I tweaked about 25% of this, but this was made by AI. I just told it to make a presentation of the Hypostatic Union of Christ. What do you think?

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

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    • Tom F

      I think the AI needs to learn that Docetism, Nestorianism, and Eutychianism are heresies, not “critiques and alternatives.” Nestorianism and Eutychianism specifically are what drove the early church to come up with the Chalcedonian Definition.

      The analogies need to go.

      Parts of the last section (implications) just sound odd. I’m not sure how the hypostatic union is supposed to remind me that God is infinite. I would also say that communion is far more than just a celebration. It isn’t a wrong statement, but it is quite incomplete.

      The clarifying the Gospel section also sounds odd. The mediation of Christ is part of the Gospel, but I don’t see how it clarifies anything. The whole point seems clumsily worded. I think it’s on the right track, but it needs some help expressing it correctly and coherently.

      Personally I would not use this presentation in its current state for anything other than showing why we shouldn’t be relying on AI to do things for us. I might use it as an outline (with some corrections and modifications) to help prepare a larger, more in-depth, and overall better presentation on the Hypostatic Union. But there is no way I would ever copy/paste this for use.

    • Ewan Kerr

      At least AI knows that the Hypostatic union is a post -apostolic teaching .

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