I just got a series of books put out by IVP all by James Emery White. One is called Christ Among the Dragons and the others are four booklets on apologetics, not more than 50 pages each. I have read through each and found them to be very valuable. The booklets are great to have on hand to hand out to friends or to keep by your side for reference.

1. What Do We Know About Jesus? (29 pages): Covers the historicity of Jesus and the reliability of the Biblical account.

2. Is Jesus the Only Way to God?: (29 pages): A good defense of the uniqueness and exclusivity of the Gospel message.

3. Can We Trust the Bible? (32 pages): A quick defense of the history of the Bible, inspiration, translations, and consistency.

4. Can We Believe in God? (29 pages): Here, he goes through all the major arguments for the existence of God. (Interestingly, he calls the ontological argument the most “famous” of them all. Not the term I would use. “Infamous”, yes. “Famous,” no!)

Christ Among the Dragons, is a book that serves like a tract to a confused thinking culture. Covering issues such as truth, orthodoxy, and unity, it seems to be a good tool to reorient Christians (and those window lookers) to the central message of Christianity in a winsome way. I particularly liked the chapter on the “Mark of a Christian” which concludes is grace. People of grace are “more concerned with owning their own sin and overlooking it in others” (p. 119).

You can find them here. I recommend them all.

C Michael Patton
C Michael Patton

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