The Discipleship Program

Want to take your Christian walk to the next level? Maybe you just need a refresher on the core issues involved in being a biblical Christian. Either way this ten part program is a great place to start.

Top Ten Biblical Discoveries in Archaeology

The Christian faith is rooted deeply in history. As a faith that extends thousands of years into the past you’d expect to find a lot of archaeological evidence. In this series you’ll learn about some of the most powerful archaeological finds that confirm the Christian worldview.


Atheism has been around for a long time. In recent years, however, a new “breed” of atheists (sometimes called “internet atheists”) has started challenging Christianity with some interesting slogans. Do these slogans carry any argumentative weight? Find out in this four part series from Credo House.

The Book of Romans

The book of Romans is one of the most theologically rich books in the Bible. Great expositors of scripture have spent years working line by line through St. Paul’s most systematic presentation of the Gospel. In this series we’ll go through the entire book in just four sessions.

The Crusades

The crusades have comes under attack (some deserved and some undeserved) in recent years from Muslims and Christians and secularists alike. In this eight part series get a solid historical grasp on all seven of the crusades.

Hearing the Voice of God

Christians everywhere want to know how they can hear the voice of God. Is it to be found only in the Bible? What about the ministry of the Holy Spirit? What about tradition? In this five part series Michael Patton will lead you through five distinct ways we hear the voice of God in our lives.


Some doctrines are wrong. Some are really wrong. Some are so bad we call them heresies. This four part series will cover four of the most common heresies and contrast them with the correct Biblical understanding.

Issues that Divide

There’s no two ways about it. Some issues are hot potatoes even between evangelical Christians. If you’re looking to get your feathers ruffled this may be the series for you. Over the course of six sessions we’ll cover creation vs evolution, calvinism vs arminianism, and homosexuality and the Bible (to name a few).

Roman Catholicism

What is the Roman Catholic Church all about? Are they really all that different from Protestantism? Aren’t there large areas of agreement? In this four part series you’ll learn about the agreements as well as the critical differences that caused the reformation.

World Religions

Believe it or not, Christianity is not the only game in town when it comes to religion. There are many millions of people who subscribe to Buddhism, Hinduism, secularism, and Islam. This five-part series will give you an overview of the five major world religions and how Christianity compares.