We are so excited to announce the Discipleship App!

How do you grow as a disciple of Jesus? How do you develop deep roots and a fruitful life? The Discipleship App is designed to set you on a course toward becoming a fully-devoted follower of Christ. This 10-session program focuses on both Orthodoxy (correct thought) and Orthopraxy (correct action).

“Discipleship is a biblically faithful, clearly articulated, practically useful overview of crucial doctrinal issues at the core of Christian thinking and living. I know of no other tool like this one and I highly recommend it.” – JP Moreland

Topics Studied Include:

  • Session 1: Bible
  • Session 2: Mankind
  • Session 3: Trinity
  • Session 4: Jesus
  • Session 5: Faith
  • Session 6: Living with God
  • Session 7: Living with God’s Word
  • Session 8: Living with God’s People
  • Session 9: Living with Pain
  • Session 10: Living as Lights

The app allows you to stream or download 10-45 minute teaching sessions of audio and/or video. While experiencing the teaching session you are able to interact with the highly-illustrative slides and workbook.

Gift this app to a family member, friend, co-worker or church member who is wanting to grow deeper in their faith. Have someone experience each session and then meet weekly with them to discuss the important subjects. Use this as a springboard to making disciples of all nations!


Development for the Android version is well under way. The app is up and running on a Kindle Fire and we hope to have it rock solid enough for a release in the near future.

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    • Anthony

      Excited for the android release! =) Will wait patiently..

    • Ian Shepard

      I have a kindle fire! oh…

    • Roger

      Eager for the Android version.

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