It was great to see so many new people on Converse with Scholars tonight. I was very disappointed that things did not go too well with the program. We had many voice and connection problems that kept it from being the success that it could have been. I am sorry for that. Hopefully, we will be able to fix what went wrong and move forward with our vision.

Having said that, when Dan Wallace and Gary Habermas were discussing back and forth on the microphone (Dan had to take the role of the interviewer!), I was thinking to myself, this is what I had dreamed about when CWS was first envisioned. It gave me a renewed resolve to see it work. I am no doomsdayer and I try to see the best in everything, but one thing I do know is that our culture is becoming more ignorant every day of the issues that matter. Recent polls show things are still in decline when it comes to religious and biblical knowledge. The average person just does not have any idea of the level of Christian scholarship, Evangelical Christian scholarship, that is actually out there. There is an extreme gap between the average Christian and the type of scholarship that is represented by many evangelical professors. Dan Wallace, Gary Habermas, Paul Copan, Mike Licona, and Robert Bowman are top scholars that I am proud to be associated with and I am glad they are doing what they are doing.

Even though things did not work out as well as we had hoped, I have renewed confidence and resolve to do whatever I can to make these scholars accessible to everyone. If this happens, I imagine The Discovery Channel will not find the naive audience that gives them a hearing when they air such childish nonsense that is better suited along side the arguments of the flat-earth society.

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

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    • CEMiller


      I continue to be amazed at the “access” that CWS provides participants
      such as myself, to top notch authors and thelogians. We all share the
      frustration of the technological setbacks, but I encourage you to
      persevere. This is an amazing ministry.


    • C Michael Patton

      Thanks Chuck, I agree with you. Your encouragment is great.

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