The following is a play-by-play overview of Holy Week with application questions for each day. This is part of a more full sermon by the same title preached by our Executive Director, Tim Kimberley, on Palm Sunday at Love and Justice Church in Oklahoma City. Play Sermon:


    What Happened?

  • Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem. Fully God and Fully Man. The Creator, standing on His creation, is headed for the cross. On Sunday He enters the city where He will die. He will never really leave this city. He came to earth to save you, to save me. Our sin has brought us separation from God and He is entering Jerusalem to take care of that once and for all. He is God so He can save us. He is also fully a person so he can represent us.
  • How do people greet Him as He enters the city on Sunday…thankfully they give Him the honor He is due. John 12:12-15
  • Remembering Sunday

  • What is Jesus to you? Is He just a character in a Bible story? Or is He the living Savior of your life? As He stands overlooking Jerusalem on this day, where does He stand in your life?


    What Happened?

  • Matthew: 21:12-15… Jesus cleanses the temple in Jerusalem, he overturns the tables of money changers… the leaders don’t care… the Son of God steps into their world overthrowing their religiosity and then proving who He is by healing people and the religious people have lost all sensitivity to the living God. They are apathetic to a Savior seeking to change their worship.
  • Remembering Monday

  • If your life was laid out on several tables would Jesus come and overturn any of them? If so, repent. Don’t be like the indignant religious people who may have been convicted for just a second but then went on with their day no better for meeting Jesus. Be convicted of anything Jesus needs to overturn in your life and then let Him do it.

Tuesday & Wednesday

    What Happened?

  • Jesus will spend these two days teaching people in Jerusalem. Matthew 21, 22, 23 will be rich reading during these two days. As you’re driving around town, periodically think to yourself…I wonder what Jesus is teaching people right now?
  • Remembering Tuesday

  • If you knew you only had 4 days left to live what would you spend your time doing? Jesus spent two days teaching. He places a huge value on our understanding of Him. Are you sitting at the feet of your Savior? Are you seeking to continually learn from Him?


    What Happened?

  • The tempo of the Holy Week increases. This day is known historically as “Spy Wednesday”. For it is the day when Judas turns betrayer agreeing to show the chief priests where they could easily capture Jesus.
  • Remembering Wednesday

  • We can betray Jesus. We can make it all about us instead of about Him. Why did Judas betray Jesus? There could be many reasons. At the root of it He was selfish. He chose money over Jesus. He was in it for himself, not in it for Jesus. Are we “all in” in our relationship with Him?


    What Happened?

  • Jesus prepares for Friday. His whole focus for starting this week and bigger than that for coming to earth was for the cross. To rescue the souls of mankind. It would not be easy…it would be the most painful experience. He spends Thursday night praying in a garden. He asks His friends to stay with Him. They can’t stay awake.
  • Remembering Thursday

  • As we get closer to what’s about to happen…realize Jesus was abandoned by his closest friends on Thursday. He wanted them to stay awake with Him…try to stay awake late Thursday night if you can. Not watching TV, not playing video games, just praying late into the night…see if you can stay awake. Let your sleepiness identify with the disciples Thursday night. As you go to sleep keep in mind Jesus wasn’t going to sleep tonight. He was too determined to pay the penalty of your sin so you could be with Him.


    What Happened?

  • Jesus is crucified Friday morning. This day is called “Good Friday.” What in the world is good about this day? In one sense it should be called “Horrendous Friday.” What is “Good” about Friday of this week is the payment for our sins is being accepted. The penalty is being paid. Jesus is our hero. Jesus is our substitute. He came and endured for you, for me.
  • Remembering Friday

  • This coming Friday should be the saddest day of our year. The one many of us love dearly was brutally killed because of our sins. When you wake up Friday morning He’s already been severely beaten and flogged. At 9am Jesus is nailed to the cross because of you, because of me. Please let that sink in. Set your phones to remind you at 9am. When you sit down to eat lunch Jesus has been on the cross for 3 hours…let that sink in…you might not have an appetite. Many Christians throughout history have fasted on Friday…Jesus is on the cross all day Friday. He declares the salvation of mankind is finished at 3pm on Friday. His heart stops beating. The Son of God has been crucified.
  • Galatians 2:15-21 – Have you been crucified with Christ so you can live? We identify with Him in His death so we can identify with Him in His life. Are you letting all areas of your life die to Christ?

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

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