Join, Michael Patton, Tim Kimberely, Sam Storms and J.J Seid as they discuss the mysterious Nephilim mentioned in Genesis. Who were they? Moreover what were they? Listen in to find out!


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    • Irene

      The only theory I’ve heard that you didn’t mention is that these mighty men of renown were the Neanderthals.

      Just think, your guardian angels surely know. Can you imagine their “faces” as they “stand behind you”, listening? …frowning, eyes closed and grimacing at our odd speculations, palm to forehead, shaking head…

      It is refreshing to hear you don’t have a sure answer to this. It was interesting listening to the various theories.

      Good Angels, thank you for your loyalty to God that allows you to put up with and even befriend us. You’re truly marvelous creatures.

    • Michael Davis

      Nice discussion. Sam assumes that angels have to take physical form in order to impregnate women. I’m not sure that is the case. God did not take physical form to impregnate Mary. I discuss the nephelim in my own podcast, especially in relation to other ancient Jewish literature. For those interested, check out the 2nd half of this episode:

    • Anthony

      It doesn’t serve as importance to who these people were. Society needs to focus on being better people towards each other and live according to Yeshua.

    • josef

      If this now you explain nephilim
      No wonder you can’t resolve. The Trinity dogma
      Or the Holy Spirit appeared as Dove at the baptism is of Jesus and God voice spoke

    • Lizzy

      I am truly puzzled as to who the nephillum are men of renown? it says angels do not perpetuate their race that they are a company not a race. I was under the impression the nephilum meant lower life form that perhaps Gods people joined with the people who did evolve over time to a close companion to man. But not given God’s gift of spirit and ability to have spoken language etc. I personally feel adam and eve were in the garden for perhaps thousands of years if not millions Adams task was to name everything created on the earth that had to take up some time I think that the pair had loads of children of all races they were the depository. they had loads of children and grandchildren etc, after they sinned God said Eve would experience pain in childbirth if she had never had children then she would not of known the difference also when cain slew able it says he took a wife and left.

    • Gonz

      Great conversation. I think a book you guys need to read is one called “Unseen Realm” by Dr. Mike Heiser (It just came out a couple weeks ago).

      Dr. Heiser is an authority on Ancient Near East languages and Ancient Hebrew. He is the chief editor at Logos Bible Software. I think understanding the “Divine Council” and the Hebrew word “Elohim” will help you understand this topic far better than any speculative renderings from books written on the topic.

      You want a credible scholarly understanding of this topic, which subsequently will enhance your understanding of the bible (that’s not a boast, really…it will help you better understand the Ancient Near East context by which many of OT Scriptures were written), then please check out Dr. Heiser’s work.

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