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    • Carrie Hunter


      Ed both this and the other post are incredibly powerful.

      Hearing you lecture is a lot different than hearing you on the phone! I am going to remember these clips the next time I disagree with you on a theological issue. I don’t want you to let loose on me. 😀

      I had chills from hearing both those clips.

      Thank you for sharing these!



    • Ed Komoszewski

      Thanks for the gracious words, Carrie.

      I guess that it’s a bit surprising for folks to see me so energetic behind a podium when I’m so lethargic in person!

      As you (and all of the folks at Reclaiming the Mind Ministries) know, I have some health problems that leave me feeling terribly fatigued all of the time. That means that I can only teach effectively when I muster up enough adrenaline to stay “jacked” while I’m on my feet. If I didn’t do this, I’d not only put my audience to sleep; I’d fall asleep myself! 😀

      The downside to this, of course, is that I feel like death warmed over for several days after a public speaking event. But it’s a price worth paying when I can share my passion for Jesus with others!

    • iakobusdoulos

      Great stuff Brother Ed! I love it!
      One question, I’ve never thought of this before I was listening to you here, will the knee of the Father bow? It says “of things in heaven…” and naturally to follow, will the Father confess that Jesus Christ is Lord? (and I guess the Holy Ghost would fall into that catagory too)
      If the implication of that being so is in the text, that would deliver a tremendous blow to J.W.’s doctrine!
      Thank you Ed. Please, post more of those, they’re Great!

    • Saint and Sinner


      Do you devote any space in your upcoming book to Matthew 21:16?


    • Ed Komoszewski

      Saint and Sinner,

      As your comment hints, Jesus may very well have had more in mind than the worthiness of children’s praise in Matthew 21:16. He may also have been alluding to his supremacy by claiming a text (Psalm 8:2 in our English versions) that was originally applied to Yahweh.

      That said, I don’t think that it’s among the clearest “Yahweh” texts applied to Jesus in the New Testament, so our book forgoes a discussion of Matthew 21:16 in favor of surer examples.

    • Ed Komoszewski


      I wouldn’t include the Father and the Holy Spirit in the “every knee” of Philippians 2:10. After all, the Father, Son, and Spirit are all part of one divine identity and are equal in power, glory, and majesty. What’s more, the only divine activity noted in the passage is that of the Father exalting the Incarnate Son. That’s the opposite of the Father humbling himself before Jesus!

      Also, remember that Paul is alluding to Isaiah 45:23 in the Septuagint, which declares that “every knee will bend” and “every tongue will swear” to the Father. The Son is grafted, if you will, by Paul into this divine honor.

      I’m pretty confident that the knees bowing “in heaven” are most surely those of angelic powers. See especially Hebrews 1:3b-6, 13. Note also that “every creature in heaven” is heard directing praise “to the one seated on the throne and to the Lamb” in Revelation 5:13.

    • C Michael Patton

      Sure Ed, you hold the good ol’ party line while I get hammered with everything I write. Thanks a lot “friend.”

    • Ed Komoszewski

      Hey, you know me, Michael. I follow the herd, crumble under peer pressure, and toe the party line when it comes to stuff like the deity of Christ! 😀

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    • David Willcox Larbi Sasraku

      so my question is: Jesus &Jehovah who existed first and so who is the first causer of creation?

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