Join Tim Kimberley, Michael Patton, J.J. Seid and Tim Kimberley as they discuss tithing.

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    • Braden

      Sam Storms comment at the beginning should humble us all to give more to our local church. He said something to the effect of, the average member only tithes 2.8% of their income but if they were to give 10% then their local church could would have the fiscal strength to do unimaginable things.

    • Dan

      Two short commnets…Abraham’s tithe was much more meaningful than Abraham tithing to another man or else the writer of Hebrews is really wacky. Also, to think that tithing was about supporting a theocracy does not seem fitting as about 400 years after the law was given, the nation became a kingdom where kings actually taxed the people. Hence, the tithing requirement would have been superflous. Further more, tithes were for the service of the priest, however during the judges we see that at least a few of them were not priests – were these judges receiving payment from the tithes? it would be mere speculation on our part to think so.
      Tithing imho had to do with taking care of God’s business as a priority (making Him the priority) and understanding that a supernatural providence would result. Even as early as deutoronomy, the statement is made that much rested on God’s house being supplied. This same priority and supernatural providence is magnified in the statement “seek ye first…and ALL these things…” 🙂

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