Tom Schreiner on Justification

Broadcast #26: Tom Schreiner talks about the Protestant doctrine of justification and the current state of the Evangelical-Catholic dialogue.

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7 Responses to “Tom Schreiner on Justification”

  1. Michael,

    Somewhat related question. ;^)

    I’ve listened to this download – great stuff. Really enjoyed it. I was able to get to this file, and to the one on believer’s baptism. However, after the server upgrade I cant hit the others, nor does the contact link to report a site/server problem work so it’s a catch22.

    Just a fyi, in case this part was thought to be transitioned already.

    I’m just eager to hear some of the other sessions.

    Thanks for putting these together,


  2. Did this get worked out Steve?

  3. Michael,

    Thanks… I can get to Schreiner’s discussions. Still cant get Olson or Storms and some of the others.

    For example: Go to, then CWS. If you click the download/listen associated with the graphics for Olson or Storms you go here:

    which says page not found

    If you instead scroll down and try click on the individual page for the Scholar, or the download link listed there:

    I still get page not found.

    There are some that I can get to the associated file, some that the links are still broken. As luck would have it, the ones I can get to I already have listened to. ;^)

    Thanks for the follow up,


  4. OK, well, I guess this is still not updated since the change. I will get it worked out in the next couple of days.

  5. Just back from vacation, looks like it is sorted out. Thanks very much Michael.



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