What do you do if you want to learn all about Church History? What curriculum do you use? How do you take your family, friends or a small group through the story of the Bride of Christ?

The options are few and far between. If curriculum exists it usually doesn’t fit with younger people who have grown up in a post-modern skeptical world. Some curriculum will put you to sleep. How can the story of the Bride of Christ put anyone to sleep? What a crime. Other options are just way too long. Yes, it is 2,000 years of history, but we think 4 sessions is just perfect.

Everything about this curriculum has involved “out-of-the-box” thinking. Including the production of the curriculum. We’re using a revolutionary way to fund this, it’s called crowdfunding. You might have heard about this on the news. Get a whole bunch of people to agree to fund something and everyone wins in the end. You get some great prizes in the process. Who knew funding a Church History project could be so much fun?

Find out more and watch a quick video HERE

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    • Bob Anderson

      I think this is really important and I would recommend the following if the courses are not already developed:

      – History of the eastern church. So much of the early discourse came from the east and was maintained in the east, even under Islamic rule.

      – Medieval church history. The rise of the veneration of the saints, monastic development, sacred space, cathedral development, and the church ecclesiastical development. The crusades,reasons, and abuses of the crusades.

      – Post-modern development in theology. Ecumenism, liberation theology, New Perspectives, the return to a Jewish view of Paul, etc.

    • Steve Martin

      Love to learn!


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