By now, all are aware that the Supreme Court voted Friday in favor of same-sex marriage. In a 5-4 ruling, the decision placed the United States among the 19 countries that have accepted same-sex marriage on a federal level: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales), and Uruguay.

Many Christians see this as an utter defeat, believing that we have lost the battle and that society inevitably goes downhill from here. Others are holding out hope that there is some way that this will be overturned soon (it could, but it won’t). Some may be even moving to Texas, ready to secede from the U.S. (this can’t and it won’t—really Texans, look it up).

However, there are plenty of reasons for Christians to gird up their loins and find strength, knowing that yesterday’s decision should not alarm us too much.

1. The Government Does Not Have its Finger on the Pulse of Humanity, It Reflects It

We often look toward the government as the leader from which we get our guidance. This is primarily a United States phenomenon, but can be seen in the western world since the enlightenment. It is as if while philosophy and theology were our shepherds in an archaic age, the government is our pastor in an advanced age. Unfortunately, due to the high value we Americans place on the U.S. Constitution, the church has sometimes bought into this.

However, the government does not nor ever has been our leader. It only reflects the will of the people. Why has homosexual marriage been accepted by the Supreme Court? Because the will of the people wanted it this way.

Notice how drastically the polls have changed concerning this issue in a short period of time:



Popular opinion concerning gay marriage has changed significantly over the last decade. Therefore, the government changed. This is the way we set it up. For better or worse, due to popular opinion, the dynamics of the government and even the interpretation of the constitution will ebb-and-flow due to popular opinion. We elect the presidents who appoint the Justices who interpret the Constitution.

But, however it turns, whichever way the river of the government flows, it is not our leader. It just reflects the will of the people.

2. The Government Does Not Define Marriage

For some reason, we have bought into this the idea that the government can define marriage. However, whatever the government says about this issue, it is not in the marriage defining business. We believe that some certificate downtown tells us whether we are really married or divorced. This is simply not true. The government did not get into the marriage business until the post-Reformation era.

Gays seek governmental recognition of their marriage not for work benefits or issues of inheritance, but because, for them, it represents the ultimate line of acceptance that can legitimize their union. But the government does not really have that big a say in marriage (or divorce). A certificate downtown does not say whether one is married (or divorced).

As a society, Christians included, we have become so accustomed to the idea that government is the final arbiter of in this matter that we become bent out of shape when the government approves or disapproves it. After all, since sodomy was legalized, what does gay marriage really amount to that is different now? Before, they could live together, have sex, be committed to each other and even say they are married, but they could not have the government say they are married.

The government can say a white can’t marry a black (as was in the laws until mid twenteth-century), a hispanic can’t marry an oriental, a person who has been divorced one-hundred times can’t marry a person who has never been married, or a man can’t marry a man. But is the government’s legal approval an ultimate arbiter in this matters? All they can do is give governmental recognition to the marriage for legal purposes. While this has some definite benefit, a piece of paper downtown does not define nor, ultimately, regulate marriage.

Further Reading on this Subject: “Changing Our Thinking About Same-Sex Marriage

3. The Government Is Not Forcing Us to Accept these Unions

I know that this is hotly debated and I know that good people disagree, but the government, at least at this point in time, is not forcing people to accept these marriages as legitimate (and I don’t think it ever will). The Supreme Court simply said that the government was not going to enforce a ban on same-sex marriages and states could not either. This does not mean that individuals must recognize what the government says on this matter. As well, it does not mean that churches or pastors have to perform same-sex ceremonies against their conscience. It does not mean that churches cannot refuse membership to those who are living in a same-sex relationship. It does not mean that the Credo House Coffee Shop has to accept and employ gay couples who are married. It simply means, according to them, that the governments cannot discriminate in this fundamental right. And, while I may disagree, I do understand their side.

4. The Government Calls on Us to Remain Involved

I have heard so many people say that we have lost. Let’s give up. “This county is gone from us, so let’s be gone from this country.” This is not only childish, but it is unbiblical. To take a passivist approach when things don’t go our way would be like saying when things don’t go well in a marriage, it is okay to give up.

Our country is still built upon the necessary involvement of its people. Without the votes of all people (whether they have really thought through the issues or not), the government will not work according to its original intent. Although there are few things some of us like less than politics, we must continue to punch our time sheet with the government, learning the issues and voting accordingly. So, if you don’t like the way this has gone (although its very unlikely something like this will ever get overturned), continue to speak out according to your beliefs. Let’s just all prioritize well and make balanced arguments, considering that we might very well be wrong.

5. The Government is Not the Final Line of Defense on Morality

We believe in the image God within all men. Therefore, we believe that morality runs much deeper than the government. Now, of course, the Bible does much to say about the positive role that the government plays in authority. Romans 13:1-7 speaks to the importance of obedience to the government. Romans 13:4, believe it or not, speaks of government as being “God’s servant.” And the Roman government of the day was not nearly as morally virtuous as ours.

Romans 13:4
For government is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, because it does not carry the sword for no reason. For government is God’s servant, an avenger that brings wrath on the one who does wrong.

But the government is not God’s final line of defense on morality. In fact, I would say there are four lights that the Holy Spirit uses to regulate and convict people of sin: 1) government, 2) the church, 3) the Bible, 4) the natural conscience. If the government were not here, we would still have three greater lights. The church, by its good and loving behavior, should be continually convicting people of the truth. The Bible has an inherent and objective testimony. And then there is the individual conscience, on which I want to spend some extended time.

Think about this for a moment: even if we only had the conscience, since we are created in the image of God, there would be so many things that, which often corrupted, would still be seen as wrong due our “inner light” from God. The Bible speaks of this in Roman 2:

Romans 2:14-15
So, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, instinctively do what the law demands, they are a law to themselves even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts. Their consciences confirm this. Their competing thoughts will either accuse or excuse them.

This tells me that while we are fallen and sinful, even those who don’t know the law or God will often follow God “instinctively.” So, people ask, what does this mean for our society now that the government has accepted gay marriage? Not too much. We have lost one of the lights, but maybe one that should not have shined in this area to begin with. But, even if we only had the basic instincts of humanity, I think this issue would self-regulate. After all, once all the dust settles from this sexual revolution, I don’t think there will be too many more people struggling with homosexuality. God did not create humanity this way. Therefore, there will not be too many gay marriages.  Eventually, it will be no less shocking or revolting for so many to hear two guys call each other their husbands than it was to hear two guys call each other their boyfriend. And once all the cultural hype naturally wears off (and I believe it will), then gays will go back in the closet in most places, legalized or not. This is how it has happened in every society I have seen that has accepted homosexuality.

Think of it this way, if polygamy were legalized (and I don’t see anymore the reason it should not be), there would not be many people who have multiple wives. Why? Ask any guy or girl. One wife or husband is enough! As well, if incest were legalized (and, due to the same basic precedence, it could be someday), I really don’t see any more incestuous relationships happening than today. Why? Ask people why they don’t commit incest and you will never hear “Because the government says I can’t.” There are natural “instinctual” behaviors that will ultimately win out, not because the government is for or against it, but because God is still around in many ways without the government’s approval.

(I do think this is different with regard to the cultural acceptance of heterosexual promiscuity since it is based on a natural instinct that is common to man.)

6. The Republic Has Not Fallen

Though this is not a political blog, I am an American and therefore bound by biblical mandate to be involved in politics (Romans 13:1-7). I am a Republican. I don’t agree with everything in my party, but I can’t remember a time when I have not voted for the Republican president in the last twenty years. The primary reason I am a Republican is because I believe that the government (especially on a federal level) should be as small as possible, building roads and protecting the rights of its people (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). I want as few laws as possible. For example, I want the government to stay out of the business of most of our sin. If the government were to introduce legislation that said it was illegal to commit adultery, I would object very strongly. Not because I don’t think adultery is a sin or very destructive, but because I don’t think it is the government’s job regulate this kind of morality.

The republic, in my view, falls when it becomes too big and intrusive on my rights. If it were to make laws against no-fault divorces, sodomy, fornication, adultery, being a drunkard, being lazy, or lying (although I am against all these things), this would be an indication that the republic is falling more than the legalization of gay marriage. Even my more liberal Democratic friends may agree up to this point. This is why I see health-care and abortion as much greater threats to the Republic than gay marriage (though my liberal Democratic friends would not agree there). We are all-to-happy when the government upholds our morals as Christians, but we need to be careful that our Christianity is not enforced upon our government. Our government needs to be as neutral as possible or the values of our founding fathers will fall under the hammer of religious tyranny once again.

For these reasons, I don’t think we should be too alarmed about gay-marriage.

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C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo House Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. Find him everywhere: Find him everywhere

    36 replies to "Gay Marriage: 6 Reasons Christians Should Not Be Too Alarmed"

      • C Michael Patton

        How exciting Heather!

      • Jeremy Rudder

        I agree with heather. That was a really balanced, pleasant examination of how/why Gay people aren’t necessarily ruining our country, so long as our church leaders continue to exclude them from our faith. If all these gays want are basic human rights and tax benefits, then I say let ’em have them, just so long as they are denied entrance into the kingdom of heaven, and excluded from the eternal love of our lord and savior, because that’s really what life is all about. I personally haven’t practiced sodomy since I married my Julie last September, and I have never been happier. Honestly I don’t know why people are so concerned about homosexuals when there are so many Jews just wandering around free in this country, not to mention the muslims and the chinese.

        • maria

          hey Jeremy,
          Why are you concerned about the muslims, Jewish and chinese? Chinese people are only humans born in another country, Jews are only people born in a Jewish family (Jesus was Jewish), and muslims too.

    • Kathy Snyder

      Just a side note: Edit “conscious” to “conscience”.

    • Anonymys

      the rebublicans are just as guilty as the Demoncrats or as i should say the Gaycrats. the republicans dont care nothing about poor people they are nothing but war mongerers.

      gay marriage is a sin. i am going to be bold and step up and speak my mind about it regardless who get mad about it

      • Jim

        I’m not sure why you have bought into the falsehood that “republicans dont care nothing about poor people” (sic). The fact is that conservative Republicans give more and do more to assist the poor than do Democrats. The Democrats alleged “war in poverty” and attempts to solve poverty’s dilemmas by government action has not helped the poor at all. It has, instead, created a generation dependent upon government support who have been deceived by the Democrats into thinking they are on their side.

        The “war mongerers” accusation is also wrong, as Republicans have sought to follow just war theory, unfortunately, we have it done what we could or should do. I am of the opinion that American imperialism would be in the best interest of the world, but I know that is unacceptable in this day and age.

        • Ralph Fairbairn

          “American imperialism would be in the best interest of the world” – really? – how condescending. You’re already imperialist enough as it is, thank you very much. (I am assuming that you are an American since you are quite opinionated about internal American politics.) You should get out more – out of the USA that is. As a start, why not come over to Australia (Oz, as we call it) – at least we’re friendly.
          Who do you think were the beneficiaries of Roman imperialism, – or Babylonian, – or ???
          To quote George Orwell once again – “all power corrupts …” -well, you know the rest, and that applies equally when held by a Christian or a so-called Christian country.

      • C Michael Patton

        Anonymys, your handle says that you are not going to step out and be bold. 😀

        • Bradley Linkins

          Boom! I was thinking the same thing. I read “Anonymous,” in any critical context, I usually also think “pay no attention.”

          Michael–as both an theological thinker, pastor, and coffee obsessor, I am so thankful for your ministry. I’ve been tracking the Theology Program from the early days when it was just coming together while I was in seminary–even got some of your material back then. I love your article on this topic–really well balanced and so far is the best thing I’ve read that both reflects my personal perspective and also articulates it well. I’m not sure I think that they will go back into the closet, as it would seem that such a trend would be hard to reverse, but perhaps you’re right–I haven’t researched it in other cultures. But…still…great stuff.


      • JC

        I agree with Anonymous My name is JC I stand in CHRIST and on the word of GOD against this issue I am willing to step up & out To let all know sin is sin regardless of its nature Any kind of teachings That does not lead to repentance is a waste of time and is strictly a man made effort Repentance dear brothers & sisters is the message It was the message of John the Baptist in the wilderness It was the message of Peter on the day of Pentecost It was the message of Paul on Mars Hill and should be the message today Know wonder the church is in such bad shape The church as a whole has lost sight of the mission GOD has ordained

    • Mitchell

      1. Christ was crucified by the government reflecting “the will of the people.”
      2. Who defines marriage? God, yes, but who do most people think defines marriage. Do most people even know what marriage means? Or why marriage is good for society? Yes, we know heterosexual marriage is one of the three best ways to avoid and alleviate poverty, but does most of the people care?
      3. If “The Government Is Not Forcing Us to Accept these Unions” why do I feel forced? I understand you are saying that I don’t have to personally stand up and say “I accept homosexual couples.” And I know that if I don’t want to work with or serve homosexual couples that I can simply quit my job or close my business, but how is that a solution? “not forcing people to accept these marriages as legitimate (and I don’t think it ever will)” The “government” might not, define your terms and come see me in 5 years.
      4. Finally I can mostly agree with you. We need to be involved in government. We’re not going to get raptured out of this mess so it is our job to clean it up as best we can. “considering that we might very well be wrong” huh? Wrong about what? The forces of evil (The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom Hardcover – August 1, 2005 by David Kupelian) shows that the purveyors of evil have a plan and IMO they have been quite successful.
      5. While government is not the LAST line of defense, it is in our society and times the most important line of defense. If, as you write, the government reflects the will of the people and the will of the people is to kill the religious then who will defend the religious? As for the natural conscience, I have little hope for it to control the will of the people. It might control an individual, but not a mob. I am at a loss to understand why governments try to “reeducate” those opposed to them rather than simply execute them. Is that the natural conscience at work or Satan wishing to torment people a little early?
      6. “The republic, in my view, falls when it becomes too big and intrusive on my rights.” How much more intrusive does the government have to become before it is “too big” for you? I understand what you are trying to say, but did you WANT to do X when you opened Credo House Coffee Shop or did you HAVE to do it? America hasn’t fallen yet, but I’m not sure how much longer America as land of the free and home of the brave will continue to exist. While I agree with your view on the proper role of government, may I suggest reading “Games Mother Never Taught You” – April 24, 1989 by Betty Lehan Harragan. My take away from the book is this: There is a game being played. There are official rules for that game. The game is NOT being played by the official rules so you have better figure out how (crony capitalism, pushing an anti-God agenda, etc) the game is being played or you’re going to lose. I understand as Christians we win in the end, but I’d like to enjoy life until then.
      This post was thought provoking. In fact it sounded like Rush Limbaugh echoed many of your thoughts today (6/29/15) [and talked a LOT more about God than he usually does].
      I think my biggest problem with the post was that you seemed to be saying – “don’t worry, there aren’t going to be that many gay couples anyway.” But I’m sure you know it doesn’t take much leaven or salt or bitter root to affect the whole. We should be worried that this is the banana peel at the top of a slippery slope. Actually this is more like one half-way down since evil in America has been active for over a hundred years already. This isn’t the start, this is the point where evil is going to try to sprint to the finish line. Let’s hope they run out of breath before we get there. We know they will, but it is a bit scary to feel we’re losing in the meantime.

    • Helmut

      As always your clear exposition of actual moments of the church!

    • Jenna

      Thank you! This helps me a lot with my paradigm about government.

    • Corrie

      Thank you! I have been struggling with how articulate my positions, and reading your blog post has helped me collect my thoughts on the matter. Thank you!

      PS – I found your iTunes ‘Unplugged’ series and I absolutely love it! I started from the beginning and at this point, I am at the series ‘Invitation to Calvinism’ Thank you for providing this series and all the hard work that you have done with keeping it going!

    • Bob Seidensticker

      “Many Christians see this as an utter defeat”

      Yeah. It was. Here’s a tip: it’s a meaningless argument. It serves only politicians eager to rile up Christians that the sky is falling. I’ve been straight-married for 35 years, and this doesn’t affect my marriage one bit. Yours, too.

      Drop this ridiculous argument. Find an actual problem in the world and focus on that. You’ll improve your public image immensely.

      “due to the high value we Americans place on the U.S. Constitution”

      Christians are able to worship as they please and preach their message in public because of (say it with me, everyone) *The U.S. Constitution.* The Constitution calls the tune, not the Bible. Imagine that the Bible trumps the Constitution if you please, but that argument will win in the courtrooms we have down here on earth.

      “Notice how drastically the polls have changed concerning this issue in a short period of time”

      Incredible, isn’t it? It certainly surprised me. But contrast that with the Loving v. Virginia case that overturned laws against mixed-race marriage in 1967. That was a unanimous Supreme Court decision, but public opinion was only 20% in favor of it at the time! It took another 30 years before opinion reached 50%.

      Conservatives have truly picked a foolish argument to hitch their wagon to. Think about it: you’re standing in the way of marriage! What’s in your crosshairs next—grandmas? Apple pie?

      “It does not mean that the Credo House Coffee Shop has to accept and employ gay couples who are married.”

      It doesn’t? That surprises me. I thought that this wasn’t so. Or is making homosexuals a protected group a separate thing?

      ““This county is gone from us, so let’s be gone from this country.” This is not only childish, but it is unbiblical.”

      Yes, childish. Especially when you think about what we’re talking about. Someone else wants to get married, it doesn’t affect you, but you’re going to hold your breath until you turn blue. Or leave the country or set yourself on fire.

      Wow. Find an actual issue to deal with.

      “I want as few laws as possible. For example, I want the government to stay out of the business of most of our sin.”

      And you think you’re walking this talk? Why get so agitated about someone else’s marriage? It seems like morality is precisely where you want the government meddling.

    • Linton Park

      I see this as another battle in the left’s war on Christians. On your point #3: I believe that they will attempt to force us not to do things that they deem are discriminatory. You probably suspect this too, which is why you put “according to them” in italics.

    • Stan Hankins.

      Very good post. Let’s all remember that God is in control and none of this worries Him. Let’s just obey Him and tell people that He sent His Son to die for our sins. He will work it out.

    • James

      Mike: Thank you for your comments and perspective. I agree with most of it but I had a few reservations about some of the points. 1) “The Government Does Not Define Marriage” Yes and No. The Bible does define it and this is the ultimate authority for the Christian but also the act of marriage in our country is a governmental civil act in which they define who is legally permitted to be married and legally recognized by it. Whether we like or not or whether they should be or not they are in fact in the “marriage business”. 2) The Government Is Not Forcing Us to Accept these Unions; In some cases yes ‘us’ as pastors of churches are not being forced to accept these unions but ‘us’ as Christian businesses are already starting to (e.g., the Christian baker who does want to service a gay wedding). This has just started and will only continue to expand in my view to other Christian businesses forced to give marital benefits to same sex couples. 3) ‘The Republic Has Not Fallen’ All governments since Adam have operated in a fallen state to one degree or another. Ours has just taken its previous fallen state to a lower level of depravity than it had before.

    • Rob

      I am sorry Michael, but your argument that this reflects the people is incorrect. By this statement of the court, which goes along with the forced gay rulings by other leftist judges AGAINST STATE REFERENDUMS BY THE PEOPLE IN OVER 90% OF THE STATES THAT HAD GAY MARRIAGE, a single man can effectively rule that virtually all of humanity until now were unenlightened bigots but just did not know it. This is arrogance personified in our new totalitarian state. And BTW, there is no such thing as Gay Marriage. Nobody, including a lousy SC justice, can make me think otherwise.

      When the Church is silent, so will be the Pews.

    • Tony Robinson

      And the Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch, which means it does not make law, the Legislative Branch does. Why hasn’t Roy Moore been arrested in the past for telling the SCOTUS to pound sand? He did not break a law.

    • Kelton

      Hey let me ask you guys,what about all this talk about churches losing their tax exempt status because of this ruling. Is that true?

    • Bob Seidensticker

      Kelton: There are lots of rules to maintain 501(c)3 status (though churches have been given pretty much a free pass lately). You may have heard about Bob Jones University getting theirs revoked (not sure if they got it back) because of their discrimination against black students.

      If homosexuals are a protected class (like racial minorities are), then discriminating against them could cause problems.

    • Mel

      According to this article, gay marriage is just one step in LGBT activists’ fight to radically transform our society. Some admit they want to abolish marriage altogether: Does this sound alarming to you, Michael? Or in light of your #2 maybe it doesn’t alarm you at all…

    • Colleen Woodcock

      Don’t you think that God has pulled his hand away from America? Do you think Government was instituted by God? Do you think they must rule as God tells them? Do you really think this ruling is nothing to worry about? Do you think persecution is now the lot of the Christian and it is only going to get worse? Do you think persecution a bad thing or a good thing? I think Government not upholding God’s laws shows that God has taken his hand away from America. So if God removes his hand there goes America’s protection, he will give them over to all kinds of lusts, this is the start of a slippery slimy slope you just wait who comes out wanting equal protection under the law and then ends up changing all kinds of laws till at last lawlessness rules. God wants the church to come back to him, and he will send persecution to weed the chaff from the wheat so to speak!

    • DC

      Thank you for this helpful article. On Friday, the news of the Court’s ruling hit me harder than I had expected it would. It has been coming for so long, and I have been in a place where I could not ignore that: I have been living in Washington, DC, the gayest city in America per capita, where gay marriage has been legal for some time now. I have worked for a business owned by a gay man and with many gay employees. For years I lived in the East Dupont neighborhood, possibly the gayest in town. I have been surrounded by these things for so many years that I am always somewhat surprised when I hear that the actual percentage of gay people in the U.S. is only ~2-3%. It feels more like around 1/3 to me.

      In spite of all these years of close contact with large numbers of gay people, the ruling hit me hard that day. Indeed, I was thinking hard about leaving the U.S., an option which is more possible for me than for many since I have a business already in another country. But in the last few days, I am coming around to a view closer to yours. But I think that maybe the hardest thing about the verdict was the realization that I and people who think like me will forever be consigned to the margins on this issue. Our views will be dismissed derisively; we will be viewed as losers. I have held political and religious views on a variety of things that that are pretty far from the mainstream (at least the DC mainstream, which is over 90% Democrat) for decades, so the fact that I am going to be essentially marginalized is hardly news, but this thing kind of hit me like a hammer, pounding in the truth that my marginal status in this will never, can never change. Even if the inevitable lawsuits against churches for failing to recognize and perform gay marriages are mostly unsuccessful (which I am far from confident about), Christians as a whole will now face a new and probably permanent level of marginalization, simply for standing up for the truth. It has not always been this way in America.

      Still, thank you for pointing out that this is not the end of the world. It is not. And thank you for reminding us that other things, particularly abortion law, do matter more. And thank you for reminding us that we cannot simply abandon all hope, or involvement, in government. As Christians, are role must always be to shine a light.

    • Bob Seidensticker


      “Do you think persecution is now the lot of the Christian and it is only going to get worse?”

      You want persecution? Christians being killed by ISIS because they are Christian is persecution. Christian bakers no longer being able to discriminate against people they don’t approve of? That’s not persecution.

      Let’s look at the big picture.

    • bobp

      I disagree with the author but not angrily.

      I think we have plenty to worry about. Many will roll their eyes over the slippery slope argument. But it has already started.

      When Tony Campolo decided biblical prohibition of homosexuality was no longer valid, a “bisexual Christian” wrote on pantheos blog, “what about us” and was he going to apologize for all those years he was against it.

      The Bruce Jenner hype and the trans-racial white want us all to deny reality. Government run schools in Montgomery County, MD are heavy on the transgendered sympathy wagon.

      Oh,yes, the American Psychiatric Association now no longer regards pedophilia towards young teens as no longer a disease.

      In Montana, yesterday, a man wants to legitimize his polygamy wishes even though it is illegal there. He intends to sue for equal rights.

      We Christians shouldn’t worry? I wish I could share your optimism.

    • Jared

      Personally, I think I’m in favor of government “marriage” speeding down the slippery slope. This has been several hundred years in the making. We should have never abnegated control of “marriage” to the government. But here we are, and “marriage” as we have know it has been mortally wounded. I say let it burn. The more bizarre forms of “marriage” that are recognized, the sooner “marriage” as recognized by the government ceases to have any meaning for anyone. And good riddance. Then we can get back to the business of Holy Matrimony, an institution that government can’t spoil.

    • eric

      Michael Patton, THANK YOU for coming out of your comfort zone like you always have and willing to take “lumps and bumps” from us. I also appreciate those who make significant comments like Mitchell, Bob Seidensticker.
      I will try to be IRENIC in my reply to Michael Patton because it is personal and affects not only you and I but our CHILDREN!
      1. “The Government Does Not Have its Finger on the Pulse of Humanity, It Reflects It…Why has homosexual marriage been accepted by the Supreme Court? Because the will of the people wanted it this way”…But how and why did the will of the people wanted it that way? Because of ( P M )POSTMODERN understanding. PARADIGM SHIFT . Examples: Infamous Bruce Jenner—Transgender. What you and the reader may not know …there is another classification known as TRANSABLEISM. These are people who actually want to be DIABLED. One hand Jason..he amputated his arm with a sharp instrument. The logical path leads to those end products. Unfortunately, a growing number of people can no longer recognize which of these paths leads to an absurd conclusion. As the late Francis Schaeffer said..PM there is NO TRUE TRUTH. By the way, I enjoyed your lecture on PM and learn quite alot. PM have influence more than we know. It is like cancer that grows and metastasize and become fatal before we know it.
      “The Government Does Not Define Marriage and The Government Is Not Forcing Us to Accept these Unions ”
      Again we have PM thought process. Ask BARRONELLE STUTZMAN who owns Florist..State Attorney file a consumer protection lawsuit against her for illegally discriminating against customer on basis of his sexual orientation. Or JON AND ELAINE HUGUENIN….Elane photography. They were served with a law suit that claim there were discrimination base on sexual orientation. There are hundreds more but you get the point. If this is not FORCING US TO ACCEPT THESE UNIONS.. I dont know what is!!!
      Yes there is HOPE.
      We have to be PROACTIVE. How
      1.) Educate ourselves through legal, theological means. Be REALISTIC and not pretend it is something small and insignificant that will resolve itself like Emerger or those who are Emergent.
      2) If it is the church make sure your church have Statement of Faith, address your religious employment criteria, who can and cannot use your facility, address what are the criteria to be members.
      3) If you have a business make sure you have it in black and white what your business statement of faith is like Chic-fil-A . Make sure you have it in writing as on what basis those who seek employment will not qualify.
      Bottom line: Be PROACTIVE and get involve.
      Thank you for all those comments. Let us move together as ONE remembering what is Essential and Nonessential!

    • Stephen

      The Scriptures are fulfilled. It won’t be long now! Jesus said that He would return when the days were like Sodom & Gomorrah — and those days are upon us. If you’re born again, washed in the blood and baptized with the Spirit, then your redemption draweth nigh. But, woe unto the godless and the lukewarm Christians! The tribulation period will be pure terror!

    • Glenn Shrom

      Lest we forget the order of events, if we ever see Christian ministries and businesses forced to hire or retain openly practicing homosexuals, let’s remember that this was in the works long before the new legal definition of marriage. I find that issue more troubling than the marriage issue itself, but it really is not the same issue.

    • Brian C

      What is marriage? Meaning, what is its spiritual representation or purpose? Were Adam and Eve ever married?

    • Chuck

      I suppose if the government said, “let’s round up all the Jews and kill them” you wouldn’t be very alarmed either by the tone of this article. You might be slightly more alarmed if they said it about Christians, I suspect. Remember, God destroyed cities over a base homosexual lifestyle, not something I expect you want God to do to our country (or any country as you happily listed them). Your distancing us from this action is kinda like Abraham not having to worry about Soddom and Gamorrah since he wasn’t homosexual, and had a great relationship with God. But, Abraham was alarmed and pleaded with God, if only to save Lot and his family. Alas, too many other families did not have someone to intercede for them. God said that we should be concerned when good is turned to evil and evil turned to good. I think explosion of abortions and homosexuality should make us very concerned on this level.

    • John P

      It seems to me that the article fails to understand the impact the views of the Government can have on the general population. From a UK perspective, I remember Margaret Thatcher, as Prime Minister, stating that there is no such thing as society. This attitude, combined with policies which were founded on such a view, led to individualism and greed coming to the fore in the UK. Following the global financial crash David Cameron, the current Prime Minister, has sought to counter-balance this view, and has encouraged involvement in the ‘Big Society’.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” (frequently attributed to Edmund Burke).

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