      • C Michael Patton

        Thanks for the very interesting comment and story. I am glad it has all stopped.

        I don’t know why you can only see to 2015. While there has not been a lot of writing, there has been dozens since then. Are you going to the front page?

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