A friend recently questioned whether I genuinely believe in Jonah being swallowed by a whale. While I acknowledge the thematic and parable-like qualities of Jonah (it’s among the most creative narratives in the Bible), I’m inclined to believe it’s rooted in history. If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine, as long as your skepticism isn’t solely based on the story’s perceived absurdity or “bizarreness.” Let’s face it: everything in our world is bizarre, but we grow accustomed to it through familiarity.

Consider this: We have faith in a God who not only designed the boundless expanse of galaxies and positioned every star but also knows the precise number of hairs on our heads. This is the same God who transformed water into wine and tread upon turbulent waters. If He can satiate thousands with a mere handful of loaves and fish, breathe life into desiccated bones, and cleave the Red Sea, then surely Jonah’s sojourn inside the whale is just another page in His book of incredible wonders.

But here’s the crux of the matter: our faith isn’t anchored in the intricacies of each miracle but in the One who orchestrates them. Once we trust in Him, accepting the specifics becomes a natural progression. After all, if God is the mastermind behind nature, He undoubtedly holds the power to transcend it.

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Find him on Patreon Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. Join his Patreon and support his ministry

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