Join Tim Kimberley, J.J. Seid and Sam Storms as they discuss what happens to the soul after death.

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    • josef

      Gen.2:7 Soul-Living
      All life =will Die and the Spirit return’s to creater
      God who gave it Eccl.12:7, Eccl.3:19 and PS.146:4

    • Braden


      Are you saying that Gen. 2:7 is an instance or example of Adam “soul living/soul sleeping?”
      Gen. 2:7 states “…breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”
      Psalm 146:4 states “When his breath departs, he returns to the earth;
      on that very day his plans perish.”
      How do these passages reconcile?

      • josef

        Really does God as a person breath or being the creater fill the lungs with oxygenated air in body that has a muscle pump akc. Pump stops the body dies check Eccl. 9:5,10
        The Soul …. Meaning a inmateral reality, the Spirit is separate from the body
        Nefesh is Hebrew for soul a human or animal body
        Pshche is Greek meaning life or vitality or the self
        Source LA Parole de Dieu 1960 George Auzou p.128
        The walking dead is Hollywood fictional to sell unknowable persons a scare
        Magnetic fields, gravity Are forces not seen but are facts of the natural resources of the earth
        The Spirit that returned to the creater is the liquors of the Spiritual journey of mind of mankind
        I would ask Jesus that raised from the dead
        Experience of activities he had and places gone Angels seen? Did he register for Reincarnation classes
        Paul wrote 1Cor.15:50 and Jesus said “No one can ascend to heaven unless they first descend first from heaven
        (Puts roadblock on rapture) corruption does not enter incorruptible or flesh live in the heavens
        Aguape Bro/Sis.

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