1. Roger Olson enters the blog world.

Yeah, as if he has time. As if any of us have time!

2. Have you found a dead hero yet?

If Dan Wallace dies anytime soon, I call dibs. How about you?

3. Tim Tebow’s Christianity gets mixed reactions among Denver fans.

It sounds like the separation between church and state sports.

4. Kenneth Copland is a billionaire?

Maybe I should ask him for support.

5. Jesus Creed is moving to Patheos.

I think it is a good move.

6. Speaking of Patheos, Timothy continues to add to the “Future of Evangelicalism” series.

BTW: I have been waiting on this to complete my series, “Will the Real Evangelical Please Stand Up.”

7. Fastest cars on the world.

I actually saw one of these Lamborghinis today. (Yes, even in Oklahoma).

8. I am preaching at Stonebriar Community Church on August 15th.

Maybe you can come?

9. Seminary comparison chart.

What a great tool.

10. Want to be mentioned on TAW (Theology Around the Web)? Let me know here.

Please note: Make sure you point to the post or article you would like us to mention.

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo House Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. Find him everywhere: Find him everywhere

    2 replies to "Theology Around the Web in 60 Seconds, 8.6.10"

    • Chuck

      Love the sense of humor that DTS has about its dispensatoinalism. Everytime I clicked on the word “source” in their chart, which was supposed to be a link to another site, an ‘error’ page came up saying that the website had entered a ‘new dispensation’.

    • Johnfom

      Ok, not sure how the fast cars made it to ‘theology around the web’, but I’m not complaining. If I were to be accused of idolatry it’d be due to an inordinate interest in the mechanical (and aesthetic) wizardry found on that list.

      BTW, since you ‘name dropped’, I passed a Veyron idling through traffic in Glasgow’s west end just 2 weeks ago. 😛

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