J.P. Moreland: Kingdom Triangle on Converse with Scholars


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J.P. Moreland considers The Kingdom Triangle his most important work to date. If you are familiar with J.P., then you understand what a significant claim this is. If you are not familiar with J.P., shame on you.

During this Converse with Scholars session, J.P. covers the three legs of what he calls “The Kingdom Triangle.” What is it? Essentially, it is a balanced Christian life prepared for God’s Kingdom priorities. In this session you will hear our discussion with J.P. about the Christian’s need for a robust intellectual engagement with the culture. Then the conversation moves to the life of the soul, spiritual disciplines, and our responsibility to nurture our inner life. Finally, the role of the Spirit is discussed. J.P. challenges Evangelical Christians to consider again what it means to have the power of the Spirit in the church. Even if you don’t agree with everything J.P. says, his irenic tone and serious scholarship make the conversation one of the most stimulating that we have had to date on Converse with Scholars. It is worth your time. Thanks J.P. for your time!

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    Kingdom Triangle: Book Review

    The three legs of Moreland’s “Kingdom Triangle” may–or may not–be the three most important things Western Christians must do to make a difference in our world. Two of them, however, are very likely the most important things we have been lacking.

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