I see people beating themselves up over voting for Biden, blaming him for all the catastrophe that has ensued. I do appreciate people’s admission of mistakes. And I do personally believe it was a mistake. However, concerning the repentant voter, more often than not, admissions such as this are very hard and say more about their character than their original vote did. I really believe this and I deeply appreciate their humility.

However, we all must understand that God is not a cheerleader on the firmament of the sky, hoping humanity makes all the right choices. He is the coach, determining all the plays.

Dan. 4:35
All the peoples of the earth are regarded as nothing. [God] does as he pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth. No one can hold back his hand or say to him: “What have you done?”

Because of this, we trust that Biden is God’s man. He is God’s man just as Nebuchadnezzar was God’s man. He is God’s man just as Ahab was God’s man. He is God’s man just as Saul was God’s man. He is God’s man just as Sennacherib was God’s man.

While it may not have been God’s desire to have Biden as the leader, it was His degree. Well, it may not have been what He wanted, we can take comfort in the fact that it is what He willed. 

We don’t serve an aloof God who is either unconcerned or uninvolved. We can be sure that all that is happening and all that will happen is part of his master plan.

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Find him on Patreon Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. Join his Patreon and support his ministry

    18 replies to "What if you are sorry you voted for Biden?"

    • Maverick Sterling Smith

      He raises kings up and removes their position. Well stated Michael!

    • Dennis Jensen

      The most incomprehensible post I’ve ever seen. Biden seemingly did something wrong but we are not told what that is. Was it his attempt to tax the rich after the former president gave them supper tax breaks? Was it his attempt to stop the official kidnapping of children at the border? We have finally a humane and caring president and yet you compare him to Nebuchadnezzar?

      • Edward Chapman

        I don’t know about you, Mr. Jensen, but I’m not rich by any means, and I got Trump’s tax cut. I made more money on my paycheck, and I was happy. I drive a lot for my daily work, on average about 130 miles per day. I’m at the point of sleeping in my car now, for 3 days a week, because I can’t afford the gas to commute.

        Now, if you were attempting Trump bashing, I enjoyed cheap milk and bacon, cheap gas, and my bed.

        • Dennis Jensen

          No I didn’t get any tax cuts and I wonder what portion of his tax law allowed you cuts–‘cuz I just don’t see any for the lower classes. I honestly hope you are not so blind as to think that having T or Biden as president makes any significant difference in the price of gas or food. This is a result of the pandemic and resulting changes in our economy (supply lines, employment shifts, etc). Biden is trying to do what he can by opening fuel reserves, but that may be far too little to affect us any time soon.

        • Ed Chapman

          Wow…really? FITW deduction from my paycheck went down, plus a huge increase in the standard deduction, which allowed me to pay less federal income taxes.

          And under Trump, energy independence. His policies allowed for that. The day I was laid off of work at the beginning of the pandemic, I paid $2.24 per gallon.

          Biden and you hated Trump so much, WITHOUT CAUSE, which the Jesus, in the Bible, calls murder, that he reversed every good thing that Trump did.

          I don’t care about the children at the border. I care about my own family first, and how to provide for them.

          Charity was never meant to be a tax.

          Abraham was met at the border of Egypt, and I suppose you could call them border patrol agents, and they escorted him to the Pharoah because of abraham’s sister.

          Paul, while being whipped by guards, objected because he was a BORN citizen of Rome. The guards indicated they had to pay money for their citizenship. Even so, because Paul was a citizen, he could not be legally whipped.

          My point, we have laws, and people are breaking laws, and you have empathy for law breakers.

          I don’t.

          Regarding charity, you are too dig into your own pocket book of you personally come upon someone personally that needs help. That’s charity. It was not supposed to be a tax.

          I’m sick of the law breaker that you have empathy for.

          Vagrancy is against the law. That means that people living in tents on the streets is illegal.

          But you have empathy for them, classifying them as being poor and down trodden.

          Bull. They are degenerate lawbreakers, drug addicts, and thieves and robbers, who assault people or kill them who refuse to work, unless it’s drug dealing to support their drug addiction.

          Romans 13. Ya might want to read it. We pay taxes for police to protect the CITIZENS, not illegal aliens.

          I’ve filled out paperwork for two of my friends for immigration, to allow a foreign fiance to come to America LEGALLY.

          You don’t just allow them to enter without legal approval.

          Heaven… how many in hell would attempt to illegally gain access to heaven….especially with your empathy.

          Ed Chapman

          Ed Chapman

        • Dennis Jensen

          I believe FITW is just the amount of money you let the government take out of your income so you don’t have a big payment at tax time. Whether that goes up or down doesn’t matter much because you still pay the same amount in the long run. The standard deduction has gone up every year that I can recall so there is nothing special about T’s tax laws in that regard. It is the very rich who have seen the real tax breaks. If you have actually had special tax breaks, that’s great, but my complaint is against the super breaks given the wealthy.
          Again you are bringing up gas prices. Don’t you understand that the president has nothing to do with that? T did nothing to make us energy independent. His support of the oil industry only makes us more dependent of foreign energy.
          I don’t hate T, any more than I hate Hitler. I just pray he will receive the justice he deserves. He will eventually, but I pray T gets the prison time he deserves now. Since he committed treason trying to overthrow our democracy, it may be that he deserves worse.
          T did do some good acts, but very few. (Hitler did some good things for Germany too.) We do need to overturn his evil policies.
          If you don’t care about children at the border, how can you call yourself a Christian? It is this Christian hypocrisy that non-Christians see (Jesus teaching us to love all people but professed Christians denying it) that has turned them away in disgust and revulsion never to even consider Christianity.
          What you call charity was called alms-giving in the Bible. And we should certainly practice it no matter what government policies might be. But Christians are also obligated to seek to make their society and government as just and good as possible. That means we should seek to have our government assist the poor just as much as we do individually. Ancient Israel had laws providing for the poor and the Church did the same throughout the centuries.
          Abraham was never met entering Egypt by border patrol. Where do you get this crap? And even if he had been, what does that have to do with how a good government should act? For our country, we do need border police who attempt to stop drug smuggling and to facilitate the evaluation of asylum claims.
          You think the poor are all “degenerate law breakers” yet the Bible says it’s the wealthy who oppress the poor and warns them of their coming doom (Jas 5).
          Romans 13 does not say laws and police protection are only for citizens. The OT laws emphasized the need to protect the aliens among the people. Israelites were to always remember that they were once aliens in Egypt. The courts were never to favor citizens over the aliens. Paul did take advantage of his Roman citizenship to avoid persecution but that does not mean that non-citizens deserve mistreatment or unequal treatment. They had unjust and discriminatory Roman laws.
          You seem to be oblivious to oppression some have endured who have sought asylum in America. One family I know of had been threatened with death if they did not give their daughter to a gang as a sex slave. Others face certain death if sent back to their home countries—many of whom T did send back. That wicked man has a lot of blood on his hands.

        • Ed Chapman

          By the way, I mentioned that at the beginning of the pandemic, I paid $2.24 per gallon. Once the pandemic was in full swing, prices increased about fitty cent. That’s fifty, or five ‘o, as in Hawaii Five Oh for those who don’t know Hip hop.

          And it stayed steady throughout the pandemic at that spot right there. Steady.

          Once Biden reverse Trump’s great deeds, gas began to increase.

          But you want to blame it on the pandemic? I want to emphasize that after a fifty cent SLOW increase during the pandemic, it was steady. The surge was due to Biden’s reversal of Trump policies.

          I can’t believe you deny simple logic and common sense.

          I’m a flagger, who uses my own personal vehicle as part of my job, and I drive many miles from job site to job site, which can be quite a few in a day, especially on STORM WATCH. I use gasbuddy.com to find the cheapest gas in whatever town I’m in, or commuting to, so that I pay the cheapest.

          I’m very well aware of when the surge took place. And it was not during the pandemic.

          Where do you get your info from? Mine is based on experience. Yours? You probably drive 5 miles to work. I drive sometimes over 65 miles… one way.

          Ed Chapman

        • Ed Chapman

          Oh, Dennis, your explanations are really pathetic.

          Paul never condemned the laws of Rome. He objected because he can’t be beat as a citizen based on the law of Rome. He never complained about the law.

          My goodness.

          Again, if they are seeking legit asylum, they have to prove their case, and there is only one place to do that. COURT. Catch and release, you never see them again, because they absconded, never to be seen again, because they lied, coming here on false pretenses.

          When I grew up, I was taught that it was better to be safe than sorry.

          We aren’t safe.

          Also, in Acts 10, Peter declares that it is unlawful for a man, which is a Jew to… well, read it yourself.

          How many ILLEGAL aliens resided in Rome controlled Israel?

          I would assume… none.

          If people broke laws in those days, they could hang on a cross.

          Do you really think that Jesus advocates breaking laws?

          When he discussed feeding the poor, etc., it was for you, you, you, as an individual, that if you come upon a needy person, such as the good samaritan did, that you pay for his needs from your own pocket, like the good samaritan did.

          You leave the laws of immigration to those in charge of enforcing the law.

          In short, stay in your own lane.

          Obey the law. Parents are responsible for their own children, and if they get separated, it’s the parents fault, not mine. In any case, they don’t belong here. They won’t show up for court, and you force me to pay their rent and groceries for the rest of my life in their welfare. I don’t want to pay for them, no more than I want to pay for someone else’s abortion.

          You pay.

          As far as taxes… whatever dude.

          I am someone who keeps a very tight budget, and have for years. I see extra money in my paycheck, but you don’t?

          You ain’t paying attention.

          Ed Chapman

        • Ed Chapman

          Do you know what happens when rich get tax cuts? More people get hired… more product is produced… product is cheap to buy.

          I’m sure you don’t agree with trickle down, but it works.

          Unempl rate was lowest since 1969.

          But, what ticks me off is when you have 30 something year olds stealing high school kids entry level jobs, say like McDonald’s, then demanding that the minimum wage be increased… in an entry level job.

          Entry level jobs were meant for kids, to get a sense of responsibility, and work experience, not as a means to raise a family.

          If they want higher wages, get a real job digging ditches at prevailing wage. Those jobs are available. But they don’t want to dig ditches, cuz pressing buttons on a cash register is too easy.

        • Ed Chapman

          So, to you, Trump is a wicked man, because he sent illegal aliens back to the country from which they came. Forgive me but, lolololol.

          That’s funny.

          That’s like saying that if someone breaks into your home that you are evil for pressing charges, because Bubba might have some fun with him in jail.

          No wonder prosecutors don’t prosecute with that logic. Arresting people for crime is evil now.

          Sending criminals back to their home country is evil now.

          What was that verse that states something like woe to those who call evil good, and good evil?

          This is not their home, and they are breaking in, and you allow that.

          A person must first REQUEST PERMISSION TO COME ABOARD first, before the Officer of the Deck states, PERMISSION GRANTED.

      • Edward Chapman

        I don’t know about you, Mr. Jensen, but I’m a citizen of the United States of America, and I should come first before any illegal man, woman, or child coming across our border.

        But I’m sure you think Biden is so loving and caring that he let’s drug cartels have the only working supply chain to feed the habits of drug addicts who will die of drug overdoses each and every day… but yes.

        Morals alone tells you that the parents are responsible for their own children, and when parents get arrested for breaking the law, children will get separated from their parents. Common sense stuff that children do not share the same cell.

        But, Obama set up the policy, not your mean Trump.

        But yes, blame Trump, cuz he’s your easy target.

        • Dennis Jensen

          So you think you should come first before any alien just because you’re a US citizen? Paul said to hold others (all others) as above oneself and Jesus taught to do to other (all others) as one would have done to oneself. Yet being an American citizen trumps that moral obligation in your eyes. If you are not a Christian, I suppose you can twist your morality to hold yourself above others, but you cannot if you claim to be a Christian. What any of this has to do with drug cartels, I have no idea, unless you are making some covert and unsupportable claim about Biden’s policies and their results. You also seem to think that coming to our country and seeking asylum is breaking the law and requires separating children from their parents. It’s not breaking the law but even if it were, it is NOT common sense to separate children from their parents. Of course kidnapping is not the same as imprisoning children and parents. Obama never kidnapped children from asylum seekers and many of Trumps separations have never been reunited. You are right that T is an easy target, but that’s only because his actions are so egregious and obvious. Yet so many white evangelicals have turned a blind eye to these atrocities just so long as he would pacify them with special privileges and benefits. I would hate to be their shoes when they stand before God. The harm they have done to the cause of Christ is immeasurable.

        • Ed Chapman

          It has been reported that many children are NOT being accompanied by parents, but by traffickers. I don’t consider illegal aliens as asylum seekers. They have to prove asylum status. And many are not approved. But no one knows where they are, because they don’t show up for court.

          They used our laws against us, because they know how easy it is to dupe the stupid Americans.

          Ed Chapman

        • Ed Chapman

          When any parent is arrested, for any crime, their children are separated from their parents. Hello?

          If the parents didn’t want to be separated from their children, teach the parents not to break laws. It’s just that simple. I don’t feel sorry for the children or their parents. The parents caused the issue, not Trump.

          Children are not allowed to accompany parents in jail.

          And the reason I brought up drug cartels is because you have empathy for the children of illegal aliens. They are not immigrants, first of all. The legal term is aliens. The government they came from is who they belong to.

          I spent many years in the USN in payroll. We had many LEGAL ALIENS in the USN… MANY from the Philippines. Some from Great Britain. They were working legally for the USN, and filing paperwork to become citizens. We legally called them legal resident aliens.

          In any case, Biden’s COMPASSION for the illegal aliens is causing the drug cartels to bring in illegal drugs to this nation from the southern border.

          I don’t know about you, but I want our border so secure that a fly can’t get thru without approval, let alone drugs that kill.

          Drugs that kills our citizens is far more important to me than a some child that their parents illegally brought to America in the first place.

          And please, don’t be so gullible that they are asylum seekers. Dems offer free everything… we used to call that bribery. Dems give free stuff, vote for the free stuff givers, they can get welfare for life, and not have to work… at my tax expense, and you’d peddle that as what Jesus and Paul preached. I say HOGWASH! JESUS never told ceasar how to run his government, but Paul did preach Romans 13, and that we are to obey magistrates, that they carry the sword, or gun, for a reason.

          Stop, or I’ll shoot used to be obeyed. Now it’s racist. Lol. What a strange lawless country you envision.

          But, you’d call that racist, huh?

          America First.

    • Rebecca


    • Edward Chapman

      My complaint about this post is that God sets up kings… not presidents.

      Good did tell us that in the latter days what man will do, aka, leave the faith…leave.

      We have a lot of that now. Former Christians becoming atheists.

      If you read their testimonies, many reasons are the way the leaders treat their congregation.

      But that’s beside the point. But many people today do not believe in an afterlife to begin with, let alone a God who will judge them.

      One of the reasons that Abraham did not reveal to a Pharoah that his sister was his wife was because, as Abraham stated, he did not believe that the fear of God was in that place.

      Where is the fear of God in this administration? This is the party that openly rejects God, and godly principals.

      God didn’t put Biden in office, and this was not his plan, let alone master plan.

      Jeremiah 19:5
      They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal, which I commanded not, nor spake it, neither came it into my mind:

      Jeremiah 32:35
      And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.

      Obviously. They did things that was not part of any master plan.

      Ed Chapman

    • Danny Crowder

      Michael, I agree with what you said because it’s biblical. And, as we both know, there is much more you could have said because there is a lot more that could be said from scripture. But it’s sometimes better to be concise, getting to the point in referencing a few places in the bible, when posting, as you have done. What you posted is not popular within progressive Christianity; nor with some Christians who aren’t familiar with the broader picture of what we’re taught by word and example from Genesis to Revelation. I thank God for your faithfulness to God in serving him.

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