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What is Credo Courses?

Credo Courses is devoted to providing the best in Christian education. Their mission is to make accessible the top scholars in the world, teaching on the greatest subjects in the world. Credo Courses is not Calvinist or Arminian, Amillennial or Premillennial, Young-Earth or Old-Earth.

How Can I Get Credo Courses?

Just signup for a Premium Credo House Online Membership and you’ll get access to a rotating schedule of Credo Courses.

Every two months a new Credo Course is cycled into your Members Area and the previous one cycled out.

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How Extensive Are Credo Courses?

Anywhere from 27–37 sessions. Each session is around 25–30 minutes long amounting to a total course length of at least 12.5 hours.

Imagine learning textual criticism from Dr. Daniel Wallace or taking a course on the resurrection from Dr. Gary Habermas. You may not be able to go to seminary due to time and finances, but now you can watch and listen to the same quality of teaching wherever you are. This is what Credo Courses is all about.

Our courses are accessible to students (high-school and above), individuals, study groups, and university classrooms alike.

Usually a university/seminary level education costs tens-of-thousands of dollars and takes years to complete. Credo Courses offer the same level of scholarship for a fraction of the price.

Can I Cancel A Premium Membership?

Absolutely. No hassles at all. Simply click on My Account along the top of your screen and cancel your Premium Subscription. NOTE: Make sure you don’t accidentally cancel your regular Credo House Online Membership.[/groups_non_member][groups_member group=”Credo Courses”]

Credo Courses

Current Credo Course

Textual Criticism
Dr. Dan Wallace
Available: September 15th–November 15th

Coming Up

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels
Dr. Craig Blomberg
Available: November 15th–January 15th