This is a special episode of Apologetics Unplugged.

There is much being said on the topic of Islam, Muslims and how Christians are to engage the issue. Should we fear all Muslims? Are all Muslims the same? Can we love Muslims yet still be uncertain about what is happening in our culture? Is it unloving to even ask such a thing?

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Blessings in the name of the Trinue God. (OK, I admit that was a little heavy-handed…but, hey, it is me!)


Oh and hey…. hey where ya going? Hold on a second!

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    1 Response to "Apologetics Unplugged: Islam, Muslims, Love and Wisdom"

    • Joseph

      Right out of the gate, you got it wrong on Trump: He did not call for a registry of Muslims “living in the US” – he was specifically talking about POTENTIAL IMMIGRANTS. He himself has said: if they’re already here, I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the ones who WANT TO GET IN. Sorry to be so critical, but this is how these conversations fall off the tracks and go nowhere and do nothing but waste time because we are talking about something he didn’t even actually say.

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