1. Zach is doing much better. No cancer! Thank you all so much for praying. I have not been able to process my joy (and surprise) at how many of you prayed. It is very encouraging. I really mean that.

2. The IRS says I owe them $2000 in back taxes! From 2005. What is up with that? I think I know where they got it wrong, but I don’t have the ability or time to research and get a hold of all the documents and testimonies (not to mention having a company change a 1099 that they won’t change). So I just paid it today. There went my return. πŸ™

3. Something about me you did not know: I am the best break-dancer on the planet. I can do it all and I just keep getting better. Sure, no one has done this since 1982, but I am just waiting for it to come back! On a mission trip in Romania, while hanging out in the street, I noticed that the kids were break dancing! (They are a little behind.) I went to show these kids how it is really done. The kids were so excited that they called all their friends. Before I knew it there were almost a hundred neighborhood kids all watching “the crazy American.” Then their parents came to see what was going on. Then the news station. Next thing you knew I was giving the Gospel to a very large crowed of people! When I got back to the Baptist church where I was serving, the leadership pulled me aside and said, “We don’t dance here. It is not right.” That was all! Sigh . . .

4. Pop-Evangelicalism Gone Really Bad:

Ignatius from travis hawkins on Vimeo.

Can you believe it? Jesus on a galaxy? I about fell apart laughing when he told everyone to open their eyes. That was too funny.

5. How do I sinfully waste time sometimes? Playing Texas hold’em.

6. Update on mom: Mom has not recovered much from her stroke. She still just sits in the same chair watching the same movies over and over. She can’t talk or walk. Please keep praying for her and for my dad. Bill and Brenda Patton.

7. Blog plug. Shane Vaner Hart, Caffeinated Thoughts

8. The new Star Trek movie comes out May 8, who is with me?!!!

9. The Theological Word of the Day gets over 12,000 views a day! I did not expect it to take off so much in less than a year. Too bad I can’t spell. Luckily, I have people who correct it, but not until it has gone out through the feed.

10. If you get this blog by email feed, it does not show who the author is. Sometimes it is not me, so check. I get a lot of email responses for other people’s posts.

11. Book I am reading: Leaving the Fold. The author is a psychologist who helps people leave religion. She hold seminars with support groups. Interesting book, but basically has the same conceptions that are part of this same ilk. Her grip is with a very legalistic form of Christianity. She attacks it the whole time. It is not really fair, but, truthfully, it is the only form of Christianity that many people know. Sigh . . .

12. An actor that I really like: Vin Diesel. He is just cool for some reason. Almost as cool as your truly.

13. Exercise tip: There is not really a best cardio machine. Anything that gets your heart rate up consistently for 20 minutes a day is good. If you want to lose weight, go for more than 30 minutes consistently (no breaks). Your body does not start using fat calories until you have gone for more than 30 minutes. (Some say 20, but let’s be safe). (I was a fitness trainer for 8 years in the 90s.)

14. Glen Beck scares me. (I mean in a Christian sort of way.)

15. Mundane desire: I want a KX 250 dirt bike. I have wanted one since I was 15. Some day when I am rich. I drive by the Kawasaki store all the time and dream.

16. Going to teach a six week course on Apologetics at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City starting in four weeks. Wed nights at 6:30. You are welcome to come. It is free.

17. Yes, I am a an Untouchable.

18. Where I would like to live if I did not live here: Colorado Springs.

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

C. Michael Patton is the primary contributor to the Parchment and Pen/Credo House Blog. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), president of Credo House Ministries and Credo Courses, author of Now that I'm a Christian (Crossway, 2014) Increase My Faith (Credo House, 2011), and The Theology Program (Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, 2001-2006), host of Theology Unplugged, and primary blogger here at Parchment and Pen. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements. Find him everywhere: Find him everywhere

    30 replies to "Odds and Ends, 3.26.09"

    • Bridget Jack Meyers

      #4 Oh thank God that’s a parody. For a second there I was worried.

    • Matt Dowling


      #16. Can you tell me the exact date the apologetics class will begin. I didn’t see it listed yet on the Crossings website.

      Thanks, Matt Dowling

    • C Michael Patton

      Matt, it will be April 29th. I am pretty sure. The website should be updated soon.

    • EricW

      13. Exercise ip: There is not really a best cardio machine….

      Actually, there really is “a best cardio machine.” It’s called the ROM (Range Of Motion) Exercise Machine:

      You’ll not only shape up, but you’ll also lose weight – as well as a cool fourteen-thousand six-hundred fifteen dollars!!


    • Scott Ferguson

      Chocolate milk came out my nose when Ignatius said that about waiting for C. S. Lewis to write another movie!

    • dac

      #8 – I am so there – no matter how schlockey, I am in. I even watched Nemesis again

      But it actually looks good

    • Kara Kittle

      who is Ignatius?

    • Kara Kittle

      Uh, am I the only one who noticed that the video is totally scripted….no wait…it’s not scripted…it’s reality tv…..lol

    • Kara Kittle

      Ignatius is really Leif Garrett, after 30 plastic surgeries….

    • Michael L

      #4: Couldn’t stop laughing….

      I want them all to be flamers” it just too hilarious. If there are some in here that don’t know the connotation.. google it πŸ˜‰ urbandictionary.com may help… or being around a lot of teenagers… nuf said

      “I want to burn them all at the stake” Shall we bring back the inquisition ???

      Thanks CMP.. this made my day !!

      In Him

      PS: Kara.. don’t know the actor. It’s a video from studentlife.net

    • John from Down Under

      CPM, not sure how to say this but…..Breakdancing did not stop in 82…it just changed its name. It’s now ‘hip-hop’ or ‘krumpin’ etc but very similar moves especially floor spins….Ever watched So You Think U Can Dance?

      I’m 47, grew up listening to funk (M-TumΓ© ‘More Bounce to the Ounce’) and disco. I confess my ‘sin’ that I still like hip-hop…except some of the lyrics make it hard to listen as a Christian.

      Now, someone do me a BIG favor and give me the HTML code for them smiley’s y’all insert in your posts (it’s driving me crazy!)

    • John from Down Under

      Sorry….I meant to type CMP….

    • Chris Skiles

      Sorry you had your baloon popped over the break dancing… such a shame.

      just prayed for your mom , your dad and you.

      I admire you for being able to read those “leaving the fold” type books . I just don’t think i could read too many of them…to depressing.

      had no idea of your fitness trainer past….Do you watch ” THE BIGGEST LOOSER”. My wife, my daughter and me are hooked.

    • Hans

      Star Trek — I’m there. I want to figure out why they are building the Enterprise in the desert and not in orbit !

    • John from Down Under

      If any other 70’s-80’s kids that liked R&B or Soul, just holler!

    • Damian

      “12. An actor that I really like: Vin Diesel. He is just cool for some reason. Almost as cool as your truly.”

      I would agree, as would most of Church History…

      “The coolness of Vin is the basis of all true Christian Fellowship” – Paschasius Radbertus

      “This holy Synod declares first, that, for the correct and sound understanding of the doctrine of Vin, it is necessary that each one recognize and confess, that, whereas all men are not as cool as Vin, and must by natural law declare that they shall never be as cool as Vin.” – Council of Trent

      “Pitch Black” is one of the greatest works of western cinema
      Article 1 of the Synod of Dort


      Damian (I’m bored at work tonight)

    • Lisa Robinson

      Look, I think Susan figured out the cool smiley, by default of course. Thanks Susan!

      And how could Ignatius so royally bomb using U2? Maybe he wasn’t playing it long enough πŸ˜‰

    • Susan

      LOL!!!! Lisa…….I LOVE it when I make ‘cool’ discoveries by mistake!

    • Shane Vander Hart

      Hey Michael. Thanks for the mention!

    • John from Down Under

      Anyone wanna share the smiley secret, how do you do it?

    • Kara Kittle

      John from Down under,,,

      : ) without the space πŸ™‚

    • Kara Kittle

      colon end quote…that’s all you need to do just don’t hit space bar between colonendquote πŸ™‚

    • C Michael Patton


      Very nice.

    • John from Down Under

      Thanks Kara πŸ™‚ he..he I knew you could do this in MS Word but I didn’t know if it worked in HTML.

    • Damian


      I really appreciate your evenhanded-ness on issues. Very refreshing (plus your love of Justice League, BSG, Vin, Star Trek, et al). As a suggestion, perhaps you could do a blog post on the “New Perspective of Paul”.

      I listened to a lecture that NT Wright gave recently at… Fuller I think… where he seemed to be trying to balance the Old and New Perspectives, very helpful.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts. While I don’t agree with a lot of what the NPP crowd is saying (particularly in regards to 1st century Judaism being “grace based”) I do think they make some excellent points on what the gospel is in relation to justification.

      Just a suggestion.

      Peace out!


    • Susan

      John from Australia! Be sure to note my serendipitous discovery of the “cool” smiley face (post #1) point number 8….. I think you can figure out how I got that…

      Cool from California! 8)

    • Hans Zaepfel

      I still want to know why you go to an Arminian church!

    • Seismicmike

      #4) Hilarious, but also sad in a scary way, if you know what I mean.
      #8 ) I’m there! I was a full blown Trekkie back in high school and gave up that life style by the time I got to college. Never thought I’d be this excited to go back.
      #14) Care to elaborate?

    • Damian


      About my previous suggestion for a posting on “NPP”… nevermind! I just search and found your comments on Piper’s “The Future of Justification”.

      Good stuff, thanks!


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