Join in as Clint Roberts, Ted Paul and myself provide the counterpoint to our argument put forth in the previous episode; the argument that science has made God obsolete.

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    2 replies to "Apologetics Unplugged: Best Case Scenario for Atheism, Part 4"

    • Jay

      Thank you for this series. Are there any more regarding atheist arguments?

      I will say that you did the best job on part 4. I think the one who best presented the atheist arguments from the side of the atheist was Carrie. You other two men, especially in part 3, were too quick to shoot down the arguments of the atheist before fully developing the arguments and when the men did present the arguments there was too much of a tone of sarcasm presented in them. If I were listening just to the arguments I could tell the men were not trying to honestly push forward these arguments with any credibility. Carrie, on the other hand, I could listen to and actually envision an atheist talking, that is until C;omit and Ted interrupted her with immediate counterpoints and forced her to break character. I know it is hard arguing from the viewpoint of the atheist, but don’t say that is what you are doing and immediately break character or present those arguments disingenuously and then further add insult to the atheist arguments by patting yourself on the back later in how well you presented their arguments. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the series and a chance to hear the latest developments of atheist arguments, it’s just that I’m not sure I heard a full defense of the atheist side which would be important to those who enter into a dialogue with atheists thinking they are well prepared to handle the intensity and full range of their arguments.

    • Carrie Hunter

      Thank you for your thoughts Jay. It was in fact difficult for all of us to present these arguments without being immediately critical of them; so Ted and Clint have my fullest sympathy!

      We do have two more in the pipeline. Essentially it brings up the problem of pain, or the problem of evil. That episode will feature, Michael, Clint and myself doing our best to present that argument. It will then be followed with a the response to the argument.

      After that I am not sure what topic we will cover! I do like continuing on with the Best Case Scenarios for arguments in favor of positions we oppose. I’m such a contrarian there will be no shortage of that for me! 😉

      Thank you again for your thoughts and thanks for listening!

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