OK, I am back . . . and I am tired, excited, thoughtful, scared, and thankful.

I am tired, but not for the reasons why you would think. Zach’s delivery went perfect with no complications. Why am I tired? Because I have been having to see life from Kristie’s eyes for the last few days. Wow! Let’s just say that the girls matted hair, Will’s lack of change of clothes and three day old messy face, and the destruction that they cause around the house is something that is much easier to take care of when Kristie is around.

I am excited because we have a new baby boy! (maybe that should have come first, but did I mention I am tired?). For the first time in my life I am not outnumbered, girls to boys! I grew up with three sisters and no brothers. That was tough. But now the guys will reign in the Patton household (yeah right). We are going to convert the upstairs to a Justice League theme. Do you think that will fly? Nah, but it is fun to think about.

I am thoughtful . . . although not as much as before. I have to stop and ponder the wonder of having another child. Since this is my fourth, it takes discipline not to think of it as old hat. Children are a blessing. God’s hands are beyond my comprehension. I forget how small newborns are. Zach is a new hope.

I am scared because, frankly, newborns scare me. They are just so small. What if I roll over on him (I sat on Katelynn–she recovered). You know, I trust God, but when you have a child, there is a fear that enters the house either way. I desire so much to protect and shelter them. What am I trusting God for? We prayed with the children today and dedicated Zach over to the Lord. I know they are His, but “God, please protect them and make sure nothing bad happens to them.” Another fear: How can I be a good father to four? I have a hard enough time making sure that three are getting the attention that they want, deserve, and need.

I am thankful that God has given us what He has. Far beyond all other blessings are these little ones (can we somehow make them stay little?–although not newborn little, see above).

Now the moment you have have all been waiting for . . . pictures!

Zachary Michael Patton

Mommy and Zachary

There is the family

My kids

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

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