Join our hosts C. Michael Patton, Clint Roberts and Carrie Hunter as they continue their discussion surrounding potential problems with religion. Is Christianity, for example, a religion or a relationship? What does it even mean to be religious? See what they have to say!

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    1 Response to "Apologetics Unplugged: What’s Wrong with Religion? Part 2"

    • Glenn Shrom

      I really get the point of religion in the sense of “man trying to get to God”, vs. religion in the sense James uses it, versus when it means generally any set of beliefs/practices based on the divine or supernatural. So what I’m about to say is not because I don’t get the point. But I’d like to point out one other thing, why I don’t like using the term “religion” in many discussions and/or debates. It’s because atheists and secularists tend to frame an opposition between religion/belief/faith vs. science/reason/objective fact/naturalism. When they do this, I have no stake or interest in defending religion in general, since this would include animism, pagan religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintaoism, etc. etc. Jesus and the prophets had a lot to say against “religion” in general which is echoed by the atheists, and which I also agree with. We would need to make the point that what we believe as Christians is not the same as faith in any-old-god or any-old-story. It’s really more of a faith in history than a blind faith in authority or myths. There is a lot of difference between seeing the resurrected Christ and imagining that the world sits on a turtle’s back. Maybe we should say, “Religion is a poison, all except for one religion.” Sounds like we are being exclusive, but there is such a huge gap of difference between “religion in general” and “Christianity in particular” that we hardly want to use the same word for both in the atheist debate context.

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