Join C. Michael Patton, Tim Kimberley, Sam Storms and J.J. Seid as they discuss issues surrounding spiritual gifts.


C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo House Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. Find him everywhere: Find him everywhere

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    • David Rogers

      I would love to hear a cessationist reply to 1 Cor. 1:4–8. It seems to me, if I am exegeting it correctly, that spiritual gifts—most specifically those having to do with speech and knowledge (v. 5)—are used by the Lord to enrich us (v. 5) and to confirm the testimony of Christ (v. 6), and that this same enriching and confirmation will continue, as we wait for the Second Coming (v. 7), even up to the very end—”the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

      And in the overall context of 1 Corinthians (see especially 1 Cor. 13:1), it is hard to say that Paul did not specifically have in his mind the gifts of tongues and prophecy (as well as possibly several others) when he mentions here gifts of “speech” and “knowledge.”

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