Join Michael Patton, Tim Kimberley, JJ Seid and Sam Storms as they kick-off a new series on the Church. This is a topic hotly debated today. What really does it take to be a church? Can three people meet at a coffee shop and call themselves a church? Do churches need to have elders? What about an online church?

There are so many questions being asked today about the Church in the 21st century. This series seeks to dive into the prominent issues of Ecclesiology (the study of the Church).

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    4 replies to "Theology Unplugged: Church (Part 1) – Defining the Church"

    • theoldadam

      I like Luther’s definition of “the church”.

      “The church is where the gospel is proclaimed in it’s purity, and the sacraments are administered in accordance with that gospel.”

      This is my addition:

      ‘And there are people there who believe it.’

    • R David

      You mentioned “membership” on the podcast, but I hope you discuss what that means, whether it is biblical, etc….

      I think that is an important issue.

    • Damien Woods

      Jesus used the word only twice.

      So, I suppose the “definition” would be the first time he said it (Matthew 16:18) and I’d conclude that it means the successors (and their followers) of Peter.

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