Hello everyone,

Michael just called me and informed me that his daughter Katelynn has been injured.

She was on a ride at an amusement park in Oklahoma and some how hot tar spilt on her leg. She is being rushed to the hospital as we speak this very moment. So for all of you who see this please pray.

Michael will be calling me with updates and I will add to this blog accordingly.

Again please keep this sweet little girl in your prayers and all the Patton family.



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    • Carrie Hunter

      I just spoke with Michael and they are leaving from the hospital. Katelynn is OK, however there is the probability that she will have scars from this. We can pray that she heals from this and that her scars fade in time. Also pray for her comfort if she experiences pain from this as she heals.

      Your prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated.



    • C Michael Patton

      Thanks Carrie and all. I am at my mother and father’s house. Katelynn (my eight year old girl) did indeed experience something rather frightening. The first ride that she rode at the park went through the entry doors and hot tar came from the ceiling and peppered her right arm and her leg (it just missed her face, thank God). There were many nickle size drops that burnt through the skin pretty good.

      She was taken by an ambulance to the children’s emergency center here where doctors discussed for quite some time how to get it off. She was really scared. They ended up rubbing oil on it for some time to loosen it so that it did not take away any more skin. They did a good job. She will be scared for a while, but we are thankful as we know it could have been much worse.

      God was kind to keep her from more severe injury, but since it is my daughter, I asked Him why He had to allow it at all. He has not told me yet, but I will most certainly let you know if he does.

      Thanks for your prayers.

    • Cheryl

      I’m so sorry for Katelynn. I hope she recovers quickly. Please send her
      my love.


    • Marvin the Martian


      My wife is threatening me with mortal harm if i don’t share this information with you. Check out sheaterraorganics.com. It is a company that sells pure shea butter, undiluted, organic form. She recommends either the pure raw butter or the lavender/chamomile organic shea butter. It is very soothing and contains many natural healing properties. There is a customer service number at the site that you might want to call and tell them of your situtation, they would probably be able to recommend something for burns with skin damage. My wife was a skincare guru for a number of years, so she knows a thing or two about what is beneficial for healing and soothing these types ailments.

      For what it’s worth, I have personally used these products, and they work great, especially after a shave. Granted that a shave isn’t in any way comparable to what your little girl has experienced, but if it soothes my sensitive skin, I figure that it could soothe her sensitive skin also.

      Kevin (aka Marvin the Martian)

    • Chayil4God

      Now Martian, I only threatend bodily harm. ;o)

      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter Michael. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for Katelynn (and you) as they removed the tar. I’m sure you are all glad to have that experience behind you. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

      I encourage you to call Shea Terra. They have a “customer reviews” section you may want to check out. There is a review by someone who experienced over 12% burns on their body that required skin grafts who had wonderful success. It is truly awesome stuff. I’ve had many more uses than the original purpose for the purchase (facial moisturizer).

      Thanks Michael for being so open with your life, sharing what you’ve learned from your experiences and allowing us when needed to step up to the plate in prayer.


    • JoanieD

      I am sorry, Michael, that your daughter has to go through this painful experience. I hope she has a quick and thorough recovery.

      Joanie D.

    • keri


      My prayers are with your daughter and of course, you, as well. Although I am sure she is (was) scared, she was probably a trooper. Kids amaze me with their reslience. That is probably God given. Can we learn something from the heart of our children?
      You know that we can not know completely why God allows things to happen. I really believe God grows us in faith and perseverence in difficult times. Now is a time your faith may be stretched! Let God work you!!! He is the Master and He will comfort you (and your family) through this!
      During my most difficult times I had to ask myself to look for the blessing. Keep your eyes fixed on Him!!
      God Bless!,

    • keri


      I thought I had submitted a comment, but now I do not see it. So, I will try again.

      My prayers are with you, your family and your daughter.

      Children have a way of bouncing back. I believe that is a God given ablility. Maybe we should learn from that.
      I also believe that God grows and stretches us though the difficulties in our lives. We will never know completely why God allows what He does to happen in our lives or the world for that matter.
      I have been through some very difficult times (not so long ago) in my life and found myself asking, “Where is the blessing?” I can honestly say that a blessing was revealed to me everytime!
      God is the Master, He is in control. Let Him work you and strengthen your faith!

      I hope this posts and if the other comment I left posts as well, good.
      May the peace of our Lord be with you!

    • Church Militant

      I just thought you’d like to see this.

    • dmorris


      I have read your blog for most of this year and have really enjoyed your
      comments and believe I have learned a great deal from you. However, I
      have never felt the need to reply as desperately as I have today. My heart
      and prayers go out to you and your family (especially Katelynn). Being a
      daddy who recently experienced my daughter (11 years old) having a close
      call with a knife accident which sent her to the emergency room, I can relate
      to the fear and anxiety you must have gone through.

      As any parent would, you question why God has allowed this to happen to
      your family and in these situations it is, of course, normal to wonder such
      things. I do not presume to know the mind of God, but perhaps we can look
      at the posts. By simply looking at the posts we see that, despite our
      differences of opinion, we will rally together to help those who are going
      through tough times. Everyone here has shown what being a true Christian
      is really all about; love. I was very impressed by the post left by Church
      Militant. Here we have people who are willing to set aside the differences
      we have held for 500 years to come to the aid of a small child. That is love.
      That is what it means to be a Christian. Maybe this is just a reminder that
      we can come together on the things that are important.

      May God bless you and your family. May we all continue to pray for healing.


    • Scott Arnold


      I’m so sorry for Katelynn that this has happened, but also glad for her and for your family that it wasn’t worse – what a true blessing that she is going to be OK, and that it didn’t fall onto her face.

      You are understandably asking the “why” question, and although I know you trust God – you can’t really escape asking it. I want to share my story in hopes that it might help.

      At 6 weeks old my parents had me set up in a bassonet with a baseboard heater nearby to keep me warm. The bassonet had a vinyl lining, which heated up and melted to the top of my head. The entire top of my head was severely burned, and I nearly died as a result. Fortunately, of course, I remember nothing and at least don’t remember the trauma.

      However, I have lived with the physical scars of that incident all my life. Today it doesn’t matter, but when I was a child it mattered greatly – at least to me. I had several operations over time to reduce the scar, and by junior high had so little scar area left that my hair covered it almost completely. But it showed from time to time throughout my life, and I had to learn to deal with the inevitable jokes about being “bald” – not easy for a child.

      Here’s the blessing: I learned at a young age how to deal with some adversity in my social life, much worse than most kids ever deal with. I learned early who my real friends were and who they weren’t. I learned to forgive and forget as I grew up with some of the children who eventually stopped the jokes and harassment and became friends with me. By High School I was one of those kids that effortlessly floated between all the cliques, friends with everyone and somehow a little more rounded socially than most. I’m quite sure that my physical scarring prepared me to deal with potential emotional ones – and like everything God has planned for my life, I wouldn’t change a thing.

      I don’t write this to imply Katelynn is going to face the same challenges – I don’t think she will and sincerely hope she doesn’t. I only share this because I want you to be prepared for the possibility that you may not know the “why” for a very long time. She might not either. But I’m quite certain that it will prepare her for what God has planned for her – and also know that it is such a huge blessing that she is going to be OK. I know that you know all this, as well-rounded as you are – but sometimes hearing the experiences of others helps to confirm what you already know… I hope it helps.

      Katelynn and your family are in my prayers,

    • C Michael Patton

      Marv and Debra: You all are great. I will certianly look into these products. (Or at least tell my wife about them–she is the medicine buyer. Thanks.

      Cheryl, Keri, Dwayne, Michael (Church Militant), and all those from Catholic Answers: Thanks so much for your prayers. Me and my family are greatful for you all.

    • tobias


      My wife and I just wanted to let you know that your daughter and your family have been in our prayers. We’re so sorry to hear this happened, but glad it wasn’t worse than it was.

      Thank you again for the blog and the dialog it encourages. You truely provide something wonderful for people of our Christian faith!


    • Dave Armstrong

      How horrible, and what a freak accident. Your daughter will be in our prayers. As the father of a five-year-old daughter myself, I can’t even imagine what it would be like for you and your wife.

      All is in God’s Providence and has some purpose, whether we understand it or not. That’s good Catholic theology too, not just Calvinist (the late Fr. Hardon, my mentor, used to stress this often).

      I know it’s not a time for abstract theology, but pondering this has often helped me in times of distress. Perhaps it can be of some solace to you, too.

    • jerry

      Please pray for my beloved wife Lucy – in remission 18 months from stage four gastric cancer, we fear that it may have returned. She is my life and I will be lost and unable to continue without her. We need a miracle. Lord hear our prayer . Please offer continuing / ongoing prayers for her if at all possible.

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