Apologetics Boot Camp

In this four session course you’ll learn how to defend your faith by diving deep into four major areas of debate between believers an skeptics.

Church History Boot Camp

Christianity has deep historical roots. This four session course will take you from the early church, through the medieval period, the reformation all the way up to today.

Essentials of the Faith Boot Camp

What are the basics a person needs to understand to grasp Christianity. In four lessons you’ll learn about the trinity, Jesus, the Bible, and mankind.

How to Study the Bible Boot Camp

The Bible is at the center of every major Christian tradition: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. Understanding the Bible is crucial to knowing who God is, who mankind is, and what the relationship between the two should be.

The Case for the Resurrection Boot Camp

Join Dr. Mike Licona and Michael Patton as they work through the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, the alternative explanations that are offered, and how to handle apparent contradictions in the Bible.