Selecting Jeremiah 48
Yesterday morning I was studying through Jeremiah 48. I have read this chapter several times but was surprised this time how many locations mentioned in that chapter are still so foreign to my ears. Places like: Nebo, Kiriathaim, Heshbon, Madmen, Heronaim, Luhith, Dibon, Aroer, Beth-Diblathaim, Beth-Gamul, Bozrah, Sibmah and several more names you don’t say every day!

Most Bible readers quickly pass over the thousands of locations. Those places are just too far out of reach. Well, not anymore.

All you need to do is pull out your iPhone/iPad/iPod…open the BibleMap App…and you now have Google Maps for the Bible! Every chapter of the Bible has been connected with Google Maps.

One of the amazing things about Christianity is that God did everything in public. The Bible is full of real cities, real geographic features, real people groups, real locations inside of cities. We can analyze the accuracy of all these locations to see how accurate the Word of God is today. The BibleMap App proclaims confidently the historic reality of the events of the Bible.

The most simple, detailed and easily accessible exhaustive Bible Atlas in the world for just 99 cents.

Get it today by clicking here.

Here are a bunch of screen shots so you know what you’re getting:

Seeing the ResultsClick the Verse and See it on the Mapshot4shot6shot6ashot7

p.s. Yes, the Android version is being developed by a 3rd party very skilled developer. It should function just as nicely as the iOS version. We hope to have it in the Google Play store and hopefully in the Amazon store this Fall.

    7 replies to "Introducing the BibleMap App…a Must Have for Everyday Bible Study"

    • Craig Baugh

      My question was whether it would be availabel on Android. Thanks for answering. I’ll look for it on Google Play store this fall. Looks fantastic. Craig

    • teleologist

      Am I correct, it looks like you just type the passage of the Bible in and it will bring up all the locations from that passage? Does it make a difference which translation it uses?

      BTW, can you make sure they don’t ask for every permission under the sun. The apps are get much too intrusive when they don’t need to.

      This is a great idea and I hope to get the Android version.

    • Tim Kimberley


      Yes, that’s correct. Every location in every chapter (for the most part) has been connected with Google Maps. No, it doesn’t matter what translation it uses since the locations are usually translated the same…if not the map points it to the same place behind the scenes.

      I hope the app helps,

    • Niki Williams

      I do my bible study on my laptop – is there a way to use this on a computer?

    • Rebecca Hall

      I take it this is not available for kindle?

      • Tim Kimberley

        We hope to have a Kindle version Live in the Amazon store this coming Fall. Getting apps into Kindle is a bit tricky so please pray we’d make it through quickly.

        thanks so much,

    • Craig Dunning

      I haven’t been able to find this in Google Play. Was the development halted? If not, can you direct me to the right place, please?

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