Did you know that Michael Patton is available to come to your church and speak? Michael is a dynamic speaker and is a master at stimulating interest in theology, doctrine, and the need for Christians to engage their mind. He can speak in just about any setting to most any group of people.

Five ways to have Michael come and speak:

1. If you are already offering The Theology Program at your church, Michael is available during the week (except most Mondays and Tuesdays during our semester) to come and teach one of the lessons or even hold a mini seminar covering two or three.

2. If you are thinking about offering The Theology Program, Michael can come and help launch it by giving his three day seminar (Fri night 7-9, Sat 9-11:30, Sunday Sermon) called “An Invitation to Theology”. Its main purpose is to stimulate thought about theology and, on Sat, give a provocative summary of the types of issues that will be covered in The Theology Program. On Sunday, he will preach to the whole congregation on Isa 40, a sermon called “Blind Faith?”, attempting to convince the people of the need to use their minds in their Christian faith.

3. Various one or two day seminars are offered on:

  • The Canon of Scripture: What books belong in the Bible?
  • The Doctrine of the Trinity: A history and defense of the Doctrine of the Trinity
  • The Resurrection of Christ: A defense of the resurrection of Christ
  • The History of the Bible: A combination of the history, transmission, and canonization of Scripture.
  • “Of First Importance”: knowing what to die for in the Christian faith. (Very important today)
  • “Eschatology Across the Spectrum” : An overview of the various view of the end times.
  • “The Theological Process”: How to move from and ancient text to the 21st century.
  • “Postmodernism”: Hopelessness, Suspicion, and Despair – Understanding and engaging postmoderns.

4. Pastor’s education seminars. This was one of Michael’s primary responsibilities at Stonebriar Community Church. Have Michael come and conduct a continuing education seminar for your staff and leaders on one of many hot topics in theology today.

  • God in the Old Testament: Was he a moral monster?
  • Homosexuality and the Bible: How the “Gay Christian” Church advances their agenda.
  • The Destiny of the Unevangelized: What about those who have never heard?
  • The Problem of Evil: How can a good God allow evil and how to speak to your congregation about it.
  • Postmodernism: How to disarm a suspicious culture
  • Teacher training – A two day seminar on how to teach the Bible

5. Have Michael come preach on Sunday.

He is also open to other types of speaking engagements upon request.

Cost: $750 per day plus travel

To find out more or schedule a speaking engagement, contact: [email protected]