1. He has relinquished control to me because he finally realized how much wiser I am than he.

2. I have him bound and gagged in my basement and am forcing him to turn from his emergent ways.

3. He is in the process of reading Matthew Henry’s Commentary in toto and just can’t seem to put it down.

4. His beautiful wife Kristie has gone into labor and soon the world will be introduced to the greatest theologian of the 21st Century- Zachary Michael Patton (he has to be better than his dad at least.)

1. You really are saved.
2. Shame on you.
3. Nice sentiment.
4. Is the correct answer!

Kristie is in labor as we speak! Praise the Lord! Due to this however Michael will not be posting for a few days.

Let us all give thanks for the wonderful gift the Lord has bestowed upon the Patton family!


He is here! He was born at 6:45pm Central Time and weighed in at 6lbs. 6oz and is 20″ long! Healthy baby boy! Kristie is doing great, Michael sounds excited as do his children who I could hear in the background.

Great news!!

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    • mmpotato

      Congratulations, Michael and Kristie, and welcome, Zachary Michael!

      P.S. Michael, my shower gift for you will be in the mail shortly: lab coat, examination gloves, and breathing masks

    • sberrios

      Michael, Congratulations to you and your wife! Children brings such joy to a person’s life!

    • nauvoopastor


      Praying for you every day. Now I can add a new one to the list for the Patton family.

      Martin Pitcher, Pastor
      Nauvoo Baptist Church

    • bzentis

      Congratulations to you and your family! As your students, we have seen you go through some real challenges, now we get to rejoice with you. We look forward to the extra “background noises” during TTP and CWS sessions.

      Ps 127
      Brian Zentis

    • bpratico


      You need to let Carrie blog sometimes on this forum. Witty & charming with a great sense of humor!


    • C Michael Patton

      Thank you all for your comments. I posted picks.

      BTW: Carrie is very funny. I need to make sure she DOES NOT comment since I am just funny.

    • Carrie Hunter

      Oh great now he is back… now I have to behave…. Great pics by the way am going to post on that blog next. 🙂

    • bpratico

      I’ll read more if Carrie blog more. 🙂


    • JRoach

      Michael, of all the stress and trials you have been through lately I pray that this beautiful child will be the true blessing of God that I am sure he is.

      Thank you for all you do for us and the Lord,


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