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    • MikeB

      Sounds like an exciting find. Only real question I have is why can’t images and basic info be released today?

    • Mike Licona

      Mike B: I suppose there are a number of reasons, one of which is that it takes time to examine the manuscripts and several experts will be involved. So, they will want to be careful not to make bold statements that may later need to be retracted. It’s an exciting but lengthy process and restraint is required.

    • David

      Would marry be the 13th generational in Matthew dealing 14 generations of Christ line?

    • MikeB


      Thanks for the update. I agree that all experts need to examine and all studies need to be made so that there is good information on what these manuscripts represent. Guess there has been so much said already from the Ehrman debate to this video that was hoping more could be made available.

      Thanks again

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    • Phil McCheddar

      Do you know the locality where these 7 manuscripts were found? Were they all found together in one place or as separate independent discoveries?

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    • Tommie

      I have been whatching this since the debate between Wallace an Ehrman.

      I’m doing my dissertation on the reliability of the Gospel of Mark. I hope it is released early 2013 so that I’ll be able to use it in my chapter on textual Criticism.

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