Converse with Scholars at the Credo House: Mark Hitchcock and the World's End in 2012

Here is something that you may yet to have heard of. It is the supposed worlds in in 2012 predicted by the Mayan calendar. There is a 200 million dollar moving coming out at Christmas about this. It is something about which pastors and, indeed, all Christians need to be aware.

Mark was invited to the Credo House to discuss this because of his resent studies in the area and his new book on the subject.

Mark Hitchcock – 2012, The Bible, and the End of the World from Michael Patton on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to “Converse with Scholars at the Credo House: Mark Hitchcock and the World's End in 2012”

  1. There is a 200 million dollar moving coming out at Christmas about this.

    It’s by Roland Emmerich, who made 10,000 BC, INDEPENDENCE DAY (aka ID4) and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

    In other words, a schlockmeister of major proportions. Popcorn movies without intelligence. Noise, CGI, bad acting.

    If anything, the movie should quell or dispell interest in 2012 and perhaps even in going to movies. 😀

    How bad can the year 2012 be, really? (Unless a certain political group wins the election, perhaps.)

  2. I didn’t know there was a movie coming out, so I appreciated the early warning. I remember as a young teen going to the local theatre and seeing “Chariots of the gods” that movie left the date of Dec 21st, 2012 ingrained in my head for some time, of course it was fascinating because I was young and had not come to know Christ and to trust the bible as my source for the future. And that was not Mayan Calendar related but Aliens from outer-space 🙂 I think these type of movies effect young people and this date of 2012 resurfacing reminded me how gullible and impressionable young people can be, or at least I was.
    Also when we were in downtown Philadelphia, this past spring, I was surprised to see a number of vans with the date of Dec 21st, 2011 painted on the side and I was handed two tracts by Harold Camping’s follower’s during the course of the day and maybe 6-8 blocks we covered on foot.
    I think, like Mark Hitchcock said, this will a be similar to the Da Vinci Code for raising questions and opportunities. At any rate, I enjoyed Mark Hitchcock’s presentation at the Credo House and I thought he handled the topic with the calm repose only faith in the scripture will produce and by the time he was done speaking the 2012 date setter‘s were a concern that was easily defused or redirected. I guess that’s why he wrote a book , He knew what he wanted to say about it. 🙂

  3. Duane Triplet 2009-10-11 at 10:01 pm

    I’m very disturbed that dispensational premillennialism has become the de facto orthodox view in the evangelical circle of influence. I think educated Christians recognize eschatology as a secondary issue. People like Mark Hitchcock continue to recycle old ideas and predictions in book after book.

    I would like to issue a challenge to the operators of this blog.
    Please invite Gary Demar to discuss the postmillennial view
    and Kim Riddlebarger to discuss the amillennial view. We really
    need to hear other speakers who hold to other eschatalogical views
    in any discussion on the last days or end times issues.

    Please! I’m begging you! Down on my knees right now!

    Duane Triplet

  4. Anita in Tulsa 2009-10-12 at 2:52 pm

    Could we have a shorter synopsis of his conslusion?


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