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We Need Your Help

We’ve been incredibly blessed to work with some amazing volunteers. From volunteer baristas to videographers to graphic designers to expert online marketers, we’ve had the opportunity to both learn from and teach some amazing individuals.

If you’re looking for a ministry that you can throw your heart into and see tangible results of your effort, Credo House is the place for you.

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Volunteer Opportunities


The coffee bar is often the face of the ministry for visitors. As a volunteer barista, we’ll teach you how to pull an espresso shot, make a frappuccino, brew a delicious cup of tea, and do a pour over of some of the finest roasted coffee around. More than that, you’re encouraged to engage visitors in theological discussion. We’ll provide the training using our very own Theology Program as a curriculum.


Staying in touch with our amazing supporters is crucial to enabling Credo House to continue fulfilling its mission. Talking with past, present, and future supporters is about more than just asking for support. It’s a way to learn what we’re doing well and where we can improve. Our donors are dedicated, invested, and generous. Working with them is a joy.


Powerful and consistent imagery helps communicate, entertain, and amplify the mission of Credo House: making theology accessible. If you have mad Photoshop, Illustrator, or comparable skills; or if your an artist who likes to kick it old school, we need your help. You already know the power a well done illustration can bring to the table. We need you to help us build the kingdom using your talents.

  • Cameryn Shirley


We create a lot of video content. In fact, every Tuesday night we open up Credo House for Coffee & Theology. We film these events and edit the lectures and Q&A for redistribution online through YouTube, our blog, and Members Area. If you have any previous skills in this area or are willing to learn the basics of videography and editing click that blue button above and sign up.


Because Credo House Ministires has a physical location, there’s always something to help out with. From replacing light bulbs (insert light bulb joke here), to painting, to fixing furniture (its simpler than it sounds), we can always use a helping hand to keep things in tip top shape.


We love our cleaning crew. This may not seem like the most glamorous way to volunteer, but it’s a huge help. We firmly believe in having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. If you share this compulsion please contact us.


Try as we might, we still make mishtakes (see what I did there). Maybe you know the feeling. If you love the English language, and keep a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style on your nightstand, we’d love to chat. Even if you don’t have any formal training as a proofreader, but you have an eye for detail, you’re just the sort of person we love partnering with.

  • Rose Morton


In order to make our various curriculum available to as many people as possible (including those who have hearing difficulties), we need help transcribing podcasts, lectures, and other curriculum and creating captions.

  • Rose Morton


English is not the most popular language in the world. It actually comes in third place! Chinese and Hindi languages have us squarely beat. Arabic and Spanish are not far behind English either. If you can help us translate our material into any language besides English, we’d love to work with you.
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